Issued by China丨Eight Departments:Strictly investigate the use of hotels, clubs, and residential buildings for illegal medical aesthetics. Non-medical institutions shall not publish medical aesthetics advertisements

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China.com.cn on June 11th. Recently, the National Health Commission, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Public Security, the General Administration of Customs, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the State Post Bureau, the State Drug Administration, and the The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the”Special Rectification Work Plan for Combating Illegal Medical Beauty Services” (hereinafter referred to as the”Work Plan”), which was decided in June 2021- In December, we jointly launched a special rectification work on combating illegal medical beauty services.

The”Work Plan” clearly stated that it severely cracked down on illegal activities related to medical cosmetology. Medical cosmetology activities involve the health and life safety of the people and must obtain a medical institution’s practice license in accordance with the law to carry out practice activities. Any unit or individual who does not meet the statutory requirements shall not carry out medical beauty services, illegally purchase or use medical beauty drugs and medical equipment, and shall not publish medical advertisements or publish advertisements in disguise. Focus on strengthening the supervision of life beauty service agencies, investigate and deal with life beauty service agencies and other institutions and individuals who have not obtained corresponding qualifications to carry out medical beauty services, and Physicians conduct medical beauty services in non-medical institutions. Attach importance to complaints and reporting clues, encourage reward reporting, and seriously investigate and deal with illegal activities using hotels, clubs, and residential buildings Medical cosmetology behavior.

Strictly regulate the behavior of medical beauty services. The beauty and medical institution shall bear the main responsibility for its legal practice, and its legal representative or main person in charge shall be the first responsible person. Medical institutions shall establish and implement a self-inspection work system for legal practice, strengthen complaint management, investigate practice risks, and eliminate potential safety hazards. Institutions should strengthen the management of medical cosmetology projects, earnestly implement the core medical quality system, and standardize the management of clinical application of medical technology. It is strictly forbidden for institutions to hire non-hygiene personnel and carry out diagnosis and treatment activities beyond the scope. It is strictly forbidden to”refill good quality” and use drugs, medical equipment and disinfection equipment that do not comply with national regulations; it is strictly forbidden to publish false medical advertisements and service information information; it is strictly forbidden to disassemble surgery in violation of regulations Project; price fraud is strictly prohibited, as well as not charging according to the specified project name and standard.

Severely crack down on the illegal manufacture and sale of drugs and medical devices. Strengthen the registration management of drugs and second and third categories of medical device products listed in my country. Products that have not been approved for registration shall not be listed; those who have not obtained the legal qualifications for the production and operation of drugs and medical devices in accordance with the law are strictly prohibited from engaging in the production and operation of drugs and medical devices activity. Pharmaceutical and medical device production and operation enterprises shall strengthen management in accordance with the”Drug Administration Law”,”Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices” and other laws and regulations, and produce and operate in accordance with the law. Beauty and medical institutions shall purchase drugs and medical equipment from enterprises with production and operation qualifications, implement a purchase inspection system, use medical equipment rationally in accordance with the indications, and strictly use medical toxic drugs and narcotic drugs.

Seriously investigate and punish illegal advertisements and Internet information. Medical beauty advertisements are medical advertisements, and non-medical institutions are not allowed to publish medical advertisements. Beauty medical institutions publish medical advertisements, strictly in accordance with the”Advertising Law” and”Medical Advertising Management Measures”, obtain the”Medical Advertising Review Certificate” and publish medical advertisements in accordance with the law; it is strictly forbidden to publish medical advertisements without obtaining approval according to the law, or The disguised release of medical advertisements and false information in the form of news, medical information service topics (columns), and health science popularization.

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