Japan’s proposed limit of 10,000 for large-scale events will affect the Tokyo Olympics audience limit?

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China News Service, June 17th. According to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, the Japanese government decided on a policy on the 16th. After the emergency declaration issued by the spread of the new crown epidemic and key measures to prevent the spread, sports competitions and other major measures will be lifted. The number of spectators for the large-scale event will be set to 10,000 that meets the premise that within 50% of the venue capacity. This is a transitional measure about one month after the cancellation. The COVID-19 response team agreed to the government plan. This will affect the determination of the audience limit for the Tokyo Olympics that will open on July 23.

Japan’s proposed limit of 10,000 for large-scale events will affect the Tokyo Olympics audience limit?


p > On June 3, local time, the 50-day countdown commemorative ceremony for the Tokyo Olympic Games was held at the Ariake Stadium in Tokyo. The picture shows the model showing the podium and medals used in the award ceremony.

Japan’s economic regeneration minister, Yasuhiro Nishimura, said after the panel meeting that the audience limit for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held in the Central Government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Olympic Organizing Committee, and International Olympic Committee (IOC). , International Paralympic Committee (IPC) “Judgment on the occasion of the five-party consultation.” Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga previously stated that “referring to the upper limit of other sports activities will be basic” and is considering making a decision within this month.

On the other hand, the chairman of the panel, Shigeru Omin, explained at the press conference that he has confirmed with the central government that the maximum audience limit of 10,000 has nothing to do with the discussion of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic audiences.

In the areas subject to emergency declarations, the maximum number of people is less than 50% of the capacity and less than 5,000. The key measures area is limited to 5,000 people, and sports activities that make cheers are limited to less than 50%.

With regard to the transitional measures with an upper limit of 10,000 in about one month after the lifting, the emergency declaration has been included, and the key measures will also set the same rules and apply until the end of August. The upper limit after the previous lift was 50% and 5000 people, whichever was more, large-scale venues allowed more than 10,000 people to enter.

At the group meeting, Nishimura expressed concern that if there is no transitional measure mechanism, and the audience limit is raised in one breath after lifting, the epidemic may expand again, and he called for the need to take new countermeasures.