Life is a heavy weapon for the country

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“I just want to be able to do something down-to-earth.” ——Nanrendong

October 15, 2018, Chinese Academy of Sciences National Astronomical Observatory announced that an asteroid with an international permanent number was officially named”Nanren Dongxing“. In February of this year, scientists transmitted the first pulsar signal received by”China Sky Eye to This asteroid. Since then, in the vast universe, there will always be Nan Rendong’s name.

In 2007, another sleepless night. Late at night, on the 3rd floor of Tower A of the National Astronomical Observatory, the light in the office in Nanrendong was still on. At that time, the world’s largest single-aperture radio telescope-“China Sky Eye” entered the sprint stage of project establishment. Ren Dong and the research team deliberated word by word in the office, often working until dawn.

Nan Rendong in the eyes of colleagues is very straightforward. He painted well when he was young, and he liked to wear floral shirts and jeans. However, it was such a casual Nan Rendong who met the”Chinese Sky Eye” for 22 years.

In 1993, the International Radio Science Union proposed that the Build a new generation of large radio telescopes. Nan Rendong was attracted by the dream of exploring the universe, looking forward to the prospect of China’s leadership, and pushing for Chinese participation The representative of the door said excitedly:”Let’s build one too!” In 1994, Nan Rendong planned to use the Guizhou Karst depression to build a 500-meter spherical radio telescope. Almost all experts are not optimistic about this idea. Site selection, demonstration, project approval, and construction are not easy steps. The enormous difficulty in technology and engineering has discouraged many developed countries.

In Dawotai, Guizhou, Nan Rendong used his footsteps to measure the site. Once, pouring rain, the mountain torrent was wrapped in sand and gravel, and even trees could be washed away. Nan Rendong, who was exploring outside, climbed back to pass by relying on Jiuxin pills. He taught himself geotechnical engineering and became a Professional hand. He paid his own travel expenses and introduced the”Chinese Sky Eye” whenever he met. In 2006, he directly asked the then president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lu Yongxiang to ask for the title”Strive for funding.

Nan Rendong is very strict in his work, but everyone who knows him knows that he is hard-mouthed and soft-hearted. When he went to Dawotai for the first time, he met children who were returning home from school and saw that they were poorly dressed. After returning to Beijing, he sent a letter to the county cadres instructing that the money sent be given to the poorest children. In the next few years, he sponsored many more children.

Learning that the construction workers of the”China Sky Eye” came from a poor mountainous area in Yunnan, Nan Rendong inquired about their size and bought a piece of clothing for everyone with his wife. After dinner, he often went to the work shed to sit and chat with the workers.

Unfortunately, the chief scientist and chief engineer of”China Sky Eye” failed to witness the highlight moment of”China Sky Eye” with his own eyes. In October 2017, the”China Sky Eye” discovered a pulsar for the first time. But not long ago, on September 15th, the man who knew the”Chinese Sky Eye” best died of lung cancer. Since then, media reports have made more people aware of him.

“I just want to be able to do something down-to-earth.” Nan Rendong once said, I don’t want others to remember me. Following his wishes, his funeral was kept simple and no memorial ceremony was held. In the early morning of September 16, 2017, news of Nan Rendong’s death spread. The door of his office was filled with flowers from colleagues. People passing by would stop and bow deeply.

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