Life is doomed

By yqqlm yqqlm

Unknowingly, I am 32 years old. I don’t know what kind of situation people are in this age group. I have experienced some things in the past month that make me feel that I have seen through life. Life is really doomed by heaven, and that sentence is confirmed, everything is fate, and you can’t help it at all!

People come to this world, most of the goals are the same, the difference is the environment, time, and characters. All of this is related to cultural customs and regions, at least in China. In this land, every child is born, parents must hope that when they grow up, they can get ahead, make more money, and enjoy a high-quality life. In the process of growing up, each individual is different. Some people are naturally intelligent, and some are naturally dull. Some people are born to reach the peak that an ordinary person can’t reach in a lifetime, and all of this is destined. If children from poor families want to break through the class, they must have certain abilities, such as high EQ, IQ, self-discipline, and clear Social cognition, but also a certain amount of luck. Throughout the history of the world, most of the celebrities are family superior, these people have better conditions , Abundant resources, and reasonable planning by oneself can achieve a career, and the poor are still working for clothing, food, housing and transportation</span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”10442603″ qid=”6595525799405704461″> span> while running around, how can I have the energy to think so much.

I think I have worked very hard, but after all I failed to Escape the arrangement of fate , I was destined to be difficult from the moment I was born. My parents were 36 years old when they gave birth to me. They were indeed relatively small at the time. My parents were exhausted all their lives, and there was no good ending in the end, my mother. She was a very hardworking mother and died of illness due to overwork.

Now I am facing a huge challenge in life, and my child has been diagnosed with autism. I don’t know how many people have experienced this kind of experience. They are in panic every day, and they wake up every morning to be defeated by reality. Whenever the night is quiet, I remember that I have experienced so much suffering and hardship all the way struggling, Now that my life has changed, how can I not wait for the bitterness and willingness, not reconciled, insideManic, body thin! Can’t accept the reality, but have to face it. I dare not say these words to my father, and I feel so Depression, my wife and span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”8789827″ qid=”6537447121124103428″>Mother-in-law thinks that I have a mental problem. I advise them to be psychologically prepared and learn about children’s rehabilitation interventions It seems that they did not listen to my words at all. This kind of helplessness can only be experienced by myself. In Toutiao, I hope to meet the predecessors who have gone through hardships, and give me the light of hope in my life.

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