“Like a flute”: NASA shares the sound of “Perseverance” taking an epic selfie

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“Like a flute”: NASA shares the sound of “Perseverance” taking an epic selfie

The rover is equipped with a microphone, which has delivered the sound of wind and helicopters. Vandi Verma, the chief engineer of the “Perseverance” team responsible for robot operations, hosted the video and described some of the audio of the robot’s work as almost music, “like a flute.” You can also hear the whirring and clicking sound of the robotic arm.

Organizing and arranging Martian selfies is hard work for engineers on Earth. NASA said it needs a core team of about a dozen people to plan, process, and stitch the images. The rover team must take care that when the rover moves to capture images, the large turret will not hit the rover’s body.

Of course, “Perseverance” is not alone. This selfie includes the groundbreaking “Wit” helicopter, which has already recorded a successful flight on Mars.

Mike Ravine of Marlin Space Science Systems (responsible for the construction and operation of the camera used for selfies) said: “The most important thing is to get the Wit into the correct position for the selfie. Given how small it is, I think we did a good job.”