Love, need to wait

By yqqlm yqqlm

In the world of love, you will always meet someone who will give you the tenderness you need. Zhang Ailing once said:”People are compassionate because of love; because they understand, they are tolerant.” Once upon a time, each of us yearned for love, and we all dedicated ourselves to it, just for a promise, to silently bear all the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys.

Many times, the way life is The face is simple, but sometimes it is complicated by us. We complain that life cannot be repeated. If it can be repeated, who will cherish it? When you think that you are abandoned, it is the other party who suffers. Because he lost the person he really liked, but finally parted ways in a state of embarrassment.

Each of us has been countless Wandering at the crossroads of life, I was once confused, begging, choosing, and giving up. But each choice will bring you a different feeling and a different kind of excitement.

Someone once asked me, What are feelings? I think it is a fantasy. If you change yourself for one person, you choose to escape and give up. This is because the times have changed, and people’s values ​​for material and money desires have been severely distorted, including the concept of love. Although the lips say”I love you”, the reality makes people feel heartache. This is exactly”there is no way to keep affection since ancient times, only the routines can win the hearts of people”. If you don’t care, why bother with someone who doesn’t know how to love you?

It is also said that the world has everything The encounters are all reunions after a long time. He also said that whoever you will meet in this life, you will fall in love with someone, and it is already doomed in the future. Therefore, not everyone is so lucky to meet a confidante, one who understands Your person, the person who knows you love you, this is the person who truly loves you.

If one day you lose For love, please open your arms and sing high towards the sun, not to mention unfounded worries. Because worries will not reduce tomorrow’s burden, but it will lose today’s happiness. Some things don’t need to be deliberately understood. Years will help you remind you slowly. Only when you leave them till the end can they appear precious.

Life, live calmly, Self-sufficient cold and warm, sorrow and joy, self-brewed, seemingly ordinary drops of fireworks, are the most real outlines in life, and you need to use the pen of life to concentrate on depicting in order to understand the deep. In real life, running a love story is not to obtain profits like market transactions, but to take care of it. Every relationship is accumulated day by day, requiring tolerance and understanding, and every move you need to work together to add bricks and tiles, and the building of love can rise from the ground, and in the end can it be verified that the foundation is not secure. Therefore, do not shake the foundation of love at any time, this is the most basic rule.

They all say that love is selfish , The more people love each other, the more shallow they are, but the affection is getting deeper and deeper. Love for a long time becomes a family affection into the blood. Although sometimes there is no words, but there is a tacit understanding of each other, these will be deeply in the memory, only this kind of love can be full of vitality. In fact, love is more like a housewife. Those who really like you will be optimistic about all of you. Because I love her, I prefer to love her shortcomings and tolerance, so that we can warm each other and live up to each other. Often the ones that are retained at the end are called happiness, and those that have passed and the past are called regrets. Often we miss a place because of the people there, not the scenery. A city is connected to you, but also because there are the same people and people you like. This may be the best ending, and it will make you move. Make you infatuated and unable to extricate yourself, perhaps, this is love, perhaps, this is also reality.

If you fall in love with someone, Don’t give up easily. Cowardice may make you regret it for a lifetime. Even if life has a thousand reasons to make you cry, you have to give 10,000 reasons to laugh at life. Regardless of the wind and rain, it is better than walking in the courtyard. Only by relying on your own fighting spirit and wind and rain can you rely on” You can go for nine days to capture the moon, and you can go down to the oceans to catch turtles.”

There is a kind of person, you will always It’s a mystery.

There is a kind of heart, it is like flowing water.

There is a kind of dream that makes you cry when you wake up.

… …

I don’t know if you understand, or you have never cared about it. A confidante is to hide love deeply in his heart. If there is no feeling of love, there will be no long-term longing. But we have never been lingering before and under the moon, let alone the kind of laughter and joy of walking hand in hand. Although there is a long distance between each other, but the infatuation for you did not give up for a moment, only silently in my heart to pay attention to your news.

If you really don’t understand love , Don’t wait for it, don’t trample the flowers, don’t turn the tears into cold water, when you are in a bad mood, just be quiet, don’t ask for comfort, just ask someone to understand. If someone with you in my heart is silent and warm, let each other be a beam of light to illuminate the short life and warm this lonely soul.

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