Merkel accepts congressional questioning for the last time during his tenure, reviewing important work during the administration

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China News Agency, Berlin, June 24th (Reporter Peng Dawei) “People may not believe that-when I was the prime minister, there was no iPhone in the world.” On the 23rd, German Chancellor Merkel went to the Bundestag When answering questions from members of Congress, he recalled his 16-year ruling career.

Merkel accepts congressional questioning for the last time during his tenure, reviewing important work during the administration

On May 18, the opening ceremony of the Seventy-third World Health Assembly was held in the form of a video conference. The picture shows the remote speech by German Chancellor Merkel taken in Berlin, Germany. Photo by China News Agency reporter Peng Dawei

According to the practice, the German Chancellor will go to the parliament for three questions every year. Since the third question is usually scheduled before Christmas, the German Chancellery stated in a press release that day. It is expected that Merkel will be questioned for the last time during her tenure.

“After you became prime minister, girls began to imagine that they could become prime minister or politician.” Green Party member Ull Sauus said that as a female prime minister, Merkel is young Models of women’s participation in politics. In this regard, she asked Merkel whether she thought Germany would “better have another female prime minister” in the future.

“I think that after 16 years under Angela Merkel, citizens are mature enough to decide who will be the next male prime minister or the next female prime minister. “Merkel said.

Speaking of the development of the new crown epidemic, Merkel said that the current situation of the epidemic is encouraging. Germany has successfully avoided the overload of the medical system, but at the same time, the “unblocking” process is still on thin ice. . She emphasized that the anti-epidemic results achieved by the whole society should not be rashly allowed to go to waste.

“What I want to say is that we have done a lot of things right, even on an international level.” While defending Germany’s anti-epidemic work over the past year, Merkel It also summarized the progress made by Germany in housing, digitalization, climate, and pensions during her administration.

Speaking of efforts to address climate change, Merkel mentioned that she began to participate in the work related to the Kyoto Protocol when she was Minister of Environment in the 1990s. During her tenure in power, Germany has made great achievements in the field of addressing climate change. A series of progress has been made. She commented that Germany is on a good path and has done a lot in the field of climate, but at the same time it also urgently needs to take action faster, “Time waits for no one, we are not doing enough.”

In terms of pensions, Merkel recalled that the basic pension system was introduced during her tenure as prime minister, which will ensure that many people live a dignified life. She said that in order to ensure the long-term stability of the German pension system, it is necessary to better create job opportunities and increase the employment rate.

There was also a relaxed scene at the questioning scene: after Merkel answered a question, because the time was exceeded, the deputy speaker of the Bundestag, Petra Paul, who presided over the questioning, reminded her that she was in front of her. When the light starts to flicker, it means that the red light representing “the end of the question and answer time” is about to light up. Merkel smiled and said, “I understand this, but I have too many ideas in my head.”

When the question was in the 70th minute, Petra Paul said that she was personally happy to continue. This exchange, but the time cannot be extended, so this question ends here.

Merkel responded with a smile. But because the microphone was not turned on in time, people only heard the last sentence: “Thank you for following the rules.” (End)