More than 550,000 candidates from Shandong rushed to the examination room

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China News Service, Jinan, June 7 (Zhao Xiao) Embrace encouragement, high-five, cheer each other up… On June 7, more than 550,000 Shandong candidates rushed to the examination room to welcome the “life test”. On the same day, Shandong’s 2021 general university entrance examination (summer) officially opened. The examination lasts for 4 days and will last until June 10.

The reporter saw in the test sites such as the Seventh Middle School of Jinan City and the High School Affiliated to Shandong Normal University, that the candidates went into the test room one after another after checking the admission ticket, ID card, and “Health Commitment”. Many parents wore red T-shirts and cheongsam to send the test. Outside the test room, the public security and traffic police are extremely busy. They provide temporary identity certificates for candidates who have lost or forgotten their ID cards, maintain traffic order around the test site, and escort the test environment to ensure that candidates take the test normally.

More than 550,000 candidates from Shandong rushed to the examination room

At the test center of Jinan No. 7 Middle School, candidates go into the test room after checking the admission ticket, ID card, and “Health Commitment”. Photo by Zhao Xiao

This year is the second year that Shandong has implemented the “New College Entrance Examination”. Candidate Hu Jingwen chose the traditional three science subjects of physics, chemistry and biology. She told reporters that this was because she wanted to choose an anesthesiology major when she volunteered, especially for obstetrics and gynecology surgical anesthesia, and she needed a solid foundation in science. “After the liberal arts and sciences are not divided into subjects, for our students, the freedom of course selection is greater, and they can study in advance according to their future career planning and favorite university majors.”

Jinan Public Security Police is a lost ID card Of candidates apply for temporary identification. Photo by Zhao Xiao

“In the second year of the’New College Entrance Examination’, it was obvious that the textbooks of various subjects and the teaching methods of teachers have undergone some changes, and the question types have also been innovative.” Guo Rui, a senior high school student in Shandong Experimental Middle School He said that the three subjects he chose were all science subjects. After discussing with his parents, he planned to study economics when he was in college, which was in line with the direction of the high school course selection. Facing the college entrance examination, all he can do is “do his best.”

More than 550,000 candidates from Shandong rushed to the examination room(1)

Parents come to send the test and cheer for their children. Photo by Zhao Xiao

“I have confidence in the children and hope that they can perform at their best. No matter when, I am proud of them.” Deng, the senior class teacher of Shandong Experimental Middle School In an interview, Zhen said that for the “last lesson” before the exam, she gave each student an exclusive “dream ticket” and a “successful face in the college entrance examination” printed with blessings, encouraging them to take the exam calmly. The “New College Entrance Examination” policy pays more attention to the examination of students’ academic literacy and abilities. The school has a set of self-contained methods of teaching students to help them adapt faster and better meet the new college entrance examination reform.

More than 550,000 candidates from Shandong rushed to the examination room(2)


p >Parents accompany the exam outside the exam room, waiting for the end of the exam for their children. Photo by Zhao Xiao

The reporter learned during the interview that during the college entrance examination, Jinan implemented full-time, no blind spot monitoring of the examination conditions of each examination room. There are mobile invigilators and video invigilators for the examination room. After the exam, the surveillance video of the exam will be replayed to ensure the realization of “safe college entrance examination”, “sunshine college entrance examination” and “fair college entrance examination”.

According to the Shandong Provincial Department of Education, in 2021, Shandong Province registered 795,000 candidates for the college entrance examination, a slight increase from last year. Among them, the summer college entrance examination was 630,000 and the spring college entrance examination was 165,000. The number of candidates in the summer college entrance examination was 555,100. There were 150 examination areas, 342 examination sites, and 18,655 examination rooms in 16 cities in the province, and a total of more than 60,000 examination staff were selected. (End)