More than a thousand acres of lotus blossoms in the Old Summer Palace welcome guests, and the scenic spot opens up a water viewing route

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There are more than 1,000 acres of lotus blooming and welcoming scenic spots in Yuanmingyuan. The lotus festival will last until August 20.

More than a thousand acres of lotus blossoms in the Old Summer Palace welcome guests, and the scenic spot opens up a water viewing route

News from this newspaper (Reporter Wang Bin) Yesterday, the 26th Lotus Festival of Yuanmingyuan officially kicked off. The Old Summer Palace is alive because of water, and the lotus is the soul of summer in the Old Summer Palace. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that after decades of operation and construction, the lotus planting area in Yuanmingyuan currently amounts to more than 1,000 mu, with more than 200 varieties of lotus. This lotus festival will last until August 20th.

The lotus variety base of Yuanmingyuan Garden is located in Duojiaruyun Scenic Area, which is the most concentrated lotus viewing spot in the garden. Duo Jia Ruyun is one of the forty sceneries of the Old Summer Palace. Historically, it is one of the best places to watch the lotus in the middle of summer. More than 200 kinds of lotus, including Mrs. Bury, Dielianhua, Fenlouchun, Bingxin, Pizhenfen, Bai Wanwan, Xiaofengliangyue, etc., are here to compete with each other. Tourists can “swim” in the sea of ​​lotus flowers. After years of construction, it has become a lotus research base and seed resource nursery integrating scientific research, production, and viewing.

It is worth mentioning that the Old Summer Palace has selected more than 20 varieties of lotus and planted them in the waters near Fenghe Tower, including Bixuedanhong, White Peony Lotus, Wufei Lotus, Feihong, Yinhong Chiba, Tianshan Green Terrace, Red Terrace Lotus, Rongjiao, Zhongshan Red Terrace, Madame Bury and other unique varieties are more convenient for tourists to watch. It is expected that the best viewing period will be reached in mid-to-late July. At that time, lotus flowers of different colors will form a colorful lotus “ribbon” here. Visitors can stand on the antique curved bridge and admire the colorful lotus flowers in the lake. The wisps of breeze came with the fragrance of lotus, which made people feel refreshed.

Yuanmingyuan is a waterscape garden, with lotus flowers swaying in the wind, and viewing lotus on the water has a special taste. There is a special water-viewing lotus route in the park. Visitors can take a boat at the Haiyue Kaijin Wharf of Changchun Garden, go boating on the lake, watch the beautiful lotus close-up, and experience the wonderful artistic conception of “Lotus Leaf Hetian Tian”. In addition, the waters of Jianbiting, Fenglinzhou, Fenghelou, Fanghe and other waters are also planted with royal lotuses and water lilies. Together with koi and black swan, they draw a beautiful summer picture that makes people linger.

During the lotus festival, Yuanmingyuan will continue to carry out activities such as monthly photography contests, comic season contests, and sketching season contests with the theme of lotus and summer gardens. Visitors can take photos of related works to participate in the Yuanmingyuan Photo Contest while enjoying the lotus in the garden; or record the unique charm of Yuanmingyuan in summer in the form of cartoons; painting lovers will present the summer ruins of more than 100 Yuanmingyuan with the theme of lotus and summer landscape in Yuanmingyuan. Scenery.

In addition, the Old Summer Palace Lecture Hall will continue to hold lectures, and the activities will be conducted in a combination of offline and online. The public can follow the “Yuanmingyuan Relics Park” official account to make an appointment to participate in the scene or watch online. The Old Summer Palace will also hold a lotus photography exhibition in Chunzezhai, focusing on outstanding lotus photography works in recent years, providing a platform for photography enthusiasts to communicate. The Old Summer Palace Lecture Hall and the Lotus Photographic Exhibition are a series of reading activities for all people in Haidian District in 2021.

In recent years, Yuanmingyuan has launched a series of lotus-themed cultural and creative products, among which lotus ice cream, double lotus ice cream and lotus leaf tea are popular among tourists. Photographer/Reporter Yuan Yi