More than one hundred overseas Chinese businessmen from Zhejiang gathered in Shaoxing, government and enterprises “face-to-face” explore innovation in reform

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China News Service, Shaoxing, June 30 (Xiang Jing, Zhou Di) “Zhejiang is a key hometown of overseas Chinese, with more than 20,000 overseas Chinese-funded enterprises developing in Zhejiang.” “Hui Shaoxing” overseas Chinese-funded enterprises “face-to-face” exchange meeting was held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Wang Yunqi, the second-level inspector of the United Front Work Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, said in his speech that in the new development stage, we must take the road of innovation and development, and overseas Chinese entrepreneurs must insist on innovation. Lead, actively develop new technologies, actively research and develop new products, and take the lead in developing new business formats.

On the same day, more than 100 representatives of Zhejiang overseas Chinese businessmen from 24 countries and regions gathered together with representatives of Zhejiang talents, economics and information, finance and other government departments to answer questions and solve questions face-to-face to seek innovation and development. .

More than one hundred overseas Chinese businessmen from Zhejiang gathered in Shaoxing, government and enterprises “face-to-face” explore innovation in reform

The scene of the “face-to-face” exchange meeting for overseas Chinese-funded enterprises of “Qiao Chuang Zheli Zhihui Shaoxing” Photo by Xiang Jing

Wang Yunqi pointed out that in recent years, in the process of China’s reform and opening up and socialist modernization, overseas Chinese businessmen from Zhejiang have demonstrated their hard-working and self-improving entrepreneurial spirit, and carried forward their love and patriotism. The fine tradition of the township, and relying on its unique advantages in integrating China and foreign countries, has made positive contributions to promoting the Chinese economy and Zhejiang’s economy to the world.

The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. As an important “bridge” connecting China and foreign countries, overseas Chinese enterprises have a common goal for the government and overseas Chinese enterprises to “stand on the forefront” in the global digital and technological revolution. Focus point.

“Only by mastering core technologies can we be competitive in the market.” As a representative of overseas Chinese businessmen participating in the meeting, Changjiang Haochuan, President and Research Institute of Mingfeng Medical System Co., Ltd., introduced that the epidemic broke out last year. The company’s innovative research and development of vehicle-mounted CT and shelter-type CT have effectively solved the problems of high-end medical equipment tension and doctor-patient interaction under the epidemic.

It said that the company’s scientific research team is now “using artificial intelligence technology to improve the automation of CT use and to develop new applications” to gain a firm foothold in market competition through technological innovation.

More than one hundred overseas Chinese businessmen from Zhejiang gathered in Shaoxing, government and enterprises “face-to-face” explore innovation in reform(1)


p >Representatives of overseas Chinese businessmen from Zhejiang visited Shaoxing. Photo by Yan Lirong

In fact, Zhejiang has continued to promote the construction of a strong science and technology province for many years, and has jointly launched policies to benefit enterprises from multiple departments. “The effectiveness of the policy requires the concerted efforts of all departments.” Ye Renjun, deputy director of the Information Office of Zhejiang Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, explained the latest financial support policy of the province at the meeting, and introduced that Zhejiang not only encourages banking institutions to set up science and technology branches, but also passes pilot projects. Explore the “Science and Technology Credits” and focus on core indicators such as corporate R&D investment and intellectual property rights to encourage corporate innovation.

Yu Genjun, the second-level investigator of the Ministry of Economics and Technology of the Federation of Overseas Chinese in Zhejiang Province, also expects that all overseas Chinese businessmen can seize the opportunity in this era of change and transform technological innovation and digital transformation into their own new development momentum. A new chapter in the era of transformation, upgrading, development and growth of overseas Chinese enterprises.

Looking at the current situation, the innovation and development of enterprises requires investment in technology, and it is also inseparable from the empowerment of new means such as digitalization. Zhejiang is a strong province in the digital economy. Li Jing, a secondary researcher of the Enterprise Cultivation and Industrial Cooperation Division of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, introduced at the exchange meeting that during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the added value of the core industries of Zhejiang’s digital economy increased by 15.2% annually. At this exchange meeting, some overseas Chinese businessmen also expressed their needs for digital talents and digital services.

“We are a traditional manufacturing company, and we have encountered pressures such as difficulty in recruiting digital talents in the digital transformation.” Shaoxing Haohua Wood Co., Ltd. specializes in solid wood composite flooring. The company’s general manager Che Fei interviewed Shi said that he looks forward to introducing more inclusive support policies in the future to attract more young talents to take root in Shaoxing.

For the talent policy, Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the Talent Office of the Organization Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, introduced that the province is building strategic policy systems such as “talent + policy”, “talent + platform”, “talent + service”. From the perspective of Shaoxing, the “talent steward” digital platform created by it uses the “talent code” as the entrance, covering all kinds of talent resources, integrating various talent services, and integrating various analysis and decision-making. It is intended to serve talents and retain talents with digital technology. .

Shaoxing is a big city for overseas Chinese affairs, and the city has always attached great importance to the work of warming and benefiting overseas Chinese. “Overseas-funded enterprises are an important bridge connecting the local economy and the world market.” Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee Member and United Front Work Department Minister Ye Weihong gave an example. In the first half of this year, the city’s overseas Chinese affairs system visited 122 overseas Chinese enterprises to help coordinate and solve 68 difficult problems.

“Assisting overseas Chinese enterprises to achieve faster and better development is our top priority.” Ye Weihong mentioned that Shaoxing should take the opportunity of creating “three services” version 2.0 and advancing digital reforms to continuously innovate methods, Create carriers, such as improving working mechanisms, standardizing procedures, and simplifying examination and approval matters.

It is reported that the above-mentioned overseas Chinese business delegation also visited Haizhihui·Shaoxing International Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Center, Wolong Holding Group Co., Ltd. and e-tour town on the 29th to learn about overseas Chinese service platforms. Wait for the operation situation and feel the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in Shaoxing. (End)