Music creator: inject freshness into classic music

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Music creator: Inject freshness into classic music

Music creator: inject freshness into classic music

Music creator: inject freshness into classic music(1)

Music Director: Peng Tao, Zhou Xuan

< p> “The sun comes out with joy”, “The Story of Spring”, “On the Field of Hope”, “Dongfanghong”, these familiar classics will all appear, but it is not a simple “paste + copy”, showing completely different charm…6 On the evening of the 25th, “The Children of Bashu Are Facing the Party”—theatrical performance in Sichuan Province celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China will be staged in the Sichuan Provincial Gymnasium. As one of the important roles in the “atmosphere group” of theatrical performance, music carries the emotion and aesthetics of the entire performance. For performance music director Peng Tao and Zhou Xuan, it is also a new challenge. “It must be familiar, but also unfamiliar. Innovative adaptations of these songs should not make the audience feel the same, but the feeling of the “most familiar stranger”.” Zhou Xuan told Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter .

For a large-scale theatrical performance, high-quality music is the essential soul. So director Ma Dongfeng put forward high demands on music from the very beginning. “Director Ma said to us,’The complete is not good, the familiar is not good, I want to be familiar and not familiar.’ The music she wants is not a sing-song style. It is a kind of sing together. If that is the case, it is very simple. , But the form is too old. Therefore, Director Ma asked us to make the audience feel familiar, familiar, and intimacy when listening to the music. But there must also be strangeness and new things in this familiarity. Find a balance between familiarity and unfamiliarity, and achieve a feeling of “the most familiar stranger”.” Zhou Xuan admitted frankly that he described the overall style of the live music with the description of “seemingly contradictory” Claim. “The entire music team has more than 10 people, all of whom are musicians with creative ability. We work together and pursue innovation in tradition according to the requirements of the director. For example, most of the classic music is adapted in an innovative way, or the classic Musical elements can be integrated into it, or directly create original songs.”

As a cultural performance in Sichuan Province celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Sichuan elements will inevitably be added. “On the one hand, this performance brought together Sichuan opera music, Sichuan folk songs and other music with regional characteristics, such as adapting Sichuan folk songs with Tibetan, Qiang and Yi elements to create the artistic effects of new folk songs; on the other hand, according to different program formats , Blending with poetry, dance, epic symphony, etc., presents an epic and historical style, ensuring that actors can sing and dance in the company of music and sing the party’s century-old history.” Peng Tao added.

Inspired by “Awakening Age”

Miao Yi, choreographer and director of Sichuan Song and Dance Theater, will perform the part of “I Swear”. She told reporters that “I Swear”, as the preface of the performance, will mainly reflect the sense of mission and unwavering faith of many historical figures. “Even if there is bloodshed and sacrifice, they are not afraid, and will always move towards their faith.” Miao Yi has experienced earthquakes, epidemics and other situations, with a lot of emotion, “In today’s life, we are all people with happiness. China is prosperous and powerful. We are really proud to show the spirit of our Chinese people as best as we can by participating in the performance.” It is worth mentioning that Miao Yi abandoned traditional forms of expression and creatively shaped diverse faces. Group portraits of sworn figures. “Generally, everyone swears, and the common action is standing. But in this show, when the giant screen opens, various styles of swearing action such as half-squatting, standing, and comrade-in-arms are presented in front of the audience.”</ p>

Miao Yi told reporters that this design was inspired by the popular TV series “Awakening Age”. In the play, she was deeply shocked by the bloody sacrifices made by patriotic and progressive young people such as Chen Yannian and Chen Qiaonian for the country and the people. These early revolutionary figures of the Communist Party were flesh-and-blood, ideals, sharp, difficult and more exploratory. Their revolutionary character and fighting spirit showed a variety of heroic features, which made Miao Yi finally apply this kind of cognition to the programming of the program: The diverse actions form a confrontational visual impact, showing the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs in an epic three-dimensional manner.

Also inspired by the main melody of the TV series, and using the elements in it, there is also a chorus + dance show “Qilü·The People’s Liberation Army Occupies Nanjing”. As the show with the largest number of participants in the entire theatrical performance, more than 270 actors reproduced this important historical event on stage. Qing Qing, a young choreographer from the Sichuan Song and Dance Theater, told reporters that the father-daughter duet in the show was inspired by the TV series “Ideal Illuminates China”. “At that time, there was a pair of father and daughter transporting the People’s Liberation Army across the river in their own boats.” This element is set in, in contrast to the group dance of hundreds of People’s Liberation Army crossing the river on the stage, one big and one small story feeling, the people and the People’s Liberation Army’s love of fish and water overflows the stage. In this program, artistic creativity is also very interesting. “Usually, what we hear most is the water sleeve performance. This time we want to put the sleeves on the feet and use the’foot sleeves’ to express the strength and power of the soldiers rowing. It should be more spectacular.”

Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Ren Hongwei