Na Ying plays Bai Suzhen

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China News Service, June 9th. The first IP immersive reasoning reality show “Meng Tan Tan Tan An” is currently on the air. On the 8th, the program held a “Mengli Gas Station” press conference and launched an online live broadcast.

On the same day, the director Wu Tong, as well as the Mengtan family and brother group Sun Honglei, Sha Yi, Huang Zitao, Yang Di, the Times Youth Group-Song Yaxuan, and the Mengtan family and sister group Na Ying and Yang Zi appeared, reappearing In the first episode of the show, the “hidden mission” hilarious challenge made the media present to immerse and experience the charm of this “family cute variety show” at close range.

Na Ying plays Bai Suzhen

The press conference coincides with the day In the recording of the show, Na Ying and Yang Zi appeared at the press conference in different versions of the “White Lady” character modeling, substituting the scene into the world of “The Legend of the White Snake” for a second. Yang Zi restored the little white snake model she once played in “The Legend of the White Snake”, while Na Ying dressed up in the classic Bai Suzhen model, in sharp contrast with the modern outfits of the cute family and brothers on the scene.

In order to allow the media and online audiences to experience the features of the program more immersively, the press conference reproduced the hidden task setting in the first episode of the program. Sun Honglei and Huang Zitao, the pair of Huanxi enemies, met again. After several routines in the show, Sun Honglei was obviously handy. He skillfully completed the hidden task of letting Huang Zitao speak the Northeast dialect in the dialogue, which made Huang Zitao lament that he could not escape Sun Honglei’s routines.

While laughing, the Mengtan family also shared their growth and gains in the show at the press conference. Sun Honglei bluntly said that the show was to “experience the addiction”, and asked the show team to “arrange” “The Hidden Corner” on the spot, and was eager to try to challenge the “love theater” idol drama.

Sha Yi first broke the news that the program will also have “Journey to the West” IP presentation, and the original team such as Liu Xiaolingtong and Ma Dehua will also return together. As an actor, he bluntly said that during recording, he was often moved by the professional attitude of his predecessors. “Mr. Ma Dehua wore his headgear all the way in such a hot Hengdian, and sweat came out of his nostrils. I admire him very much. Liu Xiaoling Tong Teacher Yi The opening is not very satisfactory. I recorded the opening five times.”

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