National Excellent Teacher Wang Zhanfu: I did my promise

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China News Service, Qinghai Pingan, June 10th, title: National Excellent Teacher Wang Zhanfu: I did my promise.

On the 9th, in Zongmen Village, Huizu Township, Gucheng, Pingan District, Haidong City, Qinghai Province The reporter met with Wang Zhanfu, a 61-year-old “National Outstanding Teacher” who retired at home and an “Outstanding Communist Party Member” in Qinghai Province.

He is very energetic and picks up the vegetable patch in his yard, and under the shade of the trees on the ground is the collection of essays that is being revised, “The Boundless Years”.

“My original intention of joining the party was to return what I learned to the party and society. When I joined the party, I promised my father that I would do my best to contribute to the village. For so many years, I feel that I I did it.” Although it was not a rhetoric, Wang Zhanfu burst into tears when he talked about his original intention of joining the Party 26 years ago.

National Excellent Teacher Wang Zhanfu: I did my promise

The picture shows the calligraphy written by Wang Zhanfu and the pennant sent by the students. Photo by Li Jun

In 1977, ethnic minorities generally did not pay enough attention to education in rural areas. Wang Zhanfu missed the best age to go to school and only reached the second year at the age of 17. At that time, the students had no extracurricular reading materials. The head teacher Wang Shebin arranged for 7 students in Zongmen Village to go home to study together at night. One student took turns to read aloud every night while the other students listened to it.

“One night, the village party branch secretary Han Chengfang came to my house and saw us studying. He admired it. He listened to me for a while and said to me that you will come to the breeding yard tomorrow night. You have a document for you to read. I promised Because I am very happy to read the documents in front of the masses to show my knowledge level.” Wang Zhanfu was very proud of recalling the scene at that time.

This was a party organization life meeting. At that time, there was no village committee and party member activity room in the village. The party branch meeting was held in the production team breeding yard. It was a warehouse with a big kang, and the village party branch members sat on the kang to hold meetings and study.

“At that time, the 7 party members in the village party branch were illiterate and could not even write their own names. But they were concerned about national policies. When I read the documents, they listened carefully and sometimes asked Read one paragraph again.” Wang Zhanfu said, this experience made him deeply appreciate the importance of culture. Since then, he has become the only “literate person” of the village party branch, and has been reading documents, filling out forms, and writing simple records for the village party branch.

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The picture shows Wang Zhanfu and his students when he was young. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Through reading the documents, Wang Zhanfu gained an understanding of national policies. He said: “The education level of the villagers is too low, and the party members can’t even write their own names. Leading the masses to become rich and well-off? I have to find ways to contribute more to the cultural popularization and development of the village.”

On the third day of junior high school, the principal Cai Shoujing said to Wang Zhanfu: “Zongmen Village Party The branch secretary wants you to be a private teacher. This is the needs of the masses and society. But you are an excellent student and have a good future in studying and studying. Now you choose whether you want to continue your studies or return to the village to become a private teacher.” I am willing to return to the village to be a private teacher.” Wang Zhanfu did not hesitate.

In 1981, Wang Zhanfu, who had been a private teacher for 5 years, wanted to join the Communist Party of China as soon as possible. When he told his father his idea, his father was shocked: “Don’t you know what your background is? The children of rich peasants enter No party.”

The words of his father made Wang Zhanfu a little worried. Year after year, I have not dared to hand it over to the party organization after writing the written application for party membership. It was not until 1995 that Wang Zhanfu handed the revised and revised application for joining the party to Bao Jinshou, the secretary of the village party branch. Secretary Bao witnessed Wang Zhanfu’s progress and contributions over the years, and announced that Ma Zhanfu had become a party member at the subsequent village party branch meeting.

“I was very happy. I went home and told my father that he was also very happy, saying that the party organization gave us support in many ways. Since I accepted you into the party, I should work hard in the future to live up to the party’s grace. , Report to the party with the best results.” His father gave him the greatest encouragement and support.

As time goes by, Zongmen Village Primary School is on the right track. Because it is located along the highway, the teacher resources are relatively abundant. At this time, Wang Zhanfu took the initiative to apply to Liudaogou, which is more remote in ancient cities and rural areas, where conditions are difficult and no one wants to teach. In his spare time, he completed the Chinese language and literature course by self-study, and obtained a Chinese professional college diploma, a primary school teacher qualification certificate and a middle school ideological and moral qualification certificate.

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p >The picture shows the rural life of Wang Zhanfu after retirement. Photo by Li Jun

“Whenever I push my bicycle on the winding mountain road, I am always happy to contribute to the building of the party. Compared with the heroes who sacrificed in the war years, I am What a bit of bitterness.” Wang Zhanfu’s eyes were firm.

For the promise he made to his father when he was a teenager and the solemn oath under the party banner, Wang Zhanfu fulfilled his original aspiration with 43 years of youth. In March 2020, Wang Zhanfu retired and returned to Zongmen Village. “I want to bring the young party members of the village branch in the area. Some ideas are currently being sorted out. I also want to continue to shine in the affairs of the village.” Wang Zhanfu said.

Guo Haiying, an organization member of the Gucheng and Rural Party Committee, told reporters: “Mr. Wang will not fade after retirement. He is still playing an exemplary role as a party member in the work of national unity, changing customs, and rural revitalization, and continues to contribute to our rural economic and social development. Contributing strength.” (End)