North Korea announced that it would not participate in the Tokyo Olympics, the International Olympic Committee:will reallocate the number of entries

By yqqlm yqqlm

Kyodo News reported on June 9th that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided at its executive committee meeting on the 8th that the quota for the Tokyo Olympic Games won by North Korea will be reallocated to other countries and regions. North Korea previously announced in April that it would not participate in the Tokyo Olympics, citing concerns about the new crown virus.

According to the CCTV news client, IOC official James McLeod said at the press conference on the 8th that the IOC and North Korea had many discussions on the reasons for withdrawing from the Tokyo Olympics. , The International Olympic Committee has also provided as many guarantees as possible, but at this moment, the IOC must make a decision on the qualifications for the competition. On the same day, the International Olympic Committee redistributed the four qualifications originally belonged to North Korean athletes.