note! Movie theaters and entertainment venues in Guangzhou are closed; Shenzhen will start from 20:00 tonight, and the subway network will check codes…

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On May 21, the peaceful life of two first-tier cities was disrupted by the sudden emergence of confirmed new crown cases.

As of 24:00 on June 7th, Shenzhen’s”5.21″ epidemic has detected 4 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 12 cases of asymptomatic infection. All cases are being carried out on the initiative of quarantine personnel routine Found in testing and key population inspections.

The spread of Guangzhou starts with a morning tea, which involves a long chain of spread. Since the start of the nucleic acid investigation on May 26, as of 24:00 on June 7, a total of 27,985,500 nucleic acid samples were collected in Guangzhou, and a total of 40 people were found to be positive. In less than 20 days, Guangzhou City has reported a total of 108 domestic infections, of which 98 were confirmed and 10 were asymptomatic.

The number of cases seems to be increasing sporadically, and prevention and control measures are constantly escalating. Guangzhou opened the whole city for nucleic acid testing, and a negative report was required within 48 hours after leaving Guangzhou. The latest news is that closed entertainment venues such as cinemas, theaters, KTVs, and Internet cafes in the city have been suspended. Shenzhen is also carrying out nucleic acid testing for all employees in multiple districts. Starting from 20:00 tonight, all subway lines will need to check codes to enter the station.

“Shenzhen Speed, Guangzhou Neighbourhood”

Unite yourselves to protect our city

74 large cities Medium-sized temporary vaccination sites, 79 collective unit temporary vaccination sites, 432 fixed vaccination sites (social health centers)…According to data released by the Shenzhen Health Commission, as of 24:00 on June 6, Shenzhen had completed vaccinations of 16,350,900 doses. A total of 12.023 million people were vaccinated, accounting for 88.4%of the permanent population aged 18 to 59. The city’s new crown virus vaccination capacity has been greatly improved, with a maximum daily vaccination capacity of 620,000 doses.

Since the emergence of sporadic cases of the epidemic, the situation in Shenzhen has attracted national attention. In the process, the”Shenzhen speed” has been impressive.

In Longgang, the mobile negative pressure dura mater laboratory only took 6 hours to complete the main body construction, and the average daily nucleic acid detection volume can reach about 300,000 person-times; 24 hours a day,”on call”, You can bring more than 200 samples at one time without waiting for traffic lights. It is 50%to 60%faster than ground transportation. Luohu Hospital Group will be the first to use drones to transport inspection specimens in Shenzhen, which is also the country’s first drone transportation. The sub-regional inspection center of the Closed Medical Consortium where the specimens were successful; “Official news is faster than rumors, so good!” Authoritative, complete, and accurate epidemic notification news ran ahead of guessing and anxiety; rapid identification of close contacts and second close contacts, Delineate key populations and key areas, carry out large-scale investigation and monitoring, race against the virus, and strive to stop the spread of the epidemic in the shortest time.

The reporter learned that since the outbreak of the”5.21″ epidemic, Shenzhen has taken the response to the epidemic as the current top priority, insisting on bottom-line thinking and systematic thinking, insisting on scientific and precise prevention and control, and insisting on continuing to work hard and catch it to the end. With”fast, strict, and practical” hard measures, we will resolutely win the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control.

There are”Chaoyang Masses” in the north and”Guangzhou Neighbourhoods” in the south.

In Guangzhou, wherever there is epidemic prevention and control, you can see”Guangzhou neighborhoods”.

According to incomplete statistics, since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia in Guangzhou on May 21, as of June 6, a total of 1.083 million “Guangzhou neighborhoods” participated in epidemic prevention and control, or assisted in nucleic acid testing , Guide neighbourhoods to vaccinate, or distribute epidemic prevention and control materials, care for people in isolation at home…

In addition to”Guangzhou neighbourhoods”, self-driving cars are also coming forward.

Many self-driving car companies in Guangzhou sent unmanned vehicles or drones to Liwan District to deliver living supplies and provide assistance for the distribution of fresh food, takeaway, and medical supplies. These companies include Baidu, Jingdong, Wenyuan, Xiaoma, Yihang, etc.

The reporter was informed that since the announcement of new confirmed cases on May 21, Guangzhou has successively held meetings of the Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and the Municipal New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group (Command) meeting to deploy epidemic prevention and control jobs. Among them, in order to quickly and effectively stop the spread of the epidemic and protect the health and safety of the general public, Guangzhou initiated emergency response as soon as possible. The city and district CDC organized overnight epidemiological investigations, screened and isolated close contacts, and re-sampled patients. Together with the original positive specimens for re-examination and review, effective measures are taken for disposal.

“We made an emergency survey of the site on the evening of June 4th and completed the construction in 10 hours.” The monomer laboratory with the highest daily throughput of nucleic acid testing in China was established in Guangzhou on June 5th. It was put into use on the 6th. Du Yutao, the commander-in-chief of the Guangzhou”Huoyan” laboratory, introduced that this newly built laboratory is composed of 15 air-film cabins, equipped with high-throughput automated virus nucleic acid extraction equipment and other equipment, and can detect up to 1.5 million daily After the human nucleic acid samples are put into operation, they will adopt a shift system to conduct round-the-clock testing to further enhance Guangzhou’s nucleic acid testing capabilities.

Enterprises:normalization of epidemic prevention and normalization of production

At the gate of Longma Industrial Park, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, the reporter found that the factory’s epidemic prevention work was carried out meticulously . People entering the park need to show the green code of the itinerary, registration information, and temperature measurement. The park staff told reporters that the park has increased the control of people and vehicles entering the park, strengthened disinfection every day, and increased epidemic prevention and control propaganda in the work group. Previously, the advancement of vaccination was also very smooth. Most people were vaccinated. On June 7th, a nucleic acid test for all employees in the park was carried out.”If there is no nucleic acid test, we will refuse him to come in and work.”

According to the reporter’s understanding, many large-scale industrial parks in Shenzhen have closed off other entrances and exits in the park, leaving only one main entrance and exits, strictly guarding the access situation, and performing the epidemic prevention and control work with due diligence.

“Returning to the scene at the beginning of last year, taking body temperature several times a day, eating in batches in the cafeteria, keeping a distance.” An enterprise person in charge of an electronics factory in Fuyong Street, Shenzhen told reporters that the factory has been Keeping the attitude of not letting go of epidemic prevention and control, everyone has become accustomed to it and has no impact on the production schedule at present. Business has been very good this year and has been working overtime.

The person in charge of another company also expressed the same view. There are a lot of orders and he is too busy. He is not worried about the epidemic. “After all, epidemic prevention has become regular now. We have experience and sufficient supplies for epidemic prevention.”

“There are a lot of orders, but now it’s very difficult to ship the container.” A business owner engaged in the export of speakers in Bao’an District said that some time ago, the container was ordered from Yantian Port and installed. The goods were sold, but there was an epidemic later, and the cabinets were never returned. Now they are still in the factory. He said that he believes that the epidemic in Guangshen will pass as soon as possible, and the problem of shipping difficulties will gradually improve. Since his factory entered May, orders have been saturated, and existing orders have been scheduled to July, mainly European orders. The Indian market has not received a single order this year.”Our largest customer in India, the goods ordered last year are still in the warehouse and have not been sent. The customer contacted some time ago and said that he was also infected with the new crown and has now recovered. , I am very envious of China’s achievements in fighting the epidemic.”

“I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible.” Master Wen has been engaged in the freight business in Humen, Dongguan for more than ten years, mainly in several major ports in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. He told reporters that most of his customers are garment factories, mainly exporting. Now factory owners generally report that they cannot order containers. In May, he sent a customer a single shipment to Malaysia to Yantian. However, the container changed after going to Hong Kong, and finally it had to be shipped back to the factory.

“Yantian Port is already moving”

On May 21, an employee Mu Mou diagnosed with new crown pneumonia in the Yantian Port West Operation Area of ​​Shenzhen City, serving as a global shipping logistics network”Central nervous system”-Yantian Port had to”slow down” its own production efficiency.

Yantian Port, which is responsible for more than 1/3 of Guangdong’s foreign trade imports and exports, and 1/4 of the country’s trade with the United States, is the busiest in the world, serving at least 100 ships per week. One of the ports.

Resuming production in a safe and orderly manner as soon as possible is the biggest challenge for this maritime network hub.

In order to ensure smooth traffic in the port area and its surrounding areas, and realize the dual coordination of epidemic prevention and control and port operations and production, the Yantian District has recently followed the work concept of”reservation system, time period, inventory elimination, and increase control”. , Formulated and promulgated the”Work Plan on Ensuring Smooth Traffic Flow at the Gates of Yantian International Container Terminal and the Surrounding Areas”, and decided to fully implement the scheduled entry of container trucks from 0:00 on May 31 to help Yantian Port resume work and production smoothly and orderly.

Data shows that from May 31st to June 5th, Yantian Port received a total of 30,590 heavy containers. The receiving capacity and operation capacity of the docks in the port area have steadily rebounded. The reservation system is operating effectively, and the port area and surrounding traffic Smoothly, there were only 6 congestion alarms, a 99.4%decrease compared to the previous 177 cases of similar situations such as typhoons and holidays.

“At present, all ports in Shenzhen implement full-process closed-loop management. During the boarding operation, the boarding operators are strictly required to wear masks, medical gloves, face screens and other protective equipment, and the boarding operators are strictly prohibited from entering the life of the ship. District, avoid contact with the crew to ensure that the operators are effectively isolated from the crew.” said Zeng Yuexiong, a second-level inspector of the Municipal Transportation Bureau.

On the premise that the Nansha Port Area, which is opposite to Yantian Port, is building a”frontier fortress”, it is also making every effort to dredge the port logistics artery.

Since June, affected by the epidemic, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area surrounding ports Many international liner routes were changed to call at Nansha Port, and container trailer companies followed suit.

High-risk personnel implement closed-loop control measures such as dedicated personnel, one person, one file, special area operations, point-to-point transshipment, and centralized accommodation… Only by building a tight line of defense against external input can we ensure orderly production in the port area.

The reporter learned that on the basis of the high-load operation of 30 foreign trade ships in a single day, in response to the needs of foreign trade customers, the Nansha Port Area of ​​Guangzhou Port has recently undertaken additional foreign trade ships from surrounding ports. For more than 10 vessels, the volume of container trailers entering and leaving the port area increased by nearly 30%compared with May, of which the increase of Nansha Phase II exceeded 50%. From January to May, the group’s foreign trade cargo throughput increased by 19.0%year-on-year, and the foreign trade container throughput increased by 9.6%year-on-year.

Wang Guowen, director of the Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management of the China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Times that currently, the measures taken by Yantian Port in response to the epidemic have achieved a certain effect. Production is also recovering. At present, some of the heavy cabinets accumulated from the suspension of reception may be the most influential. Yantian Port, which has world-class efficiency, is able to quickly restore its own production efficiency in a short period of time. If it can fully recover, it is expected that the impact this time will be gradually alleviated.