Olympic Day activities are launched simultaneously in seven places, thousands of people enjoy sports

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Olympic Day activities are launched simultaneously in seven places, thousands of people enjoy sports

Beijing Olympic Day event site. Photo by Wang Hao

China News Service Client, Beijing, June 20th (Wang Hao) On the morning of the 20th, the 35th Olympic Day of the Chinese Olympic Committee in 2021 will be held in Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, The seven locations of Sanya, Fanzhi and Zhijin were launched simultaneously. Thousands of sports enthusiasts across the country participated in a variety of activities such as healthy walking, Olympic cultural camps, and mass ice experience.

Gao Zhidan, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration and vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee, attended the main venue of the Beijing Olympic Water Park. He said that this year is of special significance for both China and the world Olympic movement. I hope everyone can get active, take an active part in sports, promote national fitness, walk with the Olympics, celebrate the centenary of the party with practical actions, and contribute to the building of a sports power and the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Secretary-General of the Chinese Olympic Committee Song Keqin read out the congratulatory message from the President of the International Olympic Committee Bach. Bach emphasized that at the time when the world is facing the challenge of the new crown epidemic, sports unity, hope, tenacity and optimism Strength highlights a more important meaning, which is why we celebrate Olympic Day and promote the Olympic spirit together.

On June 23, 1894, the International Olympic Committee was formally established. To commemorate this historic day, the International Olympic Committee has designated June 23 every year as “Olympic Day” since 1948, and in 1987 called on the Olympic Committees of all countries/regions around the world to celebrate the annual Olympic Day. Celebrations are held on the weekends before and after.

The Chinese Olympic Committee actively responds to the call of the International Olympic Committee. Since 1987, it has held Olympic Day celebrations every year as an important platform to promote the Olympic spirit, spread the Olympic philosophy, and promote the Olympic culture. Olympic Day activities have become an important traditional mass sports activity in our country. (End)