Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting Zhejiang’s High-quality Development and Building a Demonstration Zone of Common Prosperity

By yqqlm yqqlm

(May 20, 2021)

Common prosperity is the essential requirement of socialism and the common expectation of the people. Since the reform and opening up, by allowing some people and some regions to get rich first, and then get rich first, the social productive forces have been greatly liberated and developed, and people’s living standards have been continuously improved. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has not forgotten its original aspirations, kept its mission in mind, united and led the entire party and the people of all ethnic groups in the country, and has always worked tirelessly towards the goal of achieving common prosperity, and the building of a well-off society in an all-round way has achieved great historical significance. Achievements, especially the overall victory in the decisive battle against poverty, and the historic resolution of the absolute poverty problem that has plagued the Chinese nation for thousands of years, have laid a solid foundation for the promotion of common prosperity in the new stage of development.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China made major strategic deployments for the solid promotion of common prosperity. Realizing common prosperity is not only an economic issue, but also a major political issue related to the party’s ruling foundation. Common prosperity has distinctive characteristics of the times and Chinese characteristics. Through hard work and mutual help, all people can generally achieve prosperity, spiritual self-confidence and self-improvement, a livable and workable environment, social harmony and harmony, universal public services, and realization of humanity. All-round development and overall social progress, sharing the fruits of reform and development and a happy and beautiful life. As our country embarks on a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, it is necessary to put the promotion of common prosperity for all people in a more important position, and make more active efforts towards this goal, so that the people can truly feel the common prosperity See, tangible, and real.

Currently, the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development in my country is still prominent. There is a large gap between urban and rural regional development and income distribution, and the basis and conditions for promoting common prosperity in various regions are not the same. Promoting the common prosperity of all people is a long-term and arduous task. It is necessary to select some regions to try and demonstrate first. Zhejiang Province has achieved remarkable results in exploring and solving the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development. It has the foundation and advantages to carry out the construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone, but also has some shortcomings and weaknesses, and has broad optimization space and development potential. Supporting Zhejiang’s high-quality development and building a common prosperity demonstration zone is conducive to further enriching the ideological connotation of common prosperity through practice, and is conducive to exploring effective ways to solve the main contradictions in the new era. It is conducive to providing a provincial example for the country to promote common prosperity. Create an important window for comprehensively demonstrating the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The following opinions are hereby given to support Zhejiang’s high-quality development and construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone.

  1. General requirements

(1) Guiding ideology. Guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and fully implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions on Zhejiang work , Adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, adhere to the people-centered development concept, base on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, closely promote common prosperity and promote the all-round development of people, and insist on satisfying the people The growing need for a better life is the fundamental goal, reform and innovation is the fundamental driving force, and the main direction is to solve the regional gap, urban-rural gap, and income gap. It pays more attention to the rural, grass-roots, and relatively underdeveloped areas, and the people in need. Support Zhejiang’s creative implementation of the”Eight-Eight Strategy”, solidly promote common prosperity in high-quality development, and focus on improving the income distribution system, coordinating urban and rural regional development, developing advanced socialist culture, promoting the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and innovating social governance. Demonstration first, build a system and mechanism to promote common prosperity, focus on stimulating the people’s enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity, promote social justice, enhance people’s livelihood and well-being, and continuously enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, security and identity, in order to achieve common prosperity. FusionExcel provides Zhejiang Demonstration.

(2) Working Principles

——Insist on the overall leadership of the party. Resolutely maintain the authority of the Party Central Committee and centralized and unified leadership, give full play to the leadership core role of the party in overseeing the overall situation and coordinating all parties, uphold and improve the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and transform the party’s political and institutional advantages into promoting the construction of a demonstration zone for common prosperity. A strong driving force and a strong guarantee for broadly gathering consensus from all parties.

——Insist on taking the people as the center. Persist in development for the people, development depends on the people, and the fruits of development are shared by the people, always take the people’s yearning for a better life as the goal of promoting common prosperity, aiming at the people’s worries and eagerness, and achieving childbearing education at a higher level , Study and education, work income, medical care for the sick, support for the elderly, shelter for housing, and support for the weak.

——Insist on co-construction and sharing. Promote the spirit of hard work and get rich, encourage workers to increase income and get rich through honest work, hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship, and continuously improve labor productivity and total factor productivity. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, better play the role of the government, reflect efficiency, promote fairness, resolutely prevent polarization, make up for shortcomings in people’s livelihood in development, and make development results more and more equitable to benefit the people.

——Insist on reform and innovation. We will unswervingly advance reforms, promote continuous breakthroughs in systems and mechanisms that are conducive to common prosperity, strive to remove institutional and institutional obstacles that restrict high-quality development and high-quality life, and strengthen major reform and opening measures that are conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of the entire society. Adhere to the core position of innovation in the overall modernization drive, implement the innovation-driven development strategy in depth, and take the lead in realizing theoretical innovation, practical innovation, institutional innovation, and cultural innovation in promoting common prosperity.

——Adhere to the system concept. Based on the current, long-term perspective, overall consideration of needs and possibilities, step by step in accordance with the laws of economic and social development, down-to-earth and long-term success, do not swell your appetite, do not engage in”excessive things”, do your best, do your best, and focus on preventing and resolving major risks , To adapt the construction of the demonstration zone to the stage of economic development and to coordinate with the process of modernization, and to continuously form the milestone achievements of promoting common prosperity.

(3) Strategic Positioning

——A pioneering zone for high-quality development and high-quality life. Take the lead in exploring effective ways to achieve high-quality development, promote more coordination between urban and rural residents’ income growth and economic growth, and build a virtuous circle of coordinated progress between industrial and consumption upgrades, and optimization of economic and social structures to better meet the quality of the people With diversified life needs, enriching the people, benefiting the people and keeping the people in peace is at the forefront of the country.

——A leading area for coordinated development of urban and rural areas. Adhere to the integration of urban and rural areas, land and sea coordination, and mutual assistance between mountains and seas, form a new pattern of land and space development and protection with obvious main functions, complementary advantages, and high-quality development, improve the system and mechanism of urban-rural integration and regional coordinated development, accelerate the equalization of basic public services, and take the lead in exploring The path to realize the coordinated development of urban and rural areas.

——A pilot zone for the reform of the income distribution system. Adhere to distribution according to work as the main body and coexist multiple distribution methods, focus on protecting labor income, improve the factor participation policy system, continuously improve the income level of urban and rural residents, narrow the income distribution gap, and take the lead in making positive progress in optimizing the income distribution pattern .

——Civilized, harmonious and beautiful homes display area. Strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization, promote the first demonstration of the construction of ecological civilization, build a strong cultural province with socialist core values ​​as the guidance, inherit the excellent Chinese culture, embody the spirit of the times, and have Jiangnan characteristics, realize the obvious improvement of the national quality and the level of social civilization, unity and mutual assistance Friendship has become common practice, economic and social development has undergone a comprehensive green transformation, and it has become a happy and beautiful home where people’s spiritual life is enriched, social civilization is advanced, and man and nature coexist in harmony.

(4) Development Goals

By 2025, Zhejiang Province will make obvious and substantial progress in promoting high-quality development and building a common prosperity demonstration zone. The quality and efficiency of economic development have been significantly improved, the per capita GDP has reached the level of medium-developed economies, and basic public services have been equalized; the gap between urban and rural development, urban and rural residents’ income and living standards has continued to shrink, and low-income groups have income growth capabilities and social welfare levels. Significant improvement. An olive-shaped social structure dominated by middle-income groups has basically taken shape, and the quality of life of the residents of the province has reached a new level; the quality of the people and the level of social civilization have reached a new height, the construction of beautiful Zhejiang has achieved new results, the governance capacity has been significantly improved, and the people Life is better; the institutional mechanism and policy framework to promote common prosperity have basically been established, and a batch of successful experiences that can be replicated and promoted have been formed.

By 2035, Zhejiang Province will achieve greater success in high-quality development and basically achieve common prosperity. The per capita GDP and the income of urban and rural residents strive to reach the level of developed economies, the coordinated development of urban and rural areas will be higher, the income and wealth distribution pattern will be more optimized, the construction of the rule of law in Zhejiang and the safe Zhejiang will reach a higher level, and the governance system and governance capacity will be modernized. Significantly improved, material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization, social civilization, and ecological civilization have been comprehensively improved, and the system of common prosperity has become more complete.

Second, improve the quality and benefit of development, and consolidate the material foundation for common prosperity

(5) Vigorously enhance the ability of independent innovation. Taking the construction of an innovative province as the starting point, and taking scientific and technological self-reliance as a strategic support, speed up the exploration of the Zhejiang path for scientific and technological innovation under the conditions of a socialist market economy with a new nationwide system. Implement key core technology research projects, strengthen national strategic scientific and technological capabilities, and provide strong endogenous motivation for the first to achieve common prosperity. Support the deployment of major scientific and technological infrastructure and platforms, build a source of innovation, and create a highland of”Internet +”, life and health, and new materials science and technology. Build high-level national independent innovation demonstration zones in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou, deepen the construction of national digital economy innovation and development pilot zones, strengthen the foundation support of”Zhejiang on the cloud” and a digital province, explore effective ways to eliminate the digital divide, and ensure better sharing among different groups Digital dividend. Unblock the channels for the gathering of innovative elements to enterprises, encourage enterprises to form innovation consortia and intellectual property alliances, and build a common technology platform. Increase policy support for the application and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and build a technology trading platform that radiates across the country and links the world.

(6) Shaping new competitive advantages in the industry. Consolidate and strengthen the foundation of the real economy and consolidate the industrial foundation for common prosperity. Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, vigorously promote enterprise equipment update and technological transformation, promote the high-end, intelligent, and green development of traditional industries, improve and strengthen strategic emerging industries and future industries, cultivate several world-class advanced manufacturing clusters, and start”Made in Zhejiang” brand. Promote the development of specialization and new development of small, medium and micro enterprises, and enhance their innovative capabilities and professionalism. Promote the integrated development of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries in rural areas, build agricultural modernization demonstration areas, do fine agricultural specialty industries and urban agriculture, and develop smart agriculture. Accelerate the development of digitalization, standardization, and branding of the service industry, and promote the deep integration of modern service industry with advanced manufacturing and modern agriculture. Smooth financial services to the real economy.

(7) Improve the efficiency of economic circulation. Implement the requirements for building a new development pattern, link production, distribution, circulation, and consumption, and unblock a virtuous economic cycle in the process of taking the lead in realizing common prosperity. Deepen the supply-side structural reform, expand the consumption supply of high-quality products and services, and accelerate the two-way deep integration of online and offline consumption. Support marketable high-quality foreign trade products to expand domestic sales channels. Speed ​​up the construction of a modern circulation system, and promote the linkage of the”four ports” of seaports, dry ports, air ports, and information ports. Coordinate and promote the joint development of various areas in the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone, and carry out pioneering and differentiated reforms and explorations. Unblock the economic cycle of urban and rural areas, remove the institutional barriers that restrict the equal exchange and two-way flow of urban and rural elements, and promote the integration of urban and rural areas and the coordinated development of regions. Support Zhejiang to give full play to the comparative advantages of various regions and strengthen the construction of a large garden and large passage metropolitan area in the Greater Bay Area. More actively connect with Shanghai, Jiangsu and Anhui, and better integrate into the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. Accelerate the construction of an important hub of the “Belt and Road”, vigorously develop digital trade and service trade, and develop a higher-level open economy.

(8) Stimulate the vitality of various market entities. Promote the better integration of effective markets and effective governments, cultivate more active and creative market players, and strengthen the foundation of common prosperity. Promote the comprehensive reform experiment of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises in Zhejiang and Hangzhou at a high level, improve the state-owned assets supervision system, carry out mixed ownership reform in a standardized and orderly manner, strengthen and optimize state-owned capital and state-owned enterprises, and give full play to the strategic supporting role of the state-owned economy. Improve the property rights protection system, build a pro-Qing political and business relationship, promote the healthy development of the non-public economy and the healthy growth of people in the non-public economy, break down various barriers restricting the development of private enterprises, and improve the legal environment and policies that promote the development of small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households System and establish a long-term mechanism for reducing the burden on enterprises. Accelerate the construction of a high-standard market system, continue to optimize the market-oriented legalized international business environment, and implement a unified negative list system for market access. Adhere to the equal emphasis on development and regulation, establish and improve the platform economy governance system, urge platform enterprises to assume responsibility for quality and safety assurance, and promote the platform economy to serve high-quality development and high-quality life. Intensify anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law enforcement and judicial efforts, improve supervision capabilities and levels, realize the entire chain of supervision before and after the event, and prevent the disorderly expansion of capital.

  1. Deepen the reform of the income distribution system and increase the income of urban and rural residents through multiple channels

(9) Promote the realization of fuller and higher-quality employment. Strengthen the employment priority policy, adhere to the employment orientation of economic development, expand employment capacity, improve employment quality, and promote full employment. Support and standardize the development of new forms of employment, and improve the guarantee system that promotes entrepreneurship to drive employment and multi-channel flexible employment. Coordinate various types of vocational skills training funds, reasonably arrange employment subsidy funds, and improve the overall urban and rural employment public service system. Encourage returning home to start a business. Improve the employment support system for key groups to help people in need find employment. Create a fair employment environment, take the lead in removing institutional barriers that affect employment such as household registration, region, identity, and gender, deepen the construction of harmonious labor relations, and promote workers to improve their quality of life through hard work.

(10) Continuously improve the people’s income level. Optimize the distribution pattern among the government, enterprises, and residents, support enterprises to expand the income of employees by improving quality and efficiency, and reasonably increase labor remuneration and its proportion in the initial distribution. Improve the reasonable wage increase mechanism, improve the corporate salary survey and information release system, reasonably adjust the minimum wage standard, and implement the paid vacation system. Improve the distribution mechanism of innovative elements, and support Zhejiang to accelerate the exploration of the realization of the value of knowledge, technology, management, data and other elements. Broaden the property income channels of urban and rural residents, and explore ways to increase the element income of low- and middle-income groups through the right to use land and capital and other elements. Enrich the financial products that residents can invest in and improve the dividend system of listed companies. Encourage companies to develop employee stock ownership plans. Deepen the reform of the rural collective property rights system, consolidate and upgrade the rural collective economy, and explore new forms of equity transfer, mortgage, and cross-community equity participation in rural collective asset shares. Promote the development and growth of rural industries based on local characteristic resources, improve the benefit linkage mechanism, and allow farmers to share more of the value-added benefits of the industry. Support Zhejiang to take the lead in establishing the value-added income distribution mechanism for collectively-operated construction land entering the market.

(11) Expand the middle-income group. Implement an action plan to expand middle-income groups to stimulate the vitality of key groups such as skilled personnel, scientific researchers, small and micro entrepreneurs, and high-quality farmers. Increase the investment in human capital, improve the lifelong vocational skills training system for workers, implement the Zhejiang craftsman training project in the new era, and accelerate the construction of a technical skills talent training system that integrates production and lessons, government, enterprise and society coordination, and education selection to improve skills. The talent salary distribution policy will broaden the channel for the rise of skilled workers. For low-income groups with working ability, we will insist on developmental assistance, improve endogenous development capabilities, and focus on the development of industries to enable them to actively participate in employment. Expand grassroots development space, ensure fair development opportunities for different groups, and promote more low-income groups into the ranks of middle-income groups. Standardize the recruitment, examination, selection and employment system, and improve the evaluation and incentive mechanism. Improve the institutional system for the smooth flow of talents in party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and all aspects of society. Implement a more open talent policy to stimulate talent innovation and vitality.

(12) Improve the redistribution system. Support Zhejiang to take the initiative to adjust income distribution, increase the intensity and accuracy of the province’s adjustment of transfer payments to cities and counties, and rationally adjust excessively high incomes. Severely punish corruption in accordance with the law, continue to curb income from power, administrative monopoly and other non-market factors, and ban illegal income. Optimize the structure of fiscal expenditures, increase efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood, and establish a sound policy system and long-term mechanism to improve the lives of people in difficulties such as low-income groups in urban and rural areas.

(13) Establish a sound incentive mechanism for repaying the society. Encourage and guide high-income groups and entrepreneurs to be good, care for the society, increase awareness of social responsibility, and actively participate in and establish social welfare undertakings. Give full play to the role of the third distribution, develop philanthropy, improve systems and mechanisms that are conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of charitable organizations, and unblock channels for all sectors of society to participate in charity and social assistance. Explore various new ways of donation and encourage the establishment of charitable trusts. Strengthen the supervision and management of charitable organizations and activities, and increase credibility and transparency. Implement preferential tax policies for public welfare donations and improve the charity reward system.

Four. Narrow the development gap between urban and rural areas and realize high-quality sharing of public services

(14) Take the lead in realizing the equalization of basic public services. Promote basic public services in urban and rural areas to be more inclusive and accessible, and steadily raise guarantee standards and service levels. Promote the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education, build a public service system for pre-school education covering both urban and rural areas, explore the establishment of a new era urban and rural education community covering primary and secondary schools across the province, share high-quality content of”Internet + education”, and explore Zhejiang demonstration of a life-long learning society. The population’s average years of education and comprehensive ability quality. Deepen the implementation of the Healthy Zhejiang Action, accelerate the construction of a strong public health system, deepen the construction of county medical communities and urban medical communities, and promote the balanced distribution of high-quality medical resources. Actively respond to the aging of the population, improve the level of prenatal and post-natal care services, vigorously develop the inclusive childcare service system, accelerate the construction of an elderly care service system that is coordinated with home community institutions, and integrates medical care and health care, and develops inclusive elderly care services and mutual assistance. . Improve the public service system for national fitness.

(15) Take the lead in realizing the integrated development of urban and rural areas. Create a high-quality demonstration province for rural revitalization, promote the full integration of new urbanization and rural revitalization, and explore in depth to break the urban-rural dual structure, narrow the urban-rural gap, and improve the system and mechanism of urban-rural integrated development. Promote the realization of the same plan and the same network for urban and rural transportation, water supply, power grid, communication, gas and other infrastructure. Promote a new type of urbanization centered on people, improve the long-term mechanism for the urbanization of the agricultural transfer population, explore the establishment of a system of people-land-money linkage, people-determination of land, and money with people, and effectively ensure that children of migrant workers receive equal access to compulsory education, and gradually Realize the same urbanization of enrollment benefits for children who move with them. Promote the coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and small towns. Promote the urbanization construction with the county seat as an important carrier, promote the overall planning of spatial distribution, industrial development, and infrastructure at the county level, and give the county level more autonomy in the integrated use of resources. To deepen the”Thousand Village Demonstration, Ten Thousand Village Renovation” project to guide the new era of rural construction.

(16) Continue to improve the living conditions of urban and rural residents. Adhere to the positioning that houses are used for living, not for speculation, and improve the housing market system and housing security system to ensure that the people have a living. Effectively increase the supply of affordable housing for key groups such as new citizens and low-income people with difficulties. For cities with relatively high housing prices and a large number of floating populations, land supply is tilted towards the construction of rental housing, exploring the use of collective construction land and idle land owned by enterprises and institutions to build rental housing, expanding the supply of affordable rental housing, and accelerating the improvement of long-term rental housing policies. Rent-and-purchase housing has the same right to enjoy public services. Comprehensively promote the transformation of old urban communities and the construction of communities, improve the quality of rural housing construction, strengthen the transformation of rural dilapidated houses, explore the establishment of a basic housing security mechanism for low-income people in rural areas, and shape a new Jiangnan water town with southern charm, ancient town flavor, and modern style, and improve The level of livability in urban and rural areas.

(17) Weave and fasten the social safety net. Improve the social security system, accelerate the realization of full coverage of statutory personnel, establish a unified social security public service platform, and realize the convenient “one network” of social security matters. Improve the multi-level and multi-pillar endowment insurance system, and vigorously develop enterprise annuities, occupational annuities, personal savings endowment insurance, and commercial endowment insurance. Standardize and implement nationally unified social insurance rates. Promote provincial-level coordination of basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, and work-related injury insurance. Improve the medical insurance system for major diseases. Do a good job in the pilot work of the long-term care insurance system, and actively develop commercial medical insurance. Improve the social security system for flexible employees. Improve the unified accurate identification mechanism of urban and rural low-income groups, improve the social assistance system of hierarchical classification, urban and rural coordination, strengthen the connection between the social insurance of urban and rural residents and the social assistance system, and provide timely special assistance and temporary assistance according to the types of difficulties. Keep the bottom line of the basic life of the poor due to illness and disasters. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and children, and improve the social welfare system for helping the disabled and orphans.

(18) Improve the aid mechanism of getting rich first and then getting rich. Accelerate the reform of the division of fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities below the provincial level, and increase the transfer of payments to key ecological function areas. Strengthen land-sea coordination, upgrade mountain-sea collaboration projects, tap the potential advantages of the sea and mountainous areas, support a group of key ecological function districts and counties to enhance endogenous development capabilities and strengths, and drive mountainous people to increase their incomes and become rich. Participate in the development of the marine economy throughout the region and build a strong marine province. Explore the establishment of a target system, work system, policy system, and evaluation system that promotes mutual prosperity by helping to get rich first. Intensify the implementation of cooperation between the east and the west and counterpart support, continue to promote intellectual support, industrial support, people’s livelihood improvement, cultural and educational support, strengthen assistance to underdeveloped areas outside the province, vigorously promote industrial cooperation, consumer assistance and labor cooperation, and explore joint construction of the park , Enclave economy and other benefit-sharing models. Improve the long-term mechanism for social forces to participate in assistance.

Fifth, create a cultural highland in the new era, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people

(19) Improve the level of social civilization. Promote the study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, deepen the heart, and realize the normalization and institutionalization of ideal and belief education. Adhere to the guidance of the core socialist values, strengthen patriotism, collectivism, and socialist education, and cultivate a cultural atmosphere of hard work and common prosperity. Promote the construction of civic ethics and support the cultivation of brands such as”The Most Beautiful Zhejiangese”. Promote the construction of a civilization practice center in the new era, implement the civilization creation project in depth, and create a spiritual civilization highland. Improve the modern public cultural service system covering the whole province, raise the level of equalization of basic public cultural services in urban and rural areas, in-depth innovation and implementation of cultural benefits projects, and optimize the grass-roots public cultural service network. Promote the culture of honesty, promote the construction of honesty, and create a social trend of mutual help, harmony and friendship among people. Strengthen the construction of family tutors, improve the voluntary service system, and extensively carry out voluntary service and care actions.

(20) Inherit and promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture. Inherit and promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture, fully tap the cultural advantages of Zhejiang, and further promote the construction of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park and the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, and revitalize the memory of intangible heritage. Inherit the red gene, vigorously promote revolutionary culture, and improve the level of patriotic education base construction. Implement major cultural facilities construction projects, create internationally influential film and television cultural innovation centers and digital cultural industry clusters, provide more excellent literature and art works, excellent cultural products and high-quality tourism products, and better meet the cultural needs of the people.

Six. Practicing the concept of green water and green mountains is the golden mountain and silver mountain, creating a beautiful and livable living environment

(21) High-level construction of beautiful Zhejiang. Support Zhejiang to carry out the construction of a national ecological civilization experimental zone, and draw a good picture of the”Fuchun Mountain Residence” in the new era. Strengthen land and space planning and use control, optimize the provincial spatial layout, and implement the spatial control boundaries of ecological protection, basic farmland, and urban development. Adhere to the strictest arable land protection system and the most rigorous land-saving system, strictly implement the arable land occupation and compensation balance system,”zero tolerance” for illegal occupation of arable land, resolutely and effectively curb the increase, orderly rectify the stock in accordance with the law, and strengthen the protection of the amount of arable land. Quality improvement. Deepen the reform of the ecological civilization system, implement the strictest ecological environmental protection system, and improve the clear and efficient natural resource asset property rights system. Persist in the systematic management of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, and comprehensively improve the level of biodiversity protection. Improve the compensation mechanism for ecological protection, and promote the sharing of experience in cross-basin governance, protection, and protection across river basins such as Xin’an River. Continue to fight for the blue sky, clear water, and pure land defense, strengthen the coordinated control of multiple pollutants and coordinated regional governance, and promote the continuous improvement of the ecological environment. Promote the comprehensive protection and utilization of coastal zones. Promote the differentiated development of islands and strengthen the ecological environment protection of islands.

(22) Comprehensively promote the green transformation of production and lifestyle. Broadening the green water and green mountains is the transformation channel of Jinshan Yinshan, establishing and improving the value realization mechanism of ecological products, and exploring and perfecting the ecological system gross product (GEP) accounting application system with Zhejiang characteristics. Formulate and implement a high-standard action plan for peaking carbon emissions in Zhejiang Province. Promote the market-based trading of pollution rights, energy use rights, and water rights, and actively participate in the national carbon emission rights trading market. Vigorously develop green finance. Comprehensively promote the conservation and intensive use of energy resources, further promote the classification of domestic waste, and accelerate the construction of a recycling system for household appliances, automobiles and other waste materials. Deepen the construction of a”waste-free city”. Vigorously promote a simple and moderate, green, low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle, and extensively carry out green life creation actions to promote the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Seven. Persist in and develop the”Maple Bridge Experience” in the new era, and build a comfortable and reassuring social environment

(Twenty-three) Improve governance efficiency through digital reforms. Strengthen digital empowerment, focus on the overall smart governance of party and government agencies, digital economy, digital society, digital government, digital rule of law and other fields, and explore new platforms, new mechanisms, and new models for smart governance. Promote the”Internet + decentralization, management and service”, and comprehensively promote”handheld service” and”handheld office”. Deepen the integrated reform of”one thing”. Improve the urban and rural grassroots governance system led by the party organization that integrates autonomy, the rule of law, the rule of morality, and the rule of wisdom, perfect the grassroots democratic consultation system, promote the modernization of urban social governance, and build a social governance community in which everyone is responsible, everyone is responsible, and everyone enjoys. Promote the reform of”maximum run in one place” and improve the working mechanism of the county-level social conflict mediation and resolution center.

(Twenty-four) Comprehensively build Zhejiang under the rule of law and peaceful Zhejiang. Improve the public legal service system covering both urban and rural areas, increase law popularization, promote respect for law, study and obey the law, promote fairness and justice, and build a society under the rule of law. Construct a full coverage government supervision system and administrative law enforcement system. To build a safe China demonstration zone at a high level, put the protection of people’s lives in the first place, strengthen the construction of a social security prevention and control system, and comprehensively improve the ability to guarantee public security. Establish and improve a risk monitoring and prevention platform covering all areas and aspects, improve the system and mechanism for preventing and resolving major risk challenges, and maintain the bottom line of preventing systemic risks.

Eight. Safeguard Measures

(Twenty-five) Uphold and strengthen the party’s overall leadership. The party’s leadership shall be run through the whole process, various fields and links of promoting the high-quality development of Zhejiang and the construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone. Carry out the main responsibility and supervisory responsibility for strict governance of the party, persevere in strengthening the construction of party style and clean government, continuously deepen the construction of clean and clean Zhejiang, and create a clean and upright political ecology. Lead cadres and entrepreneurs with correct employment orientation, implement the requirements of”three distinctions”, do a good job of fault tolerance and correction, and strengthen the incentive and protection of cadres who dare to be good.

(26) Strengthen policy guarantees and reform authorization. The relevant departments of the central and state agencies should combine their own functions to strengthen the guidance and supervision of Zhejiang Province, formulate and issue special policies in accordance with these opinions, give priority to the reform pilots and exploration demonstration tasks in this field to Zhejiang, and strengthen the reform experiments and policies. Implementation of supervision and inspection. According to the needs of Zhejiang’s high-quality development and construction of a common prosperity demonstration zone, the reform authorization will be given in terms of technological innovation, digital reform, distribution system reform, coordinated development of urban and rural areas, public services, and the realization of ecological product value. Involving important policies, important plans, and major projects, they must be handled in accordance with laws and regulations and submitted for approval in accordance with procedures. Relevant reform policies and measures that involve adjustments to existing laws or administrative regulations shall be implemented after unified authorization by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress or the State Council in accordance with legal procedures.

(27) Establish an evaluation system and demonstration and promotion mechanism. Accelerate the construction of a comprehensive evaluation system to promote common prosperity, establish an evaluation mechanism, adhere to the combination of quantitative and qualitative, objective evaluation and subjective evaluation, fully reflect the effectiveness of the construction of the common prosperity demonstration zone, and better reflect the satisfaction and identity of the people. Establish and improve the demonstration and promotion mechanism, summarize the good experiences and practices in the construction of the demonstration zone in time, summarize and refine the innovation results of the system and mechanism, mature and promote a batch, and give full play to the demonstration and leading role in other regions of the country.

(Twenty-eight) Improve the implementation mechanism. Improve the implementation mechanism of central planning, provinces assuming overall responsibility, and cities and counties implementing implementation. Relying on the Leading Group for Promoting the Integrated Development of the Yangtze River Delta, to strengthen the overall planning and guidance for the construction of a demonstration zone for common prosperity in Zhejiang, the National Development and Reform Commission takes the lead in setting up a special work team responsible for coordinating and advancing the tasks and measures proposed in this opinion. Zhejiang Province must earnestly assume the main responsibility, strengthen the spirit of daring to experiment, reform and overcome difficulties, always maintain a forward-looking attitude, base on the situation of the province and development reality, formulate specific implementation plans, fully mobilize all parties, and constantly work hard to achieve practical results. Be in the forefront and stand bravely in a new realm of the tide. Important matters should be reported to the Party Central Committee and the State Council for instructions in a timely manner.

Editor:Li Xin