Peng Liyuan delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the World Health Organization”Ending AIDS Deaths from Tuberculosis:Boosting Momentum” Video Conference

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CCTV, Beijing, June 7 News on the 7th, President Xi Jinping’s wife, and World Health Organization’s TB and AIDS Goodwill Ambassador Peng Liyuan were invited to attend The World Health Organization delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the video conference”Ending AIDS deaths from tuberculosis:increasing momentum”.

Peng Liyuan said that in recent years, with the joint efforts of the international community, the global AIDS and tuberculosis prevention and control work has been fruitful. China has gradually established a cooperation mechanism for AIDS and tuberculosis prevention and control agencies, and AIDS has continued to be controlled at a low epidemic level. In the past 20 years, the incidence of tuberculosis has fallen by more than 40%, and the mortality rate has fallen by more than 70%. These achievements have benefited from the great attention of the Chinese government, the unremitting efforts of medical staff and the silent dedication of volunteers.

Peng Liyuan said that great love has no boundaries and great roads are boundless. Along the way, I have witnessed many touching stories. Li Xiaodan integrated the AIDS Red Ribbon volunteer service into her life, using actions to interpret the belief that volunteers and children affected by AIDS are”always together” and become”relatives in each other’s lives.” After recovering from tuberculosis, Xu Xinghua became a volunteer and shared his knowledge of tuberculosis prevention and treatment with other patients. During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, he did not interrupt the treatment of a tuberculosis patient. Here, I would like to express my sincere respect to the people and volunteers who have made silent contributions to the fight against AIDS and tuberculosis like them all over the world.

Peng Liyuan said that major infectious diseases are a common challenge facing mankind, and eliminating the threat of AIDS and tuberculosis is our common aspiration. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading globally, bringing more challenges to the prevention and treatment of AIDS and tuberculosis. We need to work together to protect love and move forward. I call on people from all walks of life in all countries to join hands and take active actions to strengthen the prevention and treatment of AIDS and tuberculosis, so that more results of prevention and treatment can benefit human health, and make efforts to build a community of human health and health.