Philippine President Duterte: Either get a vaccine or go to jail!

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Only 2.1 million people of 110 million people have been vaccinated. Duterte: I am very annoyed. Either get the vaccine or go to jail!

[Global Net Report] “You choose your own vaccine, or I will put you in jail.” According to Reuters, Philippine President Duterte issued a threat on the 21st to warn people if they refuse to be vaccinated. The new crown vaccine will be put in prison. The report mentioned that the current vaccination rate in the Philippines is very low.

Philippine President Duterte: Either get a vaccine or go to jail!


p > The report said that Duterte’s remarks contradicted those of health officials. Prior to this, Philippine health officials said that although the government urges people to get the new crown vaccine, it is still voluntary.

However, Duterte also said in a televised speech that day: “Don’t get me wrong, this country is facing a crisis.” “I’m just annoyed that Filipinos do not obey the government’s opinions. ”

According to a report by the Philippine news media Rappler, Duterte also said that the reason why he issued such a severe threat is because the Philippines is entering a national emergency due to the new crown, and people who have not been vaccinated may It is a “carrier” of the new coronavirus.

The report also said that Duterte admitted that this was a “tough” method and that he would find a legal way to enforce it. “I will think about this issue very seriously. Of course, it must be implemented legally. According to the crisis policy, this is a health issue.” According to reports, as of June 20, the Philippine government has completed the vaccine for 2.1 million people. Vaccination. However, the realization of government goals is still slow. The Philippine government plans to vaccinate 70 million people in this 110 million country.

According to the real-time statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 7:21 on June 22, Beijing time, the Philippines has a total of 1.36 million confirmed new crown cases, of which nearly 24,000 have died. .