Please correctly analyze the national football game

By yqqlm yqqlm

Always read the articles and video commentary on the analysis of national football matches in the headlines! To be honest, some analysis really makes people feel that the level is too bad, how can such an article be published? People feel angry. For example, in the game between China and the Philippines, it is said that the first half is poor and the second half is good. Football is like a battle. The first half is the defensive phase and the second half is the offensive phase. This is also the law of football. How can it be said that the first half was not good? How about the second half? Without the physical consumption of the Philippines in the first half, will you definitely be able to play in the second half? Don’t you have this philosophical common sense? It really makes people feel dumbfounded. The article is just a child’s statement. Another example is that Al’s is not good. Without Eisen’s restraint, the whole game will be even more ugly. Besides, there is still a goal scored, which was The referee blew. Wu Lei’s goal was also a pass from Elkson. Are some people blind? There is too much nonsense that does not understand the ball.