President Allende, who died in battle with the AK47, resisted hegemony with his life and vowed not to surrender to the United States.

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He used to openly conduct Socialism reform; he once took the AK47 and died in the presidential palace. He used his life to resist hegemony and vowed not to surrender to the United States. He is the former President of Chile Allende!

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In 1908, Allende was born in a middle-class family in Chile. His father was a lawyer. Because of his father’s work, he followed his father to and from various cities in Chile when he was very young. Allende’s years of traveling with his father gave him a deep understanding of Chilean society.He I have witnessed the huge gap between rich and poor and sharp labor-management contradictions in Chilean society. It was during this period that the young Allende had the idea of ​​saving millions of people in suffering.

By the time he was in middle school, he met the Italian anarchist De Marchi, and during his contact with De Marchi, Allende first met When it came to Marxist thought, it was this thought that influenced Allende’s life and changed the fate of Chile as a country.

At the age of 16, the ambitious Allende Enlisted in the army and started a two-year military career. After retiring, Allende returned to campus at”University of Chileclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="3915072" qid="6595872267412968718">“Span>”’s medical department had a “white career” for 7 years. During the university, Allende studied Marxism-Leninism and socialist thought more deeply. He was deeply impressed by these thoughts, and then put his own Enthusiastically devoted to the student movement, with his excellent leadership and eloquence, he quickly organized a group of like-minded people with lofty ideals. He led his companions to march through the streets of the city to protest against the dictatorship, and was jailed many times for this reason. .

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Allende became more frustrated and courageous. After he was released from prison in 1933, he founded the”Chile Socialist Party”. Since then, Allende began his years of fighting for”socialism.” He participated in activities while practicing medicine, and accumulated a large number of contacts and prestige over the years. Therefore, it took only 6 years to become the Minister of Chile’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. In 1945, Allende became a senator, and it was from this moment that he officially joined In the cause of socialism, I never thought that this road would take 25 years.

During these 25 years, Allende has three consecutive times The competition for the”Presidential Throne” has all failed. Until 1970 ushered in the change of term again, Allende once again walked to the podium with passion , This time he finally broke the curse of losing three times and won by a slight advantage of 36.63%over 35.29%. But according to Chile’s constitution at the time, if the first place does not win more than 50%of the The second place goes to the second round of competition.

The second place is Alexandre of the Chilean National Party Germany, with the support of a certain hegemonism and some capitalist countries behind it, is a difficult role to deal with. And those capitalists know very well that if the”socialist” Allende comes to power, their power will be severely damaged and their interests will suffer severe losses. So they launched a series of actions to prevent Allende from coming to power. For example:”A US-funded company in Chile took the lead in expressing their willingness to provide 7-digit funds Prevent Allende from coming to power.”

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This is not enough. In order to stifle Allende in the cradle, US hegemonism also unites with Chile’s “rightists” Planned an”assassination”. On the 11th day before the second round of competition, the U.S. hegemony reporter personally authorized the CIA to launch a”secret operation”,This so-called”secret operation” is their usual trick:use force to remove obstacles.

Then, compete in the second round On the eve, with the support of a certain hegemony, Chile’s”rightist” extremists opposed the military The commander-in-chief of the armed forces Rene Schneider carried out the assassination. Rene Schneider died unfortunately, under the guns of the”right” extremists.

However, what makes U.S. hegemonism unexpected is that this The second”secret plan” backfired. With the news of the assassination of Rene Schneider, it shocked the entire Chilean nation. Even the Christians who were loyal followers of the”Democratic Party” in the past were also greatly moved. Countless people joined the ranks of supporting Allende. In this way, Allende won the competition with an absolute advantage. Since then, Allende has become the first in the world to pass Free competition to take office with a socialist president.

When Allende first came to power, Chile was very popular with foreigners Capital is eroding and the gap between rich and poor is huge. 60%of Chile’s important industries are controlled by the US, and even some foreign companies in Chile’s average profit can reach An astonishing 205%, while the average profit rate in other countries can only reach 10%. It directly led to the deep quagmire of the middle and lower classes in Chile, the solidification of classes, and the dire life of the people. If the funds exploited by foreign capital from Chile are used for the health care and nutrition of the Chilean people, then Chile will look like a different one.

So the first thing Allende did after he came to power It is the socialist transformation of capitalist Chile. Allende has implemented a series of policies for this purpose. Among them, the most influential is the”nationalization reform.” On July 11, 1971, the Parliament approved Allende’s proposal of”nationalization of copper mines” , The government classifies as state-owned various mining enterprises that were originally controlled by US hegemonic capital and privately controlled by the country. This day is an exciting time for the Chilean people. To commemorate this historic day, the Chilean people call this day “National Dignity Day”. From the adoption of the proposal on July 11, 1971 to 1973, the state took back more than 500 enterprises during this period. The Chilean government finally took back the country’s economic lifeline.

While implementing the”nationalization reform”,Land reform, industrial reform, and welfare construction are also underway. The government has successively recovered more than 11 million hectares of land from more than 4,000″landlords.” With the land, the government began to establish state-owned farms, collective cooperatives and even directly distribute the land to individuals. In industry, the government ordered all jobs to be changed to a”24-hour work system” and the original 8-hour production system was changed to three shifts. In terms of social welfare, in order to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, the government has greatly increased the minimum wage standard, and workers’ Wages have increased by 35%-40%. Propelled by this series of policies, Chile’s national economy has risen sharply, with GDP growth of 8.5%,Unemployment rate hit a record low of 3.8%, the people’s Purchasing power soared by 28%.

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From these statistics, under Allende’s leadership, Chile’s economic prosperity is just around the corner, but all this will not last. Too long, because these data come from the welfare and the release of resources brought about by the downfall of foreign capital and landlords in the early reforms. With the deepening of reforms, Allende truly realized the difficulty of the road to socialist transformation. Allende’s policies not only improved social welfare, but also greatly increased the incomes of the workers and peasants. However, the country’s productivity has not been fundamentally changed. The people have got tickets under the blessing of the policies, but the goods on the shelves have not been changed. There is no increase, so food prices in the market start to soar, which leads to the emergence of inflation problems. By September 1973, Chile’s inflation rate reached a staggering 381%(compared to 1971 ), the country’s economy has taken a sharp turn.

Originally, even Allende Reform is not effective, and Chile’s economy will not be so turbulent. However, it is not only Allende who promotes Chile’s economic development, but also the unspoken American hegemonism. As a”socialist”, Allende has always been regarded as a thorn in the eyes of US hegemonism. Therefore, a series of sanctions were imposed on Allende before the competition, but the consequences of the”secret actions” made them afraid to continue. Act blatantly. So after Allende came to power, they began to hide their figures and stumble in secret.

The U.S. hegemony spokesperson had personally confronted the CIA They gave instructions”to bring down the Chilean economy and make Allende unable to get on stage, and to get down after getting on stage.” They began to adopt the usual trick, which is”Economic sanctions“, then the U.S. hegemonism began to unite its allies to impose comprehensive economic sanctions on Chile, and specifically revealed its hostile attitude towards socialist Chile in diplomacy. U.S. hegemonism cut off all previous economic aid to Chile, and non-publicly blocked loans and aid to Chile from economies around the world. In addition, U.S. hegemonism regulated the price of copper and completely grasped the lifeblood of Chile’s economy.

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At the same time, U.S. hegemonism has also extended its”devil’s claws” to Chile. Politically, U.S. hegemonism has continuously supported the Chilean reactionary parties. Provide them with a large amount of funds and equipment, and even expand the influence of the”pro-American faction” step by step in a”nanny style”. As a result, the implementation of Allende’s government policies was difficult.

The act of US hegemonism has not only caused Chile The collapse of the economy was flooded with incited strikes and rebellions. At the same time, a large number of Allende’s supporters lost their trust and eventually entered the ranks of the reactionaries. This has caused tremendous pressure on the Allende government.

However, we always adhere to the principle of”non-violent reform” The Allende government never had control of the army and did not have its own people’s armed forces. This is a fatal problem. However, Allende did not realize thatThe principle of”the barrel of a gun is hard power” . Therefore, the Allende government appeared extremely helpless in the face of armed attacks on enemy forces.

In June 1973, the army changed. There was an incident in which a lower-level officer planned the tank regiment to attack the Ministry of Defense, and finally it was the Minister of Defense”Jose To”. Ha” The on-site supervisor put an end to the farce. Although the farce was quelled, the fact that the Allende government was unable to control the army was spread. For a time, public opinion was overwhelming, and the public was in an uproar.

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Under tremendous pressure, the commander-in-chief of the army Platz resigned to Allende and recommended the major general of the army.Pinochet takes over. Allende knew that Pinochet had high prestige in the army and had always been optimistic about him, so he readily agreed, and Pinochet became the number one in the army.

Allende couldn’t think of this, he was very optimistic The general turned out to be the leader of the rebel army in the future. At 3 o’clock in the morning on September 11, a military-led turmoil quickly unfolded from the port of Valparaiso. This turbulent wildfire quickly burned across the country. After Allende heard the news, he immediately contacted Pinochet, whom he had been optimistic about, but no one answered him. In fact, Pinochet joined the turmoil under the persuasion of the reactionaries, but Allende, unaware of it, also told his subordinates:“Poor Pinochet must be tied up by them!”

Waiting until 7:15, Allende still asked for help to no avail, so under the protection of the guards, he went from the presidential palace to the Moneda palace. He was on the way to retreat. Finally, he heard Pinochet’s name in the manifesto issued by the rebel radio station, and it was only then that he understood that this was a full-scale turmoil, and he was unable to recover.

At 7:55, Allende went to the whole country In his speech, he informed the current situation and warned the people to be more vigilant and protect their own safety. Government troops will soon come to calm the turmoil. At this time Allende still had hope and sustenance in the army. It is a pity that he can no longer wait for the support of the army. At 8:15, Allende made a radio speech again, but during the speech, the chief of staff of the rebel army told Allende that he had prepared an escape Aircraft, as long as you leave Chile, you can be safe. Allende resolutely refused, and told him”I know how to be a soldier, and I also know my duty as a president.” Allende gave up his first chance to escape.

At 8:30, Allende’s broadcast The radio was suddenly interrupted. It was the rebels who were reporting to the national broadcast that”The military government of the armed forces headed by Pinochet asked Allende to surrender power. If they disobey, they will be sanctioned by the three services.” The hope of the army was completely extinguished. He couldn’t think that the commander-in-chief of the army that he trusted most and optimistically became the leader of the rebel army. At this time, Allende had only a few guards who continued to support him.

Seeing that the intimidation and temptation were ineffective, the rebels launched an all-round attack on the Presidential Palace. Not only did the rebels dispatch tanks, but fighter jets also roared in and dropped 24. A bomb, the situation has reached a critical point, facing such a critical moment, Allende’s guards He tried his best to persuade Allende to leave here, only in this way can he save his life.

However, Allende once again refused the chance to escape because he knew very well that the American media had described him as a dictator. If he voluntarily resigned and left Chile, he would be a winner. Kou opponents can slander him any way they want, so even if he knows he is dead, he must stay and defend his dignity with his life!

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Next, he brings steel helmet, pick up the AK-47, through the rain of bullets, resolutely walked to the radio station and delivered the last speech of his life to the Chilean people, even though he knew his fate Soon, although countless gunpoints were shining on his head at this time, he was not in the slightest fear. He still spoke loudly and fluently and clearly began to give a speech:”Citizens! This must be my last speech to you. I thank you for your unswerving loyalty. Thank you for pursuing justice and taking an oath. The trust of those who respect the Constitution and the law and do this. I believe that Chile has a bright future. Although the traitors are doing evil here, the darkness and suffering will be overcome after me. Please believe that sooner or later. One day free people will walk on the broad road leading to a better world! Long live Chile! Long live Chilean people! WorkersLong live!”

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< p data-track=”130″>After the speech, Allende won 10 minutes from the rebels and asked to let his family go and don’t embarrass them. Then he said to the only 17 guards around him,”Thank you all For the service, it’s up to you to decide whether to go now or not.” As a result, no one left.

1:30 pm Pinochet orders the army Charge to the presidential palace. Allende summoned the people who persisted to stay with him in the end, and relieved everyone in the name of the president. Duty“Leave your weapons and go out gently from the back door.” At this moment, Allende wearing a steel helmet and holding an AK-47 in the huge Moneda Palace is left alone. At 2:20 pm, soldiers armed with machine guns all the way into the”Independence Hall” of the Presidential Palace to end the military turmoil.


p data-track=”135″>Some people say that Allende was shot in the end Swept to death, but the rebels did not dare to admit that some people said that Allende committed suicide by himself and has nothing to do with the rebels, but no matter what the truth is, he fought to the last moment for his faith,Emperor Guardian Gate, The king died in Sheji.