Preview of the European Cup finals: “Death group” has their own concerns

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China News Service Client, Beijing, June 23rd. In the early morning of the 24th, Beijing time, the current European Cup will usher in the last day of the group stage. 8 teams from Group E and Group F will all debut.

Preview of the European Cup finals: “Death group” has their own concerns

“Death Group” The contention of the team is the focus of the focus. At present, in addition to the clearer situation of the French team, Germany, Portugal and Hungary all have the hope of promotion, in other words, they all have the possibility of being eliminated. In addition, whether the Spanish team in Group E can successfully qualify is also a big suspense.

In Group F, the French team has scored 4 points, and in any case will not be the bottom of the group. Therefore, the French team has actually determined to qualify. The fate of the other three teams is also in their own hands, and whoever wins can ensure that they advance.

In comparison, the German team’s qualifying situation is better, as long as they do not lose to Hungary, they can be guaranteed promotion. The Hungarian team has only one road left to Huashan and must win. Portugal also needs 1 point to land, but the problem is that the French team needs to win to ensure the top spot in the group.

Preview of the European Cup finals: “Death group” has their own concerns(1)

The third in group F It may fall into two positions.

This is because if you get second in the group, the opponent in the knockout match has been determined to be the England team. If you only qualify in third place, you will also encounter a strong enemy immediately. Because the third in Group F can only fall into two positions, the opponent in the 1/8 finals is not the Netherlands, but Belgium.

In the E group, Sweden has already decided to advance. In Spain’s final game against Slovakia, only 3 points can be guaranteed to land, and a tie will be very dangerous. Only by defeating Sweden can Poland be sure of qualifying. (End)