Putin held a “live connection” event and said he had been vaccinated with the “satellite V” vaccine

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China News Service, June 30. According to the Russian Satellite Network, the annual “Putin Live Connection” event was held on the 30th local time. When answering questions from the public about the new crown vaccination, Russian President Putin revealed that the new crown vaccine he was vaccinated was “Satellite V.”

Putin held a “live connection” event and said he had been vaccinated with the “satellite V” vaccine


p > On April 21, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a State of the Union address in Moscow.

According to reports, Putin said he had a mild fever after the second shot. He said that post-vaccination analysis showed that he had developed high levels of antibodies.

In March of this year, Putin was vaccinated with the new crown vaccine produced in Russia. A K Palace spokesperson previously stated that Putin was vaccinated with one of the three registered vaccines in Russia.

Regarding the new crown vaccine, Putin also said that people may encounter infections after being vaccinated, but the symptoms are easy to pass and will not leave sequelae. Failure to vaccinate may have serious long-term consequences.

Putin said that only through vaccination can the new crown epidemic be contained, and he hopes that public stereotypes will disappear.

During the event, Putin also revealed that Russia is creating a rehabilitation system for patients with the new crown and will invest a lot of money for this.

The “Putin Live Connection” event was held at 17:00 on June 30th, Beijing time. According to “Russia 24” TV station, “Live Link” has received more than one million questions, and Putin will respond to some of them.