Putin: Russia-US relations are at the lowest point in recent years, there are still problems that need to be checked

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China News Service, Moscow, June 15th. On the 14th, the Russian President’s website published the contents of an interview with the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) of Russian President Putin. In the interview, Putin said that Russia-US relations are at their lowest point in recent years, but there are still problems that need to be checked.

Putin said that Russia and the United States need to determine some positions in order to more effectively resolve issues of common concern and make them in line with the interests of the two countries. “Let us both sit down and talk, and seek a solution acceptable to both sides, so as to achieve strategic stability.”

Putin: Russia-US relations are at the lowest point in recent years, there are still problems that need to be checked


p > Putin said that Russia is ready to work with the US on arms control issues. “We know that for the US, this is the priority direction.” Generally speaking, this should be a process advanced at the expert level, through the Russian and American Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense. “We have received a signal that the United States hopes to resume arms control negotiations at the expert level. If such conditions are met after the meeting between the leaders of Russia and the United States, then we are ready to carry out work in this area.”

Putin expressed his willingness to cooperate with the United States in the field of aerospace, which is one of the few areas where the two countries have common interests.

Putin emphasized that he does not want the militarization of outer space and cyberspace. Russia and the United States can cooperate on cyber security, hoping to start this process together with the United States and achieve results. If NATO has announced that cyberspace is included in the field of operations, it means that they are planning and making some preparations. It is impossible not to cause the Russian side to worry.

Putin said that people in the world should be given opportunities for peaceful development. Even if a crisis situation arises, it must be resolved by the people of these countries, not by external intervention.

Russian and American presidents plan to meet in Geneva on June 16 this year. This is the first meeting between Biden and Putin since he assumed the presidency of the United States. According to previous disclosures by both parties, the topics of the meeting may involve bilateral relations, strategic stability, arms control, conflict mediation in hotspots, counter-terrorism, the new crown epidemic, network security, human rights, environmental protection and other fields. (End)