Reading appreciation:self-discipline to the extreme

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How many people are envious of other people’s body and appearance, envious of their success and splendor.

However, after learning about the hardship and cruel self-management behind it, he quickly retreated. In the days of muddle-headedness and drifting with the flow, he continued to waste his life meaninglessly.

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Zhihu has such a question:What is your deepest misunderstanding?

The answer with the highest praise is:I think that freedom is to do what you want. Later, I discovered that the self-discipline will have freedom.

When a person lacks self-discipline, what he does is always affected by habits and timely temptations, or he is disturbed by other people’s ideas, and it is almost never possible to do what he truly desires. thing.

You will find:Those who are self-disciplined to the extreme have an open life.

Google has a senior engineer named Matt Katz.

He set a 30-day change plan for himself, doing things that he could not stick to before.

For example:riding a bicycle to work every day, walking 10,000 steps every day, taking a photo every day, and writing a 50,000-word novel;

No TV, no sugar, no play Twitter, reject caffeine…

It can be said that this plan is full of challenges, and those who cannot achieve self-discipline will definitely not be able to complete it.

But Matt persisted.

30 days later, the old fat otaku engineer disappeared. He started to love riding a bicycle to work from the heart, and even finished the Africa the highest peakKilimanjaro MountainThe Hiking.

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Psychologists once summarized this rule:

Self-discipline is exciting in the early stage, painful in the middle stage, and enjoyable in the later stage.

But have you discovered that most people are in the middle of self-discipline—the painful period lingers for so long that they regard pain as self-discipline.

And when you have the most self-discipline, you will find that self-discipline can bring you peace and enjoyment from the heart.

Because you know that you are changing day by day, and self-discipline has become a habit that goes deep into your bones.

I saw the news not long ago that”Little Plum” has lost weight again, but after flipping through the photos, he is indeed thinner, but compared to his peak figure, it is still a far cry.

Look at the same mixed Hollywood, 67 years of”Super 8″ Jie Statham. He is 52 years old this year, and he has maintained a particularly good figure. He looks even younger than Xiao Li, who is seven years younger than him.

From the physical point of view, a handsome guy who is free and easy has accidentally turned into a middle-aged man who can only act as a blessing uncle.

A boy who has been a tough guy since his early 20s, 30 years later, he can still maintain his tough guy qualities.

When your life is occupied by”emotions”,”laziness” and”desires”, you may live in disorder, live into a mess of emotions, and live for nothing. Uncontrolled meat.

Why can a self-disciplined life be like a hangover, but in reality, few people can do it?

Because self-discipline means you have to give up, not all.

Just like you want to maintain a perfect body shape and maintain a healthy body, you have to say goodbye to junk food, you can’t eat McDonald’s and KFC unscrupulously;

Just like you If you want to become a schoolmaster and get a scholarship, your roommate is still playing games in the middle of the night and talking on the phone in love. You can’t be so indulgent;

Just like you want to have your own business after graduation, Then you must continue to work overtime on the weekend to study your area of ​​interest. You have to reject all gatherings initiated by colleagues.

In this world, too many things are impossible to cover everything, you have to give up.

But as a kind of social animal, human beings hate the pain caused by loss.

Which one has the greater impact on the heart when a person gets 2,000 yuan or loses 2,000 yuan?

Obviously, the impact of losing money is even greater. It can be described as”the same gains and losses, but different effects.”

Psychological research shows that for the same gain and loss, the impact of”loss” is twice that of”gain”

It can be seen that people are more sensitive to loss. This is”loss aversion“.

Based on such a nature, many people are constantly being led by the nose.

So we gobbled up junk food while fantasizing that we had eight pack abs;

We spent the night with our roommates LOL, while looking forward to the final exam, I can pass 90 points in each homework;

Week out KTV tour with colleagues. While playing with mountains and rivers, I hope I can realize financial freedom before the age of 30.

How many times have you had such a foolish dream?

Zhihu once had such a hot answer:

Since I don’t think about making progress all day, I am muddled, and there is no goal at all, don’t do heroic dreams. Be content to be mediocre. If you have a bright future and effortlessly, why don’t you go to heaven?

When I was young, I always wanted all the reasons, but only later discovered that really powerful people know how to subtract life, know what should not be, and what things even if they die, I have to fight for it.

The matter of self-discipline is not limited to the body or time.

More importantly, the revision and change of thinking pattern.

Only when the thinking changes, will the”self-discipline thinking” be formed in all aspects of time, energy, emotion and body.

Self-discipline itself is a hard thing, because self-discipline means you need to fight against your own nature.

These instincts include”laziness”,”deliciousness”,”greed” and”anger”… etc. They are the restraint of one’s own desires.

So self-discipline is never easy, on the contrary, it is very difficult.

In the past, I always felt that life is too short and I should have fun in time.

Nowadays, there is wine and now is drunk, but people are not in vain.

Until later, I gradually discovered:

Every unself-disciplined behavior will bring you more pain.

Long-term overeating, lack of exercise, will make you have to help yourself Pay the price for your health;

Stay up late to play games and scan Weibo will bring you the next day’s listlessness and muddle-headedness;

Without goals, passing by, it will make you lose your way, Increasingly empty.

Designer Yohji Yamamoto said:

I never Do not believe in lazy freedom. The freedom I yearn for is a broader life achieved through hard work and hard work.

I want to be a free and self-disciplined person, and live earnestly with the determination that is bound to come true.

Don’t be slaves of desire, self-discipline can make us live more advanced.

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Be a self-disciplined person and encourage each other.

If you find it helpful, please pay more attention to it.