Rich is troublesome, longevity is more humiliation

By yqqlm yqqlm

When I was young, I would like to bless others. I like to say that I wish you prosperity as the Yangtze River flows eastward, and you will live longer than the Nanshan Mountains. I always feel that prosperity and longevity are the ultimate pursuit of life. The person who got it must have received special blessing from heaven. One day when I read a book, I suddenly found the sentence”The rich is troublesome, and the longevity is more humiliation”. At that time, when he was young, the only saint was pretending to be noble and hypocritical. It was a bit like Ma Yun said that he never loved money.

The world has changed, and the stars have changed. Now I have never been a juvenile who cannibalize the fireworks and become a middle-aged aunt who has experienced the warmth and warmth of human love. After seeing and experiencing it, I know how correct the wisdom of the ancients left over through the vicissitudes of history is. Deeply agree.

There is an aunt and his wife in the same village. From childhood sweethearts to marriage for more than ten years, they are both married and respected. This enviable happiness has been maintained until their business improves and they make a fortune. The man found a young woman, gave birth to a child, was rich and loved, and the man became more energetic. Perhaps because of the stress, the female’s hair gradually fell into thinning, and her complexion was bleak. All day long, she was only busy in the factory they run, and soon haggard became an old mother. This man can be considered conscientious. Although has a home outside of home, he still keeps her palace The location, though, is Langong.

Examples such as are too numerous to enumerate, like Liu Luanxiong’s Ex-wife span>, the big room of the king of gambling.

Repent of the husband-in-law looking for a title?

Love’s vertigo is about a year or two. Wait for this fire to burn However, with the restraint of benevolence, justice and morality, most men still can’t match human nature.

I Grandma fifteen years old and Grandpa got married and never traveled far in the countryside in his life. Give birth to three children, two women and one boy. Everything went well in the first half of my life, my husband loved me, and my children went around his knees. Like millions of rural women in the old days, they raised their children, and then the son and daughter-in-law brought up two grandchildren and one granddaughter because of the running of their lives. Who knows that when he was old, he accidentally sent his son away, and then he fell ill again, and he was unable to do anything. Then he sent away grandpa who had almost sheltered her from the wind and rain for a lifetime. After my grandpa left, this person who had almost output energy for his entire life became more and more redundant. Several companies pushed her out. After several pushes, she entered the nursing home. They all look forward to her death, even her biological daughter. That second daughter, whom she loved so much because of her sweet mouth, said more than once in front of others that she would grind us to death if she didn’t die-nursing homes also cost money.

Wealthy struggle Inheritance, children want you to die early. Those who have no money will spend other people’s money, and they still want you to die early. In this world, aside the dazzling floating end, in the bones, it is actually bloody loneliness.

Some people say that someone’s old age is not a bloody storm. It is also said that after middle age, the cruelty of society will increase exponentially. After you lose the ability to take care of yourself, you are a lamb to be slaughtered.

It’s terrible, helpless despair.

Take a look, there are too many examples like this. Those who are rich, those who have no money, those who have children and daughters, and those who have no children or daughters, no one is spared. Life is a fake, and I can bounce freely for only a few years. Tell me, when you can take care of yourself, you live well, and you don’t have to live when you can’t take care of yourself. Everything else is foam, something that can disappear in the sun, so you don’t have to care about it.