Ring time sharp comment:The three U.S. congressmen use lies about the”nuclear balance of power” between China and the U.S. ten years later to incite confrontation

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Source:Global Times

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The Republican leaders of the three committees of span>, foreign affairs and intelligence jointly sent a letter to President Biden this week, asking the latter to formulate a”comprehensive interagency strategy” to prevent China’s”nuclear military expansion.” They preach that if the United States does not take action, China will form a”a certain degree of nuclear balance of power” with the United States by 2030.

The first thing to say at the time is that these three congressmen’s descriptions of the speed of China’s nuclear construction and their assessment of the nuclear power comparison between China and the United States are full of lies. The purpose is to mislead the American society and the government and create similarities between China and the United States. The illusion of a nuclear arms race during the Cold War incited hostility towards China by the American society and the entire Western world.

These three lawmakers gave China’s nuclear warheads”at least doubled, even tripled or tripled” in the next ten years, and China will have”1,000 nuclear warheads” by then, describing China”< span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”574894″ qid=”6596651056850015491″>The nuclear trinity” military structure. But even if all of China’s indicators reach the highest value they predicted, it has nothing to do with people’s concept of a”nuclear balance of power” between major powers. Because the U.S. has about 6000 nuclear warheads, not to mention the massive investment since the Trump government beganTrump span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”13029436″ qid=”6605800905721910536″>The nuclear weapons are updated, and the US’s nuclear superiority over China will be long-term.

I am afraid that all Chinese people will not support a cold war level nuclear arms race with the United States. It will never become China’s actual defense policy. However, China must have a credible and sufficient second nuclear strike force, and the number of our nuclear warheads must follow The US’s strategic threat to China has increased to ensure that the US nuclear deterrence is highly effective. This is China As a sacred right of a big country, it also constitutes one of the cornerstones of China’s national security.

Some political elites in the United States are uneasy about China’s nuclear power building, but this is entirely their own problem. The only way for them to eliminate this unease is to maintain strategic respect for China and refrain from threatening China that is highly taboo among major powers. China’s overall military strength still lags far behind the United States, and China has a long-term commitment not to be the first to use nuclear weapons. As long as Washington is okay, stay still and implement The evil idea of ​​nuclear blackmail, they have no reason to worry about China’s consolidation of nuclear deterrence, because China will never take the initiative to carry out nuclear blackmail against the United States. .

If the U.S. wants to make it a condition of peace of mind that China can only surrender when it is under a nuclear threat, but will never be able to rise up to confrontation, then I’m sorry, their demands are too high, and they need to change their mindset And safety view, China has no reason to be responsible for their inexplicable sleep and food.

The important thing is that the United States has no means to prevent China from increasing its nuclear deterrence. We have seen most of their coercion tools. They do not want to force China into a two-party or three-party nuclear arms control negotiation with no fair basis, and other tricks such as coaxing will not work. No one can shake our reasonable and firm attitude on this issue involving China’s core interests.

The Chinese love peace and oppose war, especially nuclear war. This is not only the only evidence that we have made the promise of”no first use of nuclear weapons” in a major country, but also that China has not fought for more than 30 years, but the US military has fought all over the world at the same time. Today, the United States is the biggest variable that continues to provoke opposition between great powers. What it needs to do most is to manage its own ambitions so that it and the world will be safe.