Russian media article:America is falling into a Soviet trap

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On June 5, the Russian”Viewpoint” website published an article titled”The United States has fallen into a Soviet trap. The United States is repeating the mistakes of the Soviet Union when interfering in other countries’ internal affairs.” The author is Andrei Rezchikov. The excerpts of the full text are as follows:

Russian President Putin said that the United States has proceeded along the path of the Soviet Union without hesitation. He believes that if an empire is convinced of its own strength, it will start to make mistakes, which will eventually lead to the collapse of the empire. When the Ukrainian crisis was at its worst, someone had already put forward this statement, saying that the United States was repeating the mistakes of the Soviet Union and equating the Ukrainian issue with the Caribbean crisis. What can be compared between the United States and the Soviet Union today?

Blindly believe in its own power

The United States is facing the typical problem of empire—believing in power and creating unsolvable problems, just like the Soviet Union. This is the view expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin to reporters at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. He said that the threats issued by the United States were the product of its”domestic political process.” The initiators based on the view that the United States’ economic, military, and political strength is sufficient to ensure that the country overcomes any difficulties.

The President of Russia mentioned the Soviet Union’s past and said that the main problem of the empire lies in its misunderstanding and blind confidence in its own strength, which led to its own mistakes and mistakes.

He said:”They are self-righteous thinking:these people we can buy, those people we scare Scare is enough, some people want to be sweet, and some people want to use warships to threaten I thought that this would solve the problem, but the problem is increasing. Until one day it can’t be parried. The same is true of the United States. It is advancing along the road of the Soviet Union with a confident pace, without hesitation and determination. p>When the Ukraine crisis was at its worst in 2015, some people began to talk about the United States repeating the mistakes of the Soviet Union. American political scientist William Polk pointed out that with regard to the Ukrainian issue, the United States is repeating the mistakes made by the Soviet Union in Cuba in 1962, and those mistakes eventually led to an extremely serious crisis.

Academia agrees that the United States does not want to learn from the mistakes of others, and is repeating the Soviet Union’s mistakes in some respects. Boris Mezhuyev, an associate professor of philosophy at Moscow State University and an expert on American issues, believes that the most difficult thing for the United States is to keep the Euro-Atlantic Alliance.

He said:”President Putin is referring to the Americans’ attitudes towards their European and Atlantic partners a bit arrogant. Compared to Trump and Bush’s tough attitude in office, bye The attitude of the Den government has eased. The Euro-Atlantic Union is currently in a period of gradual collapse.”

Mezhuyev said that France and Germany is already acting independently, especially in relation to China.

OverexpansionInsufficient means to make ends meet

< p>Moreover, the domestic problems of the United States are also accumulating:the country is split into two factions. One faction wants America to be strong and conservative, and the other faction is committed to the further integration of gender and race.

Mezhuyev said:”In addition, there has also been a crazy and totally unreasonable interventionism.”

St. Petersburg University Professor of International Relations and Valday Club Expert Stein Nislav Tkachenko also agreed. He emphasized:”Putin may mean that the United States is also a country with limited resources, so it is impossible to solve all problems. Putin knows better than others in Russia that the United States can withstand up to two major wars, using tens of thousands of soldiers and spending Hundreds of billions of dollars. The third war is beyond their power. What a modern empire can afford There is a limit to the number of things.”

Tkachenko mentioned the term”empire overexpansion.” He said that this refers to the country’s underestimation of its own strength, which leads to overspending and the situation is out of control. The country began to make ends meet, beyond the economic range. He pointed out:”The Soviet Union began to compete too aggressively in Third World countries. The Soviet Union entered Chile, Nicaragua, and almost became the result of CubaThe Third World War.”

Facing serious domestic problems

In Tkachenko’s view, another reason for the demise of the empire is that the opponents are getting stronger and stronger. Politically, this phenomenon is called the”Thucydides trap”, referring to a newly emerging great power</span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”9892517″ qid=”6539216477415806215″> span> It is bound to challenge the big countries that are facing recession or crisis. For the United States, the only competitor now is China.

However, Russian Academy of Sciences US and Canadian Research Institute Chief Researcher Vladimir Vasilyev’s view is the opposite. He believes that the United States is now facing serious domestic problems similar to those before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He explained:”At present, the United States is also in a situation where relations within the federal government are drastically loosened. The country is divided into blue and red. The blue is located in the west and The Democratic sphere of influence in the eastern coastal area, the red is located in the Southern United States And the central states representing Republican forces. The ideological, economic, and political differences between them are intensifying. The control of the United States is declining. From Washington’s initiative is encountering more and more local opposition.”

Tkachenko believes that the United States is best to goJapan roads. Japan was regarded as a new empire 30 years ago, and then fell into a long-term crisis, so the Japanese quietly withdrew from international relations and focused on the development of the domestic market. However, he believes:”The United States has a well-developed internal infrastructure and will continue to attract talent. If they abandon the concepts of the’city on the hill’ and the’world model’, then they will become wise and eliminate the unipolar model. It will also be successfully implemented.”

Source:Reference News Network