Senior two students write essays on the same subject for the college entrance examination:if people are diligent, they are impermanent

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Jimu News reporter Guoqian

After the essay topic for the college entrance examination was released on June 7, Jimu News invited many high school”students” to write the same composition. Today, three students from Wuhan Hantie Senior High School sent essays for the majority of netizens to”learn from” and exchange.

“If people are diligent, they are impermanent and weak”

Hu Xinyi, Class 8 of the second high school of Wuhan Hantie High School

Instructor Zhang Jing< /p>

Shi Tiesheng once said:”The limitations of destiny can be forever, but unyielding challenges are indispensable.” Maybe we are born with a physical defect that we cannot decide, but for us, if we have ideals, beliefs, firm determination and confident steps, we can change something, and even more so. Realize the transformation from”weak” to”strong”.

Everyone is changing. As long as we are determined to work hard with unyielding and destiny, step by step, we will eventually become”strong.” Demosthenes was a famous orator in ancient Greece. He was born with shrugging, stuttering, and low voice. This is very fatal for those who want to become an orator, but he does not yield to reality and fate. In order to improve his voice, he read aloud towards the sea; in order to make his voice clearer, he read a book with pebbles in his mouth, even reading while climbing a mountain; in order to improve his shrug, he hung a sword on his shoulder. Let himself work hard not to shrug; in order to improve his knowledge reserve, he took the initiative to copy”History of the Peloponnesian War” 8 times… It was driven by his belief in being an orator, and in his firm determination Under the impetus, under his day-to-day efforts, he finally achieved himself, making himself from a”weak” without any advantages or even shortcomings, to a”strong” admired by people, and realizing people The ideal that I think is impossible to achieve.”Those who are born weak do not need to be inferior.” Destiny sets an eternal challenge to everyone’s desires, but when we face our inherent limitations, what we have to do is not to escape it, but to do our best to overcome it. God has set a shackle on the innate conditions of people, but it does not prevent us from expanding the depth and breadth of our lives. When we”rain and clear”, we will find that the biggest challenge in life is yourself.

Becoming a”strong” is not all smooth sailing. If you abuse your strength without self-humility, you will end up losing both fame and fortune, and even become the so-called”weak”. Li Zicheng became a”strong man” to win the country, but when he sat on the dragon chair, he blindly coveted Pleasure dragged him from a high place to the flat ground, from a”strong” to a”weak”. In the end, his ideal became a fantasy, the country was taken away, and his fame was destroyed.

Looking at the long river of history, some people have gone down in history with their own efforts, while others have become a grain of sand in the long flow of history because of their fall. They are pushed farther and farther by the waves of the advancement of the times, and finally disappeared. How to come into this world, what will be faced, all are unknown. But something is certain, that is, if we have a firm determination and strive to move one step at a time in the direction we aspire to, not surrender to fate, and strive to show our posture to the world, we will surely achieve ourselves and become the real in our hearts. The”strong man”. As a new generation of young people, we should show the times our attitude of “the strong are not self-satisfied, and the weak are not self-abasement” attitude, use our actions to create our own beautiful future, always hold our heads up to challenge, in the unyielding struggle Burst to a higher place again and again!

“A Letter to Young Students”

Dear students:

Hello! Chairman Mao once said:”If the weak exercise diligently and gain what they can’t, they will become strong over time.” We have also heard:”The sky is healthy, and the gentleman strives for self-improvement.” As a new generation of young students, We are the mainstay of a modern and powerful country, and we should attach importance to the role of sports. Sports are not limited to physical strength. I not only exercise my body, but also”exercise my mind”, constantly strive to strengthen itself and contribute to the construction of the motherland.

Sports forge our bodies. Exercise makes our bodies change and become stronger and stronger. Many contemporary students only focus on academic performance and ignore their physical fitness. Many people have become”little scholars” and even lose their ability to take care of themselves. Even if some people are born with better physical fitness, if they neglect to exercise , And will eventually destroy their own advantages personally. Therefore, we must attach importance to physical exercise. In the process of learning, we must combine learning and exercise to become strong. The country’s inclusion of sports in the high school entrance examination fully reflects the importance of sports. The body is the capital and foundation of learning. Without a strong body, learning will be inefficient.

To learn efficiently, young people must change their attitude towards sports. We must attach great importance to sports. The body is the capital of the revolution. Only when we have a strong physique can we play our role in the construction of the country. The contributors to the country are never sick people, but strong people.

Physical strength is one aspect, but mental strength is also an aspect that cannot be ignored. With the continuous advancement of the times, our pressure will become greater and greater. Some people cannot regulate their emotions and cannot continue to study normally. Therefore,”mental sports” is also a point worthy of attention. The so-called self-improvement is not only the body, but also the mind. We must have the courage to face difficulties, the determination to face difficulties, and the self-confidence to face difficulties in order to resist the torrent of the times and stand out in this wave. Naturally strong people must not be content with the status quo, but still have an enterprising heart, and cannot be taken lightly, and must climb higher mountains. And the weak need not be discouraged. I believe that in the forging and tribulations, as long as you persevere, you will eventually gain a strong body and mind. This is exactly what Chairman Mao said,”Born and strong do not have to be proud of themselves. The weak do not have to feel sorry for themselves”.

We are young students who”have a great mission from heaven”. We must”work our muscles and our minds” in order to truly do our part for the country, and the country will have a better future. The pillars of the country are strong, not weak; they are firm, not weak. I hope that the vast number of young students can become the mainstay of the country and promote the motherland to become a modern and powerful country.



A young student

“The road is hindered and long, and the line is coming”


There is a line in the movie”Golden Age:”I can’t Choose how to live and how to die, but I can decide how to love and how to live.” I believe that life is a bittersweet and there are so many factors that we cannot grasp, but your life is written by you. , The road ahead is smooth and unimpeded, or densely covered with thorns, in any case, it is not our capital to show off, nor is it an excuse for us to give up. Born to be human, which is strong and weak is not determined by nature, and the day after tomorrow will see the difference.

Human life is like a journey of adversity. When facing hardships, we must go through trials and hardships.

The Japanese writer Kawabata Yasunari has repeatedly experienced hardships, and was struck by the deaths of his relatives. Growing up alone, walking forward with heavy burdens in the fetters of life, but as the saying goes,”Whoever can’t kill me will make me strong.” This did not become a stumbling block in his life. Under the heavy yoke of suffering, he picked up He started to pour out his emotions with the pen in his hand, and he repeatedly revised the draft just to keep improving, and eventually became a master of literature.”Unfortunately, it is the ladder of promotion for geniuses, the water of baptism for believers, and the bottomless abyss for the weak” Balzac Span> once said, yes, many transitions in life are often unpredictable, and what we can do is to do our best to turn reversal into Hue and despair into miracles.

The country was born in an adversity, and we should forge ahead and be the waver of the times.

With the sound of British artillery 180 years ago, the gate of China’s closed-door policy was forced to open. Since then, a modern history of humiliation has been opened. In such an era of rapid world development, China’s civil war and uprising continued to Facing the division of aggression and lagging behind the trend of the times, China at that time was undoubtedly the”weak man”, the wheel of history was rolling forward, having experienced The New Democratic Revolution, after reform and opening up, China is becoming a”strong man”, like a red sun, showing its dazzling brilliance to the world. On the other hand, the United States made great fortunes in wars of the last century and leapt to the top of the world. It can be called”birth in time”, but it has bothered to engage in political smearing, military attacks, and abuse of its strengths in an attempt to protect it by means of villains. World hegemony, so arrogant but difficult to control the domestic epidemic, won the title of a super”disease” power, wouldn’t it be laughable?

When Mao Zedong discussed the”effect of sports” in the article”Sports Research”, he pointed out that the human body changes every day. If the eyes are not clear, you can understand, but the ears can be clever. In fact, it’s not just the body, isn’t it the same in life? Everything is constantly in motion, changing and developing,”changes are common, general is long”, and this is how life is full of unknown beauty. You can pick up a paintbrush and apply the white paper of life to the shape you want. You can use hard work and sweat to write the song of your life, and you can also have the confidence to shout”My life is up to me”.

“I am born weak, or the sky has tempted me to become strong, which is unknown.” Therefore, those who are born strong do not have to be proud of themselves. Please bear in mind that”there is no wind, rain nor sunny” Inwardly, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, and hold on to your senses; those who are born weak don’t have to be self-sorrowful, please regard”the road is long and long, and the line will come” as a standard, keep striving for self-improvement, and move forward with weight. Life is never a”preliminary theory”, but a”effort theory”. What kind of life will be lived through what kind of years and hard work.

I hope you and I will encourage each other.

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