Show the aesthetic power of movie posters 132 excellent movie posters are exhibited in Shanghai

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China News Online, June 13th (Reporter Xu Jing Xu Yin) During the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival, the “Movie Poster Art Exhibition” co-sponsored by the Chinese Society of Film Art and Beacon Professional Edition was held in Shanghai Chi K11 Art Museum exhibited 132 classic movie posters from 2000 onwards, hoping to present the aesthetic power of Chinese movie posters that have attracted much attention at the moment.

Show the aesthetic power of movie posters 132 excellent movie posters are exhibited in Shanghai

The audience is watching the exhibition. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Famous director Jia Zhangke, China News Agency Nanhai Film Director Cao Duoran, President of China Film Art Society Huo Tingxiao, Secretary General of China Film Art Society Huang Fei, famous costume designer Ma Defan, Film still photographer Bai Xiaoyan, poster designer Zhang Yunv, Lu Yunfan, Li Ruofei, head of k11 chi art museum Gu Lida, lighthouse professional edition Wang Shu and other filmmakers kicked off the exhibition.

Show the aesthetic power of movie posters 132 excellent movie posters are exhibited in Shanghai(1)


p > “Movie Poster Art Exhibition” was exhibited in Shanghai. Picture provided by the organizer

A film work usually requires several film poster designs during the complete publicity process. “Leader Posters” show the core of the story and the type of film, “Position Posters” focus on the commercial information of the works and are often used for landing publicity, and “Character Posters” show the characters and styles of each film. At the same time, title design, stills design, and creative design have all become important style expressions and components of poster production.

Introduced by curator Huang Fei, the theme of this exhibition is “The Birth of a Poster”, and it is divided into three units: “Deconstruction Poster Design”, “Selected Movie Posters”, “Calligraphy and Title Design” “, trying to show the creative achievements of contemporary Chinese movie poster designers through multiple dimensions, as well as the changes and trends in the design styles of movie posters under different publicity purposes. Calligraphy works by calligraphy artists Ma Defan and Xu Jing for the movie’s title, and stills by still photographer Bai Xiaoyan are on display, deconstructing the entire process of movie poster design in an all-round way. At the same time, in the specially invited area, the wonderful posters of film works such as “Old People of Mountains and Rivers” and “Children of Rivers and Lakes” directed by Jia Zhangke were exhibited.

Ma Defan said that as one of the most important elements in a movie poster, the title of the movie should be used to summarize the content and narrative theme of the movie with concise and concise text, and use visual modeling to convey the image style and the charm of the movie. Chinese films often combine the art of calligraphy and title design. As a traditional artistic expression of Chinese characters, calligraphy has become an important expression of Chinese film titles with its unique “shape” and “meaning”.

The reporter saw in the exhibition area that the exhibition showcased outstanding movie posters after 2000, including stills, hand-painted, and pure design styles; the exhibition also featured films directed by Jia Zhangke in recent years. Among the excellent posters of the company, including “Old People of Mountains and Rivers”, “Children of Rivers and Lakes”, and “Swimming Until the Sea Turns Blue” at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2020.

Huo Tingxiao, president of the China Film and Art Society, said that movie posters are flat works, but movie poster art is not a single-dimensional art form. This exhibition strives to reproduce the multiple dimensions of movie poster production by deconstructing movie posters, presenting “the birth of a poster”. (End)