“Snow Sculpture” traffic police became popular for three months: Rejecting millions of packages from Internet celebrity companies

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The “Snow Eagle” traffic police became popular for three months: Rejecting the million-dollar package of the Internet celebrity company and returning to becoming a traffic policeman in the mountains

“Snow Sculpture” traffic police became popular for three months: Rejecting millions of packages from Internet celebrity companies

He has been popular for three months, and he is still Zheduoshan when he comes back

He is standing in the snow and cold wind all over his body. The side of the road raised his hand to direct traffic, like a solemn “snow sculpture”… In March this year, Baima Muluo at the Zheduoshan Police Station of the Kangding City Public Security Bureau in Ganzi, Sichuan Province, was at the “Kangba First Pass”. Photos of the wind and snow on the mountain are all over the Internet. This young traffic policeman at Zheduoshan Police Station has since gained a more familiar name-the “Snow Eagle” traffic policeman.

Now, three months later, life after becoming popular is beyond Baima Muluo’s expectations. Entering the city to participate in activities, the Internet celebrity company paid millions of packaging fees, as well as all kinds of novel people and things in the city… Flowers, applause, suddenly swarmed. But when he calmed down, he would think of the Sichuan-Tibet Line, Zeduoshan, and even the patrol motorcycles he rode every day.

On June 21st, Baima Muluo, who had returned to Zheduoshan Police Station, exclusively disclosed to the Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter his life experience and mental journey in the past three months. . He said that he refused to return to Zheduoshan, an Internet celebrity company with a price tag of one million, “I have felt it, so I want to come back.”

“This is real life, or a dream that I have longed for. ”

“I came back from Beijing before the Dragon Boat Festival. We have to stay on Zeduo Mountain during the small and long Dragon Boat Festival. In addition, I have already written down the application for joining the party.” Speaking of more than 3 months The experience of the young Baima Muluo was a little bit excited, just like a student returning home after a summer vacation. However, his several “downhills” cannot be equated to the student’s summer vacation, any one time may change his life trajectory. Because he is the “Snow Sculpture” traffic police who is popular throughout the country.

From March 5 to March 7, 2021, heavy snow fell in the high-altitude area of ​​Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, with heavy snow on many roads. The Zheduoshan section of National Highway No. 318 was also heavily snowed, congested and difficult to pass. Baima Muluo and his comrades fought in the wind and snow for two consecutive days and one night to ensure that there were no vehicles or personnel stranded in Zeduoshan. At that time, Bai Ma Muluo was photographed while directing traffic. In the photo, he was dressed in white snow, raising his hand to direct traffic, like a solemn “snow sculpture”. This photo subsequently attracted the attention of the whole Internet and once rushed to the hot search list on the Internet.

After becoming popular, he began to “go down”. In more than three months, he walked from Zheduo Mountain to Chengdu, which is more than 300 kilometers away, and even came to Beijing for the first time. “For the longest time, being outside for one month in a row, it’s a bit like running an announcement, rushing to the field and rushing off the field. All activities are positive energy, showing the good image of Ganzi and other places, and there is no commercial.” Baima Muluo Report to reporters.

When he was busiest, he had to get up at 7 o’clock in the morning and stay overnight. And the weekend is naturally gone. Seeing his popularity, many platforms and Internet celebrity incubation companies have come to the door, and some of them directly charge millions of dollars, and want to package him into online celebrities with goods on some platforms.

In front of the flowers, applause rang out, and the Baima Muluo under the spotlight sometimes felt a little trance, and could not tell whether this was a real life or a dream I had longed for…

< p>”The dream seems to be very close, but I can’t bear to Zheduoshan”

Bai Ma Muluo, 24 years old this year, was born under Zheduo Mountain. Many of his relatives and friends are engaged in business. “After working, they persuaded me that (Zheduo Mountain) has low wages and difficult conditions. It is simply not a place for people to stay.” Baima Muluo said, because he often works on Zheduo Mountain and rarely goes out. There is not much money, so even if the monthly salary is not much, at first, I didn’t think there was anything.

However, as he became popular “down the mountain”, he went to more and more places, and all kinds of novel people and things in the city opened his eyes. The bustling street shopping mall, with a dazzling array of goods, made him feel that his wallet was “flat” at once. Before, Baima Muluo had been to Chengdu, Chongqing and other big cities, but he had never been to Beijing. In May of this year, when he received an invitation to record a show in Beijing, he was so excited that he didn’t sleep well all night: finally he could go to see the outside world and see the Beijing he yearned for.

Coming down from the plateau, Bai Ma Muluo can adapt quickly except for a little “drunkenness” wherever he goes. Even in the face of scenes that he has never faced before, he can quickly blend in. When he first stepped onto the stage, Bai Ma Muluo had no experience and could not express, but he quickly adapted to it and received praise from many people. At this time, friends who had been living well outside once again advised him: Don’t stay in Zeduoshan anymore. You come here, in different conditions, and it feels like you belong here.

As a child, Bai Ma Muluo also thought about going north and south, doing business everywhere. Now it seems that this dream is gradually approaching, but at this time, Bai Ma Muluo tangled up… He told reporters that during the day It’s okay to get busy, but every night when I get quiet, I think of my comrades who are still standing on Zeduo Mountain, of the gratitude and smiles of those who have been helped by myself and their comrades, and of the one who has been running for nearly three years Sichuan-Tibet line. Even for several nights, he could not fall asleep over and over again, and would miss the patrol motorcycles that rode on the mountain every day.

“It feels like Beijing, Chengdu, and Zheduoshan are two worlds.” Baima Muluo said that he wanted to try and explore the wider world outside, but he was reluctant to work in Sichuan for many years. Tibetan line and Zheduoshan.

“My roots are in Zheduo Mountain, and I always want to come back”

Before the Dragon Boat Festival, Bai Ma Muluo returned to Ganzi, Sichuan after recording the program from Beijing. He returned to the Garze Police Force and returned to his job at the Zheduoshan Police Station. “In the wind and rain, we are guarding you in Zeduoshan!” This is the perseverance and promise of the police at Zeduoshan Police Station. The reporter learned that the Zheduoshan Police Station was officially opened on September 30, 2014. There are currently 10 police officers, making it one of the police stations with the highest public security sequence in the country.

The working and living conditions here are difficult. Water is cut off for 7 months throughout the year, and domestic water needs to be pulled from the mountainside. Usually, Bai Ma Muluo and his comrades have to take advantage of the opportunity to go down the mountain to work or rest. Here, there have also emerged a number of outstanding role models and advanced typical figures, such as the “iron traffic policeman” Wang Luorang, who won the title of “National Excellent People’s Police”, and Bao Yongpeng, the “Guardian on the Cloud”. They are loyal and dedicated. To a certain extent, the professionalism has also imperceptibly affected many police officers, including Baima Muluo.

In Baima Muluo’s view, when the trapped tourists were most helpless, they helped them solve their problems. Their thankful smiles and eyes make people feel no matter how tired, no matter how high the altitude is. No matter how long the hike is, it is worth it. “Their eyes and smiles are the motivation for choosing Zeduoshan.”

Back to the police station on the mountain, he began to perform familiar duties with his comrades as usual. jobs. Just two days ago, at about 10 o’clock in the evening, a call from Chongqing called, saying that someone was trapped near Honghaizi (a small place in Kangding), cold and hungry, with altitude sickness, and urgently needed help. Baima Muluo and his comrades went to the scene immediately, and they were busy until the early morning before bringing the trapped back to safety. After recognizing the “Snow Sculpture” traffic policeman Bai Ma Muluo, the rescued sent a video thank-you on Douyin, which won the praise of many netizens. Many netizens also asked about the details of the road, which made Baima Muluo find the feeling of a long absence.

“Every one of us has multiple identities. We need multiple ways to promote our hometown and public security, even as tourism promotion.” Baima Muluo told reporters that the next step is Some attempts will be made with the approval of the unit. For example, we will open some classes for everyone to talk about overtaking in plateau areas, hanging snow chains, fogging of glass, and what preparations need to be made to enter plateau areas. You can also take some anti-fraud videos in combination with the current. Anyway, as long as it is beneficial to everyone, you can try it yourself.

As for the “distant place” in his heart, Bai Ma Muluo said that he could try it if he had the opportunity, but his roots are in Zheduo Mountain, and he will always come back.

Yang Zhijun, Yi Linjun, Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Jiang Lin