Southeast Asia’s”tuan annihilation”, the chip was hit again

By yqqlm yqqlm

Vietnam was once recognized as one of the most successful countries in the global fight against the epidemic.

In 2020, there has never been a large-scale epidemic in Vietnam, and there has never been more than 50 new cases in a single day.

But this time it was lost.

Diagnosed more than 200 in a single day for two consecutive weeks, and this time a mutant strain appeared.

How serious is it?

Use Guangxi Normal UniversityProfessor Huang Xingqiu said:

“The expansion of this epidemic is related to the spread of mutant viruses , Beyond Vietnam’s medical epidemic prevention capabilities.”

Vietnam’s epidemic has directly magnified the global”Lack of cores” this question.

In Vietnam in the late 1980sInnovation and opening up, rapid development in the 1990s, and a stable period after the millennium.

Especially in the last ten years, it has successfully undertaken the Part of the industrial transfer from Mainland China.

The manufacturing of electronic products has become a pillar industry in Vietnam.

Samsung A few years ago, all factories in mainland China will be moved to Vietnam.

DomesticEnterprise Including Luxshare Precision and Lens Technology, they have also set up factories in Vietnam. Half of Samsung’s production capacity is also in Vietnam.

Global chipIn the closed and tested capital, Southeast Asia accounted for 27%.

An accident in Vietnam, It’s getting worse.

The price of chips has doubled recently.

Similar to this is Malaysia, which is still in the state of closure.

MalaysiaChip packaging The test market share accounts for half of Southeast Asia.

Then, when we When talking about chips, what are we talking about?

Gong Shao checked a lot of information, hoping to explain this matter clearly in plain language.

Silicon Mine is no different from that of sand. People extract silicon from ore. It is a kind of sand.

In order to turn this kind of sand into magically usable chips, engineers have done a lot of homework.

Pushing technology to the extreme, forming a special business model with extreme division of labor.

chip manufacturing The link was marked out separately.

For example, if you produce a booklet, someone produces paper, someone is responsible for filling in the words, and someone specially binds the written paper Into a book.

Chip production also has a heavy asset model (IDM), that is, you have done all this dragon by yourself.

But currently it is basically a fabless mode.

From upstream to downstream, the corresponding order is design, OEM manufacturing, packaging and testing.

The chip design has the highest technical content.

When designing a chip, it may be necessary to lay out hundreds of millions of transistors or related circuits in a very small space.

The more you can fit in the unit space, the higher the technical content.

For example, we often talk about 14nm, 8nm, 7nm, that’s the same thing.

This is obviously beyond the ability of manual operation by humans. At this time, electronic automation design (EDA) is involved.

Use the program to plan the chip function, and then use the automated design tool to convert the program into the actual circuit diagram.

The second point of chip design is modularity (IP).

Chip functions continue to advance with historical development. Some basic functions do not need to be redesigned. Fix a basic function module. Go directly.

The official name is”IP core”, a design macro with independent intellectual property rights that can be reused in chip design Module.

The second and third links are relatively easy to understand.

Upstream will come up with the design, and find the OEM to help.

The semi-finished products are then packaged, tested, and put on the market.

What I understand is this:the chip you see is a flat block, but the actual chip is bumpy like a mini A gadget of the small mountain bag.

The last flat block you see is the result of the packaging and testing.

The further downstream, the lower the technical content.

The core of the entire chip manufacturing link lies in the first level, that is, specialized software and intellectual property packages, as well as EDA and IP cores.

If you want to make a chip, to get from A to B, you have to pay tolls.

To do this kind of business, you can live very well by collecting tolls.

This field is a monopolistic enterprise, representing three companiesAmerican enterprise.

There is a company called Synopsys (Synopsys), the stock price performance is very smooth, all the way up.

Most of the chip domestic substitutions we emphasize are talking about this.

There is one more today News, The World Bank released the latest issue of the Global Economic Outlook report.

Upgrade the global economic growth forecast for 2021 from 4%to 5.6%.

Upgrade China’s economic growth forecast from 7.9%to 8.5%.

I hope the world will start Out of the epidemic, it is also hoped that Chinese chips will be replaced by domestic products as soon as possible.