Southwestern U.S. continues to be scorched by high temperatures, wildfires threaten Arizona towns

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China News Service, June 20. According to the Associated Press, on the 19th local time, the southwestern United States continued to be scorched by high temperatures. Weather forecasters sent high temperatures to Arizona, Nevada and desert areas throughout the weekend. caveat.

On the 19th local time, Phoenix, Arizona reached a high temperature of 46 degrees Celsius, and Las Vegas, Nevada reached 44 degrees Celsius. Weather forecasts say that both cities are 3 degrees below the highest temperature record on this day in history.

Southwestern U.S. continues to be scorched by high temperatures, wildfires threaten Arizona towns


p >On June 18, 2021, Elizabeth Lake in Los Angeles County, California, the area is experiencing extreme heat and drought. Many parts of the southwestern United States have experienced record high temperatures for several consecutive days. The picture shows the landscape of Lake Elizabeth that has dried up for many years.

The National Weather Service also stated that the highest temperature in Phoenix is ​​expected to be 46.6 degrees Celsius on the 20th, and the highest temperature in Las Vegas is expected to be 45 degrees Celsius, both of which will be lower than the highest temperature record for this day.

However, meteorologist Isaac Smith said that as of the 19th, Phoenix has set a new record of 46 consecutive days, and the record may be extended to six days on the 20th.

On the other hand, in Arizona, a wildfire spread from the evening of the 16th and had expanded to nearly 70 square kilometers by the 19th. Fire officials said that extreme heat was the cause of the spread of the fire.

On the 18th, planes and about 100 firefighters fought the flames among cypresses, bushes and cacti. Local residents received an evacuation order.

Meteorologists in Phoenix and Las Vegas said that the high temperature will ease in the coming week, but the area may reach 43.3 degrees Celsius again next weekend. The high temperature warning in the area will also continue until later on the 20th, including nearby California and Utah desert areas.