Statistics|What’s the secret behind Erickson’s fainting? Players are too tired under the epidemic

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EricksonI finally regained consciousness after treatment.

Erickson’s shock’s shocking moment on the stadium made the whole football All worried about it.

After the rapid treatment of teammates and team medical science, Erickson was finally taken back from death. However, such an accident has to make people pay attention to an important topic again:the health of athletes.

Due to the reduction in the schedule due to the epidemic, many football athletes are more than ever this season More fatigued, and coming to the European Cup, which has the same intensive schedule and needs to move to different countries, the body load is further increased.

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Denmark players escorted Eriksen off the field.

This European Cup is more tiring than ever

For Eriksson personally, why such a danger occurs requires further scientific and comprehensive The inspection and analysis of the game, but the worries about the players’ bodies appeared before the official start of this European Cup.

According to analysis, this European Cup may be the most stressful for players’ bodies in many years-the most direct reason is the high fatigue state prevailing among players.

Due to the epidemic, the last two European football seasons The schedule is generally compressed, and the direct consequence is that many players have just finished their heavy club tasks, and immediately have to make every effort to achieve good results in the European Cup.

Take the Premier League as an example. Due to the epidemic, the 2019-2020 season has been delayed until the end of July. After a short break, the new season started again in mid-September, and the schedule of the 2020-2021 season is also intensive.

In the past every New Year’s Eve European football season, each other The interval period is usually 90 to 95 days. Players can get at least 3 weeks of complete rest. The club can also usher in a preparation period of about 3 weeks for the new season. But in this season, nothing exists.

The giants who played in the final stages of the European War last season, such as Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United and Manchester City in the Premier League, have a very short preparation period for the season-less than 5 weeks. .

The description of the sports performance data analysis platform Kitman Labs is that the players are stuck in a season-long”event jam chain”-too many double and triple matches in a week, followed by games In time, the interval is only three or four days, and the body cannot recover from deep fatigue at all.

According to the statistics of the data agency Twenty First Group, before the 2016 European Cup, players on average can rest for 4.5 days between two matches. Before this European Cup, this One data fell to 3.9 days.

Because Spain, France, England, Italy and other international players generally play for the top giants, this figure is even lower-only 3.5 days off on average.

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A”war” between fatigue

The most obvious thing about the pressure on the players’ bodies is except themselves In addition, of course the coach who coaches the national team, but in order to achieve good results, the coach can only Struggling to find a balance between training and rest.

France team coachDeschamps stated before the European Cup that physical and mental fatigue will be a major difficulty; England coachSouthgate also reluctantly said that he needs to be careful not to”use badly” his players.

Compared to other teams, England may be affected by this The most serious factor is that the players on the roster have played an average of 3700 minutes last season, which is 8 full games longer than the average of the European Cup players.

Like Welsh National Team’s physical coach Stru Vic said that this European Cup may not only be a technical and tactical competition, but also a duel to see who can fight to the end-this is a”war between fatigue”.

Physical exhaustion, for the players, there may be no other way besides patience. The Spanish international Marcos Llorente who plays for Atletico Madrid is one of the players affected by the intensive schedule During the last few games of the season with the club, he said that he could no longer run at the end:”My brain wants to do more, but my body refused.”

In order to reduce the impact of physical fatigue on the body, some teams even took out”AQ Spirit< /span>”-A player said in an interview with the”New York Times” that after the team began to concentrate, there was an unwritten rule in the coaching team:Do everything possible to avoid mentioning”tiredness” and”fatigue” Such words.

Perhaps physical exhaustion and physical problems can narrow the gap between superstars and”civilian teams” to some extent, making the game more intense, but this intense , But at the cost of increasing the player’s risk.

I hope that Eriksson’s fall to the ground can make the football alert-players are not machines, nor are they a money-making tool for rich bosses.

Sports science is meant to help athletes improve their performance, not to squeeze out the physical potential of all athletes, or even destroy athletes.

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