“Strange Script Shark” official announcement lineup, trendy variety show and new gameplay attract audiences’ expectations

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After many rounds of fancy Reuters, on June 2nd, the trendy social game experience variety “Singular Script Shark” produced by iQiyi released the official announcement of the lineup posters and promotional videos. All members of the “Shark Caravan” boarded the car and embarked on a happy and wonderful journey of script killing.

All members of the “Shark Caravan” costumed and immersive experience script killing journey

As early as the recent iQiyi World Conference, the first public promotion of “Strange Script Shark” The small film has already filled the audience with expectations. The main visual poster and artist promotional video launched this time also officially revealed the identity of the four members of the Shark Team to kill the players in the script.

First of all, the main visual poster makes people shine. It can be seen that the overall picture uses the water surface as the dividing line to separate the image of the four members on the water surface from the underwater reflection. Different from the daily image below the surface of the water, the four members on the surface of the water collectively disguised and interpret the script roles, showing their double-sided lives inside and outside the script.

Then the promo showed the colorful fantasy world in the script killing more intuitively. First, Wang Yuan flipped through the script to view the characters, and started the script-killing game with the three members. In the world of script killing, Qin Hao took the lead in transforming, playing a rock singer waving his hands, Wei Daxun then appeared, wearing a Republican costume and dancing smoothly with a fan, Jin Jing followed closely, the identity of an agent could not hide the seriousness between his eyebrows and eyes. The reminder that “there is a ghost, terminate the transaction” in the hands of Wang Yuan, who appeared at the end, seemed to remind the audience that his identity was not simple…After clues were shown, they finally locked the real murderer. “I have seen guest acting but never seen the guest playing at the same table.” The four members have a full sense of the interpretation of the role. The collective show makes the audience hooked, and also makes the audience full of imagination for the interactive experience of the members in the feature film. .

It is understood that the four members will also invite their celebrity friends to participate in different script-killing games to perform together. In addition to reasoning, the show will also use a large reality space to show the audience more forms of script killing, and the resulting immersive game atmosphere is also worth looking forward to.

“Strange Script Shark” official announcement lineup, trendy variety show and new gameplay attract audiences’ expectations

Perform the unknown world of scripts A fresh social experience will begin immediately

Not only is the content of the posters and promotional videos interesting and novel, the configuration of the four members of the Shark Team with different ages and personalities also makes the audience full of expectations for their game interaction and game process. I don’t know what kind of players they correspond to in the world of script killing, what kind of role they play, and what kind of contrast they will show?

“Strange Script Shark” official announcement lineup, trendy variety show and new gameplay attract audiences’ expectations(1)

After all, the reason why the script kills Beloved by young people depends on the fact that in just a few hours, players can not only walk into a strange world, experience the lives of others, but also draw the distance between each other through mutual discussion and reasoning, which is indeed in line with young people. Overcome addiction to drama and meet the dual needs of social interaction.

Therefore, while satisfying the audience’s social curiosity about celebrity games, “Singular Script Shark” is also responsible for popularizing science proofs for audiences who don’t know about script killing, showing more new ways to play script killing, and telling more Young people in need deliver this new form of trendy social interaction, so that after watching the show, the audience is willing to experience the script killing and enjoy the double pleasure of the upper body of the drama and the breaking of the social wall.

Currently, “Singular Script Shark” is being recorded intensively. A script-killing game feast that will experience life and real social interaction is about to open. Please lock in on iQiyi’s “Singular Script Shark”, which is worthy of excitement look forward to!