Syrian coach revealed that he was owed pay for 15 months and would resign, but still vowed to lead the team to defeat the national football

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According to Tunisian radio station Mosaique FM on the 9th, the Syrian national team has a serious problem of salary arrears. Syrian coach Nabir · Marul has been owed salary for 15 months, and he is likely to leave the team after the Syrian national team’s top 40 match (that is, after playing the Chinese team).

Maruller told the media that he doesn’t blame the Syrian Football Association because the Football Association’s financial tension stems from the years of civil war and the U.S. blockade and sanctions against Syria, which led to him Unable to get the salary that he deserves in time.

Syrian footballers are plagued by wars and blockades

This is not the first time that Marul has reported that class may be dismissed this year. In March After the Syrian team lost three consecutive goals in the warm-up match Bahrain and the Iranian team, Syria has publicly questioned the horse Luler’s coaching ability, the media began to ask the coach to resign. Since then, the preparations for Maruller in the top 40 are also exhausted. Regarding whether to recruit Heribin, As well as the difficulty of the international players to gather enough numbers, the training cannot be carried out normally, and the constant injuries, the contradiction between him and the Syrian media continues to deepen.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=ea884dc51fe58985e2d014f555070ac1 - Syrian coach revealed that he was owed pay for 15 months and would resign, but still vowed to lead the team to defeat the national football

Maruller led the Tunisian team to the 2018 World Cup finals

Although the Syrian Football Association has finally successfully transferred the second stage of the game from Suzhou, China to Syria through various means. Sharjah, UAE, where the team is located, solved the problem that many players in the Syrian team could not come to China. However, the Syrian team won the weakest Guam team only 3-0 with the substitute team, especially the 5 main players in the second half also only scored one goal, which made Syrian domestic fans and the media a little dissatisfied, thinking that the national team did not play satisfactory. status.

As a result, under the leadership of Marul, the Syrian team’s key top 40 competition is currently ranked first in Group A with a record of 7 wins and 7 wins, becoming the next After the Japanese team, the second team to advance to the top 12.”We have entered the next stage of the world preliminaries. This achievement is not easy to obtain.” Maruller said. For the players, Marul did not hesitate to praise:”I express my sincere thanks to everyone who helped the team advance, especially our players.”

Surprised by the war, Syria’s national league is intermittent, and the suspension is no longer a new topic. In order to avoid the chaos of the war, many players left their homes, most of them switched to other West Asian national leagues.

Syrian playerFilas Khatib joined the Super League Shanghai in 2013 Shenhua, he once quoted a sentence from his former teammate in Syria:”Syria’s current economic situation is very difficult, which is also reflected in sports. I know many players, and they all face very difficult living conditions.”

National Football if defeating Syrian team can get 6 million bonuses

Despite being owed salary, Marul hopes to finish well. In previous interviews, he said that he would lead the team to defeat the Chinese team and end the top 40 with a full victory record. Maruller’s words are not just what he said. This can be seen from the big rotation in the last game against the Maldives. His purpose is to ensure that several main players can play smoothly against the Chinese team.

After defeating the Philippines 2-0, the national football team currently has 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, accumulating 12 points. However, due to the retiring of the team, it is necessary to eliminate the results of the team at the bottom of the same group when the comparison group is second. After eliminating the two games with Guam, the national football team has a record of 2 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss and 7 points, ranking second in the group only sixth. Since the host Qatar team ranks first in the group, the Chinese team needs to be ranked at least fifth in the second group. From the point of view of points, If the Chinese team wins the Maldives in the next game, they only need to tie the Syrian team in the final round to qualify. However, if you want to ensure a qualifying line, you must defeat your opponent.

The last time the Chinese team defeated the Syrian team was the 1996 Asian Cup The game was played. At that time, the Chinese team defeated their opponents 3-0. In the following 25 years, the two sides played against each other in the World Preliminaries and Asian Preliminaries. As a result, they played 5 times. The national football team was 2 draws and 3 losses.

The Chinese Football Association has awarded 6 million in winnings for the national football team against Syria, with a total of 12 million in winnings for the four games.

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