“Take off” will be broadcast: show the arduous journey of the birth of domestic aircraft

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China News Service, June 23. The “Take off” of “Our New Era” will be broadcast tonight. The play is produced by Huace Group and directed by Xu Jizhou. It tells the story of the struggle of a pair of technicians and apprentices with the domestically-made regional aircraft manufacturing as the background, and shows the arduous history of the birth of domestically-made aircraft.

“Take off” will be broadcast: show the arduous journey of the birth of domestic aircraft

Stills of “Take off”. Picture courtesy of the show party

From the 1970s to the present, China’s civil aircraft manufacturing industry has gone through a difficult period. During this period, the majority of aviation industry designers, engineers, and skilled workers worked together to overcome difficulties.

Although my country’s aircraft manufacturing industry has entered into intelligence, a large number of cutting-edge technologies are used, and new materials are widely used, some links still need to be handcrafted by sheet metal workers. “Take off” of “Our New Era” is centered on the manufacture of domestically-made regional airplanes, based on the story of the sheet metal work apprentice Liu Mengyu (Wang Luodan) and the “Great Power Craftsman” Zhao Xudong (Li Xuejian).

In the play, the female apprentice Liu Mengyu is a girl who grew up with the domestic regional aircraft. In order to build her ideals and ambitions for aircraft, she plunged into a sheet metal position. From an intern who started from a job transfer and started from a cleaning post, to the head of the final assembly team who witnessed the successful flight test of a domestically-made regional aircraft, Liu Mengyuan has grown up step by step under the guidance of Master and his own hard work.

“Take off” will be broadcast: show the arduous journey of the birth of domestic aircraft(1)

Stills of “Tengfei”. Photo courtesy of the play

At the same time, the play reproduces the portraits of many domestic aircraft manufacturing posts such as sheet metal, fitter, gluing, assembly, design, craftsmanship, etc., performed by actors such as Wang Luodan, Li Xuejian, Yuan Wenkang, etc. The struggle and spirit of Chinese aviation people.

The director of the play, Xu Jizhou, combines industrial aesthetics with light and shadow art to make the whole work more modern and industrial.

In order to better show the elegance of domestic aircraft and the beauty of Chinese craftsmanship, the crew recreated the domestic regional aircraft model 1:1. The main creator did a lot of research in the early stage, interviewed many aviation experts and first-line skilled workers, and restored the working scenes and technological processes of skilled workers. (End)