Take wedding photos on the non-motorized driveway under the tunnel Danger!

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Take wedding photos on the non-motorized driveway under the tunnel. Danger!

Take wedding photos on the non-motorized driveway under the tunnel Danger!

The police came to the scene, Persuasion

Since the end of last year, people began to take wedding photos and portraits in the tunnel under the Tianhe West Second Street in the High-tech Zone of Chengdu. Because the shooting would occupy the non-motorized vehicle lanes, the citizen Ms. Cheng also witnessed a Accidents caused by field shooting. “It’s too dangerous, it’s a safety hazard.” Ms. Cheng said. During the visit, the reporter had a conversation with the photographers in the tunnel. They also said that “it is indeed a bit dangerous”, but why do they still shoot? “To look good.” They replied. After the police came to the scene, they persuaded the relevant personnel to leave as soon as possible. The traffic police also said that they would step up patrols and persuade them to leave.

After 5 pm on the 21st, when Ms. Cheng passed the railway under Tianhe West Second Street, she met people taking pictures there. In the photos she casually took, a woman in a wedding dress was walking on the sidewalk, and two men next to him were taking pictures. One of the men walked onto the non-motorized vehicle lane.

Ms. Cheng told reporters that since the end of last year, pictures were taken in the tunnel underneath. “Somehow it became an internet celebrity photography spot, wedding photos, photos…” December 4 last year After 5 o’clock in the evening, she witnessed an accident caused by taking pictures in the tunnel. “There was a battery car that was very fast. After entering the tunnel, the photographer jumped into the non-motorized lane to take a view. The battery car couldn’t stop and fell out.” Ms. Cheng was so scared by the accident that she hurriedly dialed the 122 traffic accident alarm number .

Later she was very careful when she passed there, “My experience is that there are more people taking pictures here in the afternoon to the evening.” Her lover has the habit of running at 8:30 in the evening, “During that time period, I often see photos taken in the tunnel.”

After 2 pm on the 22nd, the reporter came to the tunnel under Tianhe West Second Street. As soon as I walked to the entrance of the tunnel in the direction of the ring road, I met a photographer with a couple who came to take wedding photos.

After finishing the arrangement, the photographer guides a pair of men and women to the non-motorized lane to start shooting. Under the guidance of the photographer, the men and women sometimes face the direction of the oncoming vehicle and sometimes their back to the direction of the vehicle. Walking back and forth in the driveway.

The reporter noticed that entering the tunnel from the Central Ring Road is a downhill, and the speed of both the battery car and the bicycle is not slow. After the filming started, from time to time, the horns, bells and “chirps” of the brakes of the coming cars could be heard. Sometimes, because of the large number of cars or the fast speed, the photographer has to stop shooting and wait for the cars to pass by before continuing to shoot.

Just in front of this group of wedding photography, there was a pair of men and women who came by themselves. The man raised his camera and squatted onto the non-motorized road for a while. In the opposite non-motorized lane, the reporter also encountered men and women who came to take pictures.

“Strengthen patrols and conduct persuasion”

At the scene, the reporter called the 122 traffic accident police number. Then, the police from the Public Security Branch of the High-tech Zone came to the scene. The police said that the traffic here is fast and accidents are prone to occur due to changes in the light after entering the tunnel. It is recommended that the photographer leave as soon as possible.

After that, policemen from the Sixth Branch of the Traffic Police arrived at the scene to check the situation. The traffic police said that it is not safe to take pictures in this way and will strengthen patrols and persuade them.

Photographic report by Peng Liang, Red Star News reporter, Chengdu Commercial Daily