The 14th National Games Synchronized Swimming Test Competition was held in Xi’an

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China News Service, Xi’an, June 17 (Reporter Zhang Yuan) On the 17th, the Fourteenth National Games Synchronized Swimming Event Test Competition and Shaanxi Synchronized Swimming Club Invitational Tournament were held in Xi’an.

Sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the Fourteenth National Games of the People’s Republic of China, this competition is practiced in accordance with the “Five-All-Five-Same” standard. The aim is to find loopholes and make up for shortcomings through actual combat exercises, so as to inspect the venue equipment and exercise operation. Team, the purpose of running-in working mechanism, implementing service guarantee, testing operation command, and accumulating experience in running competitions.

According to the introduction, this synchronized swimming test competition is composed of two-person technical optional, two-person free optional, collective free optional, free combination and other projects. The competition method adopts the latest synchronized swimming approved by the Swimming Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration. Competition rules, the final score of the competition depends on the completion score, the artistic impression score, and the difficulty score. There are 23 teams from 5 teams in Shaanxi Province.

The 14th National Games Synchronized Swimming Test Competition was held in Xi’an


p >The picture shows the scene of the competition. Zhang Yuanshe

Yue Yan, the head of the test match referee team, said that the entire test match process was carried out in full accordance with the 14th National Games main match process. Due to the epidemic, no domestic high-level players were recruited to participate. The international referees and several national referees who were judged at the Tokyo Olympics are all in place, with the purpose of simulating the scene of the National Games in an all-round way. “The overall hardware facilities of the venues are first-class, and the level of event services and epidemic prevention and control are also excellent, and they are fully equipped to hold international high-level synchronized swimming competitions.” Yue Yan said.

It is reported that this test event was held at the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Swimming and Diving Hall located in the Xi’an International Port Area. Prior to this, the venue has hosted diving including the Chinese Diving Star Game and the Tokyo Olympic replenishment competition. And swimming test competition. The swimming, synchronized swimming and diving competitions of the 14th National Games will be held here in September this year. (End)