The 24 teams in the European Cup have scored goals! England Hard Steel Death Group

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The 24 teams in the European Cup have scored goals! England Hard Steel Death Group

The screenshots are from the UEFA official website


China News Service Client, Beijing, June 23rd. In the early morning of the 23rd, Beijing time, the European Cup Group D matches all ended. After defeating the Czech team 1-0, England qualified as the first in the group stage, but their next opponent is likely to be one of France, Germany and Portugal. Croatia and the Czech Republic, in the same group as England, also qualified for the knockout rounds.

In the battle against the Czech team, England took the lead early, and Glarish assisted Sterling in the 11th minute to complete the goal. In the whole game, the two teams combined had only 4 shots within the range of the goal frame, and there were not too many threats. In the end, the score of 1:0 was kept to the end, and the “Happy Boys” helped England win the group first.

However, after successfully qualifying, the England team will face a severe test next. Their opponent in the 1/8 finals is the second in Group F. According to the current ranking, it is the German team, but it may eventually be France. Or Portugal. France is the champion of the World Cup, Portugal is the defending champion of the European Cup, and the German team is the team with the best record in the history of the European Cup, and has just beaten Portugal 4:2.

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No matter who you end up with , Is a tough battle for England. But conversely, it is not easy to beat England. In the 3 games of the group stage, the England team scored only two goals, but did not concede a goal.

In comparison, the situation of the Croatian team, which finished the breakout in the last battle, seems to be much better after qualifying. Although only 1 point was accumulated in the first two games, after a 3-1 victory over Scotland, Croatia surpassed the Czech Republic by a narrow margin to rise to second place in the group and successfully entered the knockout rounds. Their opponent in the 1/8 finals is second in Group E, which is one of Sweden, Slovakia, Spain or Poland.

With Scotland, the core players of the Croatian team such as Modric and Perisic played well. Croatia scored only 16 minutes into the game, and Vlasic finished the goal after receiving Perisic’s assist.

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but the first half is over Before, McGregor shot vigorously outside the penalty area, Livakovic could not make a save, Scotland equalized the score on the court. Scotland is also the last team to score a goal among the 24 teams participating in this European Cup. So far all teams have scored.

At the critical moment, Modric played a central role. In the 61st minute, he played a world wave outside the instep to help Croatia once again exceed the score. Subsequently, Modric used a corner kick to assist Perisic to score, locking the final score at 3-1. Although it drew England, Scotland lost to the Czech Republic and Croatia, and eventually the group was out of the game.

Croatia achieved a key victory, which also means that the Czech Republic was squeezed to third in the group. However, after the expansion of the European Cup to 24 teams, in addition to the top 2 of the 6 groups, the 3rd of the 4 best performing groups can also advance to the knockout rounds.

Since 4 of the 6 teams have completed all competitions, the Czech Republic has the best performance in the 3rd of the current 4 teams. Therefore, regardless of the situation of the next E and F groups, the Czech Republic has been locked. A ticket to the knockout tournament was awarded, but the exact position in the 1/8 finals is still uncertain. In the same way, after this match day, the Swiss team, which had the same 4 points as the Czech team, actually made it into the knockout round.

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Beijing time on the 24th morning , This European Cup will usher in the last match day of the group stage, 8 teams from Group E and Group F will all debut. The battle for the “death group” is the focus of the focus. At present, in addition to the clearer situation of the French team, Germany, Portugal and Hungary all have the hope of promotion, in other words, they all have the possibility of being eliminated. In addition, whether the Spanish team in Group E can successfully qualify is also a big suspense. (End)