The 6th “Moving Petrochemical” Characters Announced, Academician Jiang Shicheng Awarded

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China News Service, Beijing, June 23 (Reporter Zhang Xu) On June 23, Sinopec held the 6th Moving Petrochemical Figures Award Ceremony in Beijing. Ten individuals and teams including Academician Jiang Shicheng were awarded as “Moving Petrochemical Figures” “title.

The 10 award-winning figures and teams are: Academician Jiang Shicheng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Zhengjun of Hubei Petroleum, Cao Xulong of Shengli Oilfield, Yang Yue of Maoming Petrochemical, Deng Shang of Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute, Cao Xiangli of Cangzhou Refining and Chemical Corporation, Dongxiang of Group Company Poverty alleviation team, Shengli Petroleum Engineering Company Li Enpeng, Zhongyuan Oilfield Du Li, Guangdong Petroleum Foshan Nanhai Party Branch.

The 6th “Moving Petrochemical” Characters Announced, Academician Jiang Shicheng Awarded

The scene of the award ceremony. Photo by Chinanews reporter Zhang Xu

The first one to appear among the winners is the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jiang Shicheng.

Jiang Shicheng has loved the ever-changing chemistry since he was a child, and he aspires to be a chemical engineer. He often says “national needs”. He used to be the deputy general manager and chief engineer of Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company, and a member of the Science and Technology Committee of China Petrochemical Corporation. He is an expert in my country’s chemical fiber engineering design and technology management and one of the main pioneers of polyester industrial engineering.

As early as the mid-1960s, Jiang Shicheng, as the chief design officer of the Guizhou organic chemical plant for a large national project, was involved in the engineering design and construction of my country’s first 10,000-ton vinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol plant. It created a new way of localization and successfully promoted it in Guangxi Vinylon Plant and other similar devices.

In 1999, Jiang Shicheng was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In 2006, he won the Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award. Focusing on the national development strategy goals and the future development direction of the chemical fiber industry, he has presided over and participated in the high-performance fiber industry, the engineering and industrialization of a variety of new biopolymer fibers, the technological innovation and development of my country’s textile industry (2016-2030), and high-performance Strategic consulting research topics such as the innovation and development of fiber and automobile lightweight technology, the development of waste chemical fiber textile resource recycling technology, and the development of hollow fiber membrane technology industry. Provide a “Chinese solution” for the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the chemical fiber industry.

The 6th “Moving Petrochemical” Characters Announced, Academician Jiang Shicheng Awarded(1)

Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Jiang Shicheng. China News Service reporter Zhang Xu photo

The chemical fiber business is Jiang Shicheng’s lifelong career. He said, entering his old age: “Independent innovation can only become bigger and stronger, and independent innovation can be irreplaceable.”< /p>

In addition to the old people who have struggled for life, there are many young faces on the list of moving petrochemicals. Li Zhengjun led all the staff of the station to stay on the front line of the epidemic, separated by a wall from the Vulcan Mountain Hospital, for 76 days, and cheer for life rescue; Cao Xulong persisted for 37 years and focused on challenging the new limit of complex oil recovery; Yang Yue made optimization in the process of tackling the challenges and creating benefits To the extreme, he is hailed as “the pianist in the iron forest of the silver tower”…

Sinopec Party Secretary and Chairman Zhang Yuzhuo said: “The award-winning comrades have senior academicians who are more than years old and have a virtuous life. There are young talents, managers who dare to grasp and manage, grass-roots employees who are dedicated to the front line, a poverty alleviation team with a heart and soul, and a battle fortress to overcome difficulties. They all have a common name, that is, the Communist Party Zhang Yuzhuo pointed out that at present, Sinopec is accelerating the construction of “one base, two wings and three new” industrial structure and building the world’s leading clean energy chemical company, which requires spiritual strength. “We must widely publicize the deeds of the petrochemical figures, earnestly learn from them, and form a lively situation in the company of seeing the talents and striving for the first place, and strive to build the world’s leading clean energy chemical company.” (End)