The best way to live after middle age:be sober and be confused

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Keep stupid without knowing how stupid you are.

When I was young, I always thought that this world was either black or white.

After years of baptism, I have only realized that the world is changeable and people’s hearts are complicated.

Be awake when you are awake, and be confused when you are confused. It is a good way to live in the world, and it is also a philosophy of life.

01 Being awake is a skill.

Zhou Guoping once in”When You Learn to Be Alone” Wrote:”Do things when you are awake, think when you are alone.”

Anyone who walks far has already given up the impulse and has a clear life.

Ming Dynasty’s politicians, everyone knowsZhang Juzheng, in fact his Teacher, Xu Jie, is even more worth mentioning.

The fledgling Xu Jie is an”angry youth” with an upright nature.

At that time, the Cabinet University BachelorZhang Cong is a high-ranking authority, and he is very important to Jiajing Emperor suggests removing Confucius the title of King Wenxuan, lower the standard of sacrifice Confucius.

The civil and military officials were silent, and only Xu Jie blatantly opposed it.

Zhang Jing became angry from shame:”Do you want to betray me?”

Xu Jie replied:”Betrayal is because of attachment. I have never attached to you. What about betrayal?”

Xu Jie, who offended a bachelor’s degree, was demoted from the bustling Beijing to the desolate South Xinjiang.

But Xu Jie was not depressed because of this. For several years, he devoted himself to the local area to vindicate the unjust cases.

Jiajing Emperor heard Xu Jie’s political achievements and was quite satisfied, so he summoned him back and was promoted.

At that time, the traitor Yan Song had the power to win over Xu Jie, who returned to court , Unexpectedly ate a closed door.

Yan Song put on small shoes for Xu Jie in front of Emperor Jiajing again and again, and Xu Jie’s situation was precarious.

With the lessons learned, Xu Jie finally”opened up”.

He realizes that he is weak and cannot hit a rock with a pebble, and he also understands that if a person wants to defeat an opponent, he must first protect himself.

So, Xu Jie kept Yan Songfu’s bottom line and obeyed everywhere.

Even facing the offense of Yan Song’s son Yan Shifan, Xu Jie refused to respond. .

At the same time, Xu Jie approached Emperor Jiajing to win his favor and gain trust.

Step by step, he became the prince’s grandmaster, and he also entered the cabinet as the second assistant, second only to Yan Song.

The time is ripe, Xu Jie is waiting for the opportunity.

One ​​day, he learned that Yan Song had a secret letter and presented it to Emperor Jiajing for convenience. The psychology of Taoism is ventilated with Landaoxing.

Lan Daoxing said to Jiajing after divination:”Today there are treacherous officials playing.”

After a while, Jiajing emperor received Yan Song’s secret note and doubted Yan Song’s loyalty.

Next, Xu Jie asked Yushi Zou Yinglong to strike the iron while it was hot, and proceed with the crime of impeaching Yan Song and his son.

After reading the memorial, Jiajing was furious and ordered severe punishment, and the Yan clan’s forces fell.

Xu Jie took over as the first assistant of the cabinet, ushering in the peak of his career.

From an angry youth in the workplace to a high position, Xu Jie’s secret is no more than eight words: Be sober and confused.

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02 Being confused is wisdom.

Mr. Banqiao has a word:”It’s rare to be confused.”

Throughout the ages, truly smart people will understand that being confused is a blessing.

A while ago, I heard an old painter pretending to be stupid and deceived Zhu Yuanzhang“The story.

One ​​day, Zhu Yuanzhang walked to a hall that was about to be completed. Looking at the magnificent decoration, he thought of the hard days before.

Seeing no one around, express emotion directly:

“I originally only wanted to steal some property along the way. I didn’t expect to get the throne in front of me. It was unexpected!”

After speaking, he looked up at the wall of the shed and was taken aback.

An old painter is carefully painting. Due to the wide beams, Zhu Yuanzhang did not find him before.

Zhu Yuanzhang was shocked to realize that he had failed.

So he immediately ordered the old painter to come down, but the old painter did not respond even after shouting several times.

Zhu Yuanzhang sent someone to call the old painter again, only to see him coming down from the roof tremblingly and kneeling on the ground to plead guilty:”The little man is deaf, the sin is worth the death!”

Zhu Yuanzhang listen Well, I thought to myself at such a distance, what could a deaf old man hear?

He turned his anger into forgiveness, not only did not punish the old painter, but also rewarded him with twenty taels of silver.

The old painter accepted the silver thank you, and when he walked out of the temple, he was sweating on his head.

In fact, he heard every word Zhu Yuanzhang said clearly.

But he knew in his heart that if he didn’t pretend to be deaf, he would lose his life.

I remember a very classic sentence:

“The trick to living is:stay stupid without knowing how stupid you are.” span>

Don’t be stingy when you should be confused.

Cao Cao in his later years, the choice of successor was uncertain.

According to common sense, the older Cao Pi should be established, but he prefers the talented Cao Zhi, then go to ask Jia Xu’s opinion.

Jia Xu knows his thoughts well, pretends to be stupid and doesn’t understand, and doesn’t answer.

Cao Cao was a little angry:”I want to ask you something!”

Jia Xu came back to his senses and apologized:”I was thinking about something just now.”

Cao Cao asked:”What are you thinking about?”


p data-track=”60″>Jia Xu said:”I’m thinking Yuan Shao< /span>Father and son and Liu Biao what about father and son.” p>

After Cao Cao listened, Suddenly he was enlightened, and soon issued an edict, making his eldest son Cao Pi the eldest son.

It turned out that both Liu Biao and Yuan Shao violated the law of etiquette and chose to”stand up for the young but not the long”, which eventually led to brotherhood and national defeat.

Jia Xu seems to be vague, but his answer is not what he asked, but he is actually reminding Cao Cao not to repeat the same mistakes.

I very much agree with the sentence:”The two basic points of life are:confused and chic.”

Life ups and downs, cleverness is important, but confusion is even more rare.

Clean water means no fish, and clean people means no friends. It may not be necessary to understand everything.

The decoration is confused, and many problems will be easily solved.

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Zhihu has a question:What is true maturity?

One ​​of the highly praised answers is:Real maturity, but knowing how to Make a balance between being sober and confused.

You can stand tall if you can handle things clearly.

If you are confused, you can go far.

With both, you can live in peace.

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