The Birth of”Hesse-2″ Satellite

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Source:Taihai Net

Taihai Net, June 12, according to Xiamen TV reported that the Haisi 2 satellite is a satellite developed by Xiamen University, Xiamen University’s aerospace dream A new journey has officially started. You must be curious about how the”Hesse II” was born. Next, we followed the reporter to take a look at the birth of”Hesse II”.

Reporter Xiong Wei:Last year, Xiamen University realized its dream of spaceflight. They launched the Haisi-1 satellite to provide a pair of powerful wings for ocean observation in my country. This year, Xiamen University has a dream of spaceflight again. New plan.

Shang Shaoling, a member of the Haisi-2 Satellite Science Committee, a professor at Xiamen University:We plan to build the Haisi-2 satellite this year. At present, these large satellites basically have a resolution of one kilometer for ocean observation. , It cannot achieve real quantitative remote sensing of ecological environment. Now our Hess-2, we have a resolution of 20 meters. Hess-2 is an optical satellite, we can go to see Red tide, look at oil spill, these people are very concerned about issues. This Haisi-2 satellite was jointly developed by Xiamen University and Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd., and manufactured in Shenzhen, the launch is scheduled at a satellite launch base in Shanxi.

Reporter Xiong Wei:At Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd., we finally saw the true face of Haisi-2. Now it has completed most of its assembly work and is undergoing professional testing.

Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd. staff:This is our factory state, including the launch state. (That’s the case in the rocket.) Yes, here are the four solar wings in space after going up to the sky.solar wing /span> will expand, this is a flight status.

Wang Lili, chief engineer of Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd. and chief engineer of Hess-2 satellite:the two above are the camera lenses, and the white one is a antenna. For the ground transmission of measurement and control information, satellites are generally divided into payload bays and platform bays. The upper part is the payload bay with cameras. Data transmission storage equipment, underneath is the platform cabin, including the attitude control system, and the power supply and distribution system.

Reporter Xiong Wei:After a month of assembling, we now finally see a complete version of Hesi-2, and then Hesi-2 will be packed and shipped from here to launch in Shanxi. base.

Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd. staff:Next, we are going to pack the whole star into the whole star packing box, here are four Shock absorber, during our transportation, there may be some road fluctuations. (Next, how do we ship to Shanxi?) Land transportation.

Reporter Xiong Wei:We saw the Long March 2D carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in China, and the Haisi-2 will carry this rocket to the vast stars.

Reporter Xiong Wei:The rocket has been ignited, the Long March 2D carrier rocket has taken off, and the Haisi 2 satellite is about to start its new mission.

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