The Chinese Pioneer Characters Story Collection series will be the first button in life for teenagers

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China News Service, Beijing, June 20th (Reporter Ying Ni) The new book “Learning from Pioneers and Setting Life Models-“The Story of Chinese Pioneers” series jointly sponsored by Party Building Reading Material Publishing House and Jieli Publishing House The first launch event was held on the 19th in Beijing Book Building. This series of books covering ancient and modern and pioneers in various industries aims to help young people button the first button in their lives and set an example for young people to learn.

Wu Shulin, executive vice chairman of the China Publishing Association, pointed out that in the selection of pioneers, the series paid attention to pioneers in all walks of life and all aspects who have made significant contributions to the Chinese nation and the country. Among them are scientists. There are writers, thinkers, astronauts, ordinary workers, and farmers; this set of books is written for young readers. The publishing house has invited famous children’s literature writers who are popular among children to create it. The academic level, artistic level, ideology, artistry, structure, and interest of the set of books are well unified; it fits well with the historical figures of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The Chinese Pioneer Characters Story Collection series will be the first button in life for teenagers

Tai Lihua performed in sign language and sang “The Song of the Chinese Young Pioneers” with the young pioneers. Photo courtesy of Relay Publishing House

Bai Bing, the editor-in-chief of Relay Publishing House, said that this series of books helped young Bacon Cast their souls and buckle the first button in their lives, help them build the core values ​​of socialism, lead them to be capitalized people, to be noble people, to be people who are separated from low-level tastes, and to be useful to the country and society. It is useful to the country and realizes one’s life value in the contribution to the country. This is also the meaning of this series of books.

One of the authors of the series, children’s literature writer Ge Jing, completed the writing of many characters in the series. In her opinion, the “Pioneer” series of books can help young readers clarify what is possible and what is promising, and clarify the relationship between individuals and the times, the country, and society. Each book in the series contains a character. And behind this character reflects an era and how our country continues to develop in that era. “You will find that a person’s power seems so weak, but when he integrates himself with the country and the times, he can really make a great contribution. This series of books can not only help young readers Accumulating writing materials, understanding the development of the times, understanding our country and the Chinese heroes around us, can also guide young readers to establish firm beliefs in their hearts.”

Yin Jianling, a children’s literature writer, contributed “Tai Lihua” to young readers. -Silent Dance. When she interviewed Tai Lihua’s dance enlightenment teacher, she heard this sentence: Tai Lihua’s success is not accidental, it is inevitable. why? The whole book provides answers to this question. “Tai Lihua became today’s Tai Lihua, of course, thanks to her loving and understanding family, as well as the teachers who took care of her growth along the way and a good educational environment. However, I think what is more important is her internal cause, she is born with her. Quality, hard work and perseverance, self-reflection and tolerance, self-esteem and self-love, independent personality, daring to dream and the courage to pursue dreams.”

As the son of mathematician Chen Jingrun, Chen Youwei, secretary general of the Canadian branch of the European and American Alumni Association Said, I am honored that the second part of this series includes the story of my father Chen Jingrun. The stories in the book also evoked a lot of his insights and memories. “I once heard my father share with me that when he was studying, he tried all the methods in one question. It is because of his hard work that he has a very solid foundation in the future learning path.”

He believes that the “Stories of Chinese Pioneers” series of books will help young readers persist in learning and pursue their dreams. The power of role models is infinite. Sooner or later, we will set up our own role models in our growth, and we will have different role models at different stages of life.

According to reports, 39 books in the series have reached copyright export intentions or have achieved copyright export with South Korea, Turkey, Nepal, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

At present, 30 books in the first and second series of the series have been published, and they have received very good market response. They won the just-announced Fifth China Publishing Government Award Book Award. The selection, determination, and interview of the characters in the fourth series of the series has been launched. It is expected that by 2023, the “Chinese Pioneer Characters Story Collection” series will publish about 100 titles in total. (End)