The Chinese team 🇨🇳 a Syrian team starts 15 minutes in the World Cup Asian qualifier

By yqqlm yqqlm

In the first fifteen minutes, China played well and kept pressing Syria, hitting inside the door frame two or three times, but our luck was a bit bad both.

Li Tie, the head coach, the forward peak, Exon, Wu Lei, midfielder Zhang Xizhe Wu Xi, defense shows Zhang Linying And Jiang Guangtai, on both sides, are Jin JingdaoCompared with Wu Xinghan, the rotation of this game and the players from the Philippines are still changing a lot.

Just now the host Xu Yang also made a joke, saying that the busiest person in the opening 20 minutes It’s the opponent’s goalkeeper, that is, our Chinese team can still cover their faces.

As long as they play normally and win the game, it’s okay to see the Chinese team, but after observing the field for so long, the Syrian players have not played well, but they seem to be a little shameless, playing emotional ball. The Chinese team’s players touched them and they fell to the ground with severe pain. This is also the West Asia team The player’s usual method.

Just as the article was written, the Chinese midfielder Zhang Xizhe scored a goal. In the 40th minute of the first half of the game, it was great. Zhang Xizhe’s kick was still very good. Level, right in the center of the opponent’s gate, the opponent’s goalkeeper is helpless to make the ball into the net, haha.

But the Syrian team has counterattacked very fiercely. In these few minutes, I hope the boys of the Chinese men’s football team will stabilize their positions and not carry the burden of trying to win and fear losing, and win the game cleanly. I’m writing here for everyone, friends who like the editor, can pay attention, or leave a message, listen to the editor’s accountThe story of Chinese football, see you next time!

This section is the second half of the game. It was added a few minutes after the kick-off. Within a few minutes of the opening of the second half, the Chinese team was scored by the Syrian team. It was too careless. It was our central defender. Jiang Guangtai made a mistake with Zhang Linling. The opponent striker really broke in. I still hope that the Chinese team will score another goal in the rest of the time to win the game. Why did the Chinese team make a turnaround! Come on, Chinese team