The Dragon Boat Festival holiday will start tomorrow. Learn about these travel information in advance! To

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Chinanews client, Beijing, June 11 (Reporter Zhang Ni) Starting tomorrow, the 2021 Dragon Boat Festival holiday will officially open. As the last small holiday in the first half of this year, this holiday is expected to have 100 million trips. Which destinations are the most popular? How is the domestic epidemic prevention and control deployment? What’s the weather like during the long vacation? Let’s see it together!

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday will start tomorrow. Learn about these travel information in advance! To

Which destinations are popular for this Dragon Boat Festival?

——It is estimated that 100 million people will travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other popular cities

According to the previous calculation data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the May 1st holiday in 2021, domestic tourism throughout the country 230 million people traveled. Compared with the “May 1st” holiday, the number of travelers during the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival may decline, but short-distance tours are still hot.

According to previous industry estimates, the demand for visiting relatives and tourism during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is mainly short- and medium-distance travel, and most tourists choose to travel within the province. The number of outbound tourists is expected to return to the level of the same period in 2019, and is expected to reach 100 million.

From the perspective of popular destinations, this holiday, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Chongqing, Changsha, Qingdao, Xi’an and other places are popular cities for travel.

In addition, there is a strong demand for high-speed rail travel from central cities to surrounding cities and counties, and surrounding leisure and vacations are expected to be the main form of travel for residents during the Dragon Boat Festival. The most popular travel themes are theme parks, ecological tours, zoos, etc.

According to the Dragon Boat Festival road traffic safety warning issued by the Ministry of Public Security recently, it is predicted that the peak of this year’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday will appear on June 12, and the return peak will appear on the afternoon of June 14, the first and last two days. The risks of traffic congestion and accidents are prominent.

In addition, after the college entrance examination, the demand for tourist passenger transportation is large, and the traffic safety risks of tourism travel are prominent; the busy summer harvest and summer farming season, collective farming and folk activities are concentrated, and the risk of traffic accidents is prominent; drunk driving, drunk driving, fatigue driving, etc. are illegal Accidents are prone to occur frequently, and rainfall has an adverse effect on holiday travel.

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday will start tomorrow. Learn about these travel information in advance! To(1)

——Guangzhou closed entertainment venues Suspension of business

The holiday is just around the corner. On the one hand, a large-scale movement of people is about to start. On the other hand, local confirmed cases in some provinces in China are also attracting attention. Is the epidemic prevention deployment in place during the holidays?

Just recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued a reminder-tourists should take personal protection. Consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, wear masks, wash hands frequently, gather less, ventilate frequently, and develop a good habit of “one-meter noodle”.

In addition, when taking transportation and visiting the park, consciously keep a distance from other tourists to avoid getting together. When coughing or sneezing, pay attention to cover with elbows or tissues, and do not spit. When symptoms such as colds and fever appear, stop visiting and seek medical attention in time.

In Guangdong, which has attracted much attention, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangdong Province has recently issued a reminder that residents of cities in the middle and high-risk areas of Guangdong Province should not go out for travel temporarily to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission; it is indeed necessary to leave the city. Those who travel out of the city must strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures such as nucleic acid testing in accordance with the relevant requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control department.

In addition, on June 8, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism has issued a notice that various public cultural and tourist places in Guangzhou’s medium- and high-risk areas and the closed and closed management areas will all be closed and closed. Entertainment venues (cinemas, theaters, singing and dancing entertainment venues, Internet service venues, etc.) are temporarily closed. Travel agencies take the lead in not forming a group to leave Guangzhou and do not travel out of the province.

In addition, the notice stated that the closed rooms of tourist attractions are temporarily closed. Public cultural venues (libraries, museums, cultural centers, art galleries) and outdoor parts of tourist attractions have a current limit of 50%, and implement preventive and control measures such as appointments, peak shifting, temperature measurement, scanning (lighting) codes, and wearing masks.

——Some areas welcome high temperature “baking” test

What is the national weather condition during the Dragon Boat Festival? Is it suitable to travel?

According to the weather reminder issued by the Meteorological Department, during the Dragon Boat Festival (June 12-14), there will be rainfall in most parts of the country, which is scattered, mainly showers or thundershowers, among which Henan and Hubei , Anhui, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and other places have relatively strong rainfall.

From the 12th to the 13th, the rainfall in the southern part of Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jianghuai, and the eastern part of the southwestern region was obvious. Moderate to heavy rain may occur, and local heavy rain may occur, or traffic may be affected. Among the big cities, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hefei, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou are more likely to encounter rain during holidays, so you should pay attention to bringing rain gear when you travel.

In addition, the South China Sea is currently experiencing tropical system activities and is gradually developing, which is expected to bring strong wind and rain to the South China coast.

In addition to rainfall, some areas will also usher in a high temperature “baking” test.

It is estimated that there will be 35-38℃ high temperature weather in southern North China, Huanghuai, western Jiangnan, northern southern China and other places from the 12th to the 14th. Therefore, the public should take heatstroke prevention and cooling measures when going out to avoid Heatstroke. (End)