“The elephant group is becoming an international star”

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“The elephant group is becoming an international star”

“The elephant group is becoming an international star”

< p>“The elephant group is becoming an international star”(1)

From 18:00 on June 20 to 18:00 on June 21, The elephant group migrated 9.3 kilometers northward and re-entered the woodland in Shijie Township, Yimen County from Eshan County, Yuxi City. The single elephant is located in the north-east direction of the elephant group, 24.6 kilometers away from the elephant group, and continues to move in a small area in the woodland of Shuanghe Township, Jinning District, Kunming City.

The picture shows the food fed by the staff in Shuanghe Yi Township, Jinning District, Kunming City on June 3, and the wild elephants taken by drones. Xinhua News Agency issued

In the past few days, media from various countries have reported on the migration of Asian elephants in Yunnan, China, and distributed a large number of pictures and videos, which aroused enthusiastic responses from people in various countries.

The media has paid much attention to this migration, and even the economic newspaper “24 Hours Sun” has published more than a dozen videos on its website. The Italian media reported mainly on introducing the migration routes of the elephants, analyzing the reasons for the migration of the elephants, and showing the cute image of the elephants. At the same time, it also affirmed that the Chinese government has mobilized a large number of human and material resources to protect the target groups and minimize the migration of the elephants. The inconvenience caused by the cities and villages along the way, and promised positive measures to compensate people for their losses.

Italy’s largest news agency, ANSA, is the main force in this report. Through cooperation with Xinhua News Agency, it has carried out a two-week follow-up report on this hot news. 20 articles and 5 video reports show the trajectory of the elephant herd’s migration, foraging and rest. According to the agency, the group of elephants entered Kunming, the capital city of more than 8 million people, after entering the original habitat of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province about 500 kilometers, which attracted global attention. The local government has dispatched emergency response personnel, vehicles and drones to help evacuate and protect local residents, while ensuring the safety of the elephant herd. The competent authority intends to take advantage of favorable conditions such as rainfall and temperature drops to guide elephants to migrate through food lures and road blockades to ensure that elephants return to their original habitats. Asian elephants belong to the national first-class protected animals in China, mainly distributed in Yunnan. With increasing protection efforts, the number of wild Asian elephants in the province has increased from 193 in the 1980s to about 300 at present.

Italy’s largest newspaper, “Evening Post”, also reported on the migration process of the Chinese elephant herd for a long time, and published 6 videos on its website. According to the report, the journey of this group of elephants is still going on. They have become famous on the Internet, and a group of drones follow the fascinating and legendary journey of shooting them day and night to find a suitable natural habitat. The local government deployed a working group to monitor, the goal is to keep the elephant herds away from inhabited areas as much as possible, and guide them to migrate west or southwest. Judging from the footage taken by the drone, the elephants look very healthy. The Italian “Daily” website released an Italian version of the video produced by the “Zhongyi Client”, which vividly simulates the “dialogue” between the mother elephant and the baby elephant.

The news channel website of the Italian National Radio and Television Company published multiple articles with links to pictures, videos and social media articles to track the migration journey of Chinese elephant herds, which attracted nearly 18,000 netizens to forward them. According to reports, the “Long March” of China’s Yunnan elephants is still going on. They have become popular in China and are now becoming international stars, attracting the attention of international mainstream media, and there are countless videos about them on social networks.

The majority of Italian readers and viewers are attracted by the actions of the Asian elephants in China, and they also appreciate the efforts of the Chinese government to protect the elephants. More than 270,000 people watched the elephant migration video released on the social media platform by the Italian National Radio and Television Company on June 8. Netizens have commented-“I like this video so much” and “The elephants are amazing” “They are so cute” “I hope everything goes well for them.”

The video of the elephant group released on the social media platform by the 24-hour news channel of Sky TV Italy on June 12 received more than 26,000 likes, more than 3,000 reposts and nearly 1,000 comments from netizens. Netizens said: “They are as gentle and cute as all babies, and they need parental care.” “Elephants are my favorite animals. They are full of love and take care of each other. Let’s see how well the baby elephants are protected.”

The Courier reported that since 15 wild Asian elephants left the Xishuangbanna Nature Reserve, they had migrated more than 500 kilometers northward and arrived near Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. Relevant departments have invested a lot of police cars, drones, and food, and have adopted measures such as blocking roads to “persuade them to return.” However, it seems that there is no effect at present. They can only take measures such as evacuation of residents along the way. Recently, the elephant herd in Yunnan had to stop and rest because a 10-year-old baby elephant broke away from the elephant herd. Although the mother elephant kept shouting at it, the lagging baby elephant did not seem to be in a hurry.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that this was the longest animal migration ever recorded in China. At present, about 1% of the world’s Asian elephants live in China, and the migrating elephant herd quickly became a star on Chinese social media. The drones continuously broadcast the activities of the target group, and even took pictures of them sleeping peacefully in the jungle. .

The “Berlin Daily” website published the title “What a surprise! The article “Wild Elephant Breaking into the Streets of South China” also distributed videos and photos. According to the article, a herd of 15 Asian wild elephants walked more than 500 kilometers from a nature reserve in southwest China and broke into densely populated cities. The arrival of the elephants brought joy to the residents along the way. People rushed to take photos and videos and send them to social media. A short video media platform was full of images of elephants walking in the town. The article pointed out that the elephant’s expedition was described as romantic and humorous on social media. A Weibo blogger wrote: “The elephant probably wants to come to the United Nations Conference on Biodiversity in Kunming.” In a video of an elephant knocking on a villager’s door with its trunk, a netizen commented. The text “Boom, boom, anyone? I want to eat a banana”.

The article also mentioned that elephants bring not only joy, but also troubles. The police had to evacuate residents along the way. Local officials in Yuxi reported that in the 40 days before and after the elephant visited Yuxi, “the elephant did 412 disturbing things and destroyed the harvest of 550,000 square meters of arable land”. In Kunming, people were waiting for the arrival of elephants. People tried to block the roads for elephants to enter the city with heavy trucks and put food to attract them. The local government put in about 18 tons of food, trying to lure the elephants back. The article also introduced that there are currently about 300 wild elephants in China, which are under strict protection. Experts believe that elephant migration is a normal phenomenon, because they are constantly looking for new living spaces.

Other major German media, such as “Time”, “Der Spiegel”, and “Star” weekly magazines have also reported on their websites and distributed videos.

(Comprehensive newspaper Rome, Vienna, Berlin, June 22, reporter Marseille Jiao Shousong Wang Huaicheng)