The epidemic in India is showing signs of slowing down, but more children have rare complications…

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China News Service, June 29. According to a comprehensive report, recently, the epidemic in India has shown signs of slowing down. The number of newly infected people in a single day has fallen from the peak in May. The government has stepped up efforts to urge people to get vaccinated. However, various parts of India have reported that more children have developed a rare complication called “children’s multiple system inflammatory syndrome” after being infected with the new crown and recovering.

The epidemic in India is showing signs of slowing down, but more children have rare complications…

[More children are cured with rare complications]

According to reports, “Multiple System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children” (MIS-C) usually occurs four to six weeks after the recovery of new coronary disease. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the United States has so far reported more than 4,000 such cases, and India currently has no statistics.

However, Gupta, a pediatric emergency physician at Gangaran Hospital in New Delhi, the capital of India, estimates that there have been more than 500 cases in New Delhi alone. This hospital has opened 18 bed wards for the treatment of such cases. Since March, Gupta has treated 75 such patients between the ages of four and 15 years.

In the severely affected state of Maharashtra, 4 children were sent to the hospital this month due to breathing difficulties and decreased blood pressure. These children did not show symptoms of the new crown, but after being sent to the hospital, the test found that they had new crown antibodies in their bodies, indicating that they had been infected. Two of the four children have recovered, and the other two are still in the intensive care unit.

Kalantri, the medical director of the Kastelba Hospital where they were admitted, said: “We don’t know the seriousness of this problem. We don’t have data on this in India so far, which is very impressive. Worry.”

The government of Maharashtra last week positioned MIS-C as a “notifiable disease”, that is, legislation requires that the authorities be notified of information about this disease. Some doctors believe that MIS-C is an extreme immune response to the coronavirus, which may cause inflammation of vital organs.

Experts emphasize that this type of inflammation is still rare, and timely treatment can reduce the risk of death. The Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health said that there is no mortality data for this condition, but it still causes deaths “very rare.”

The epidemic in India is showing signs of slowing down, but more children have rare complications…(1)


p >[Mutated virus is raging, Modi urges people to vaccinate]

Currently, the number of newly infected people in India has dropped from a peak of 400,000 people in a single day in May to about 50,000 in a single day. Currently, India is stepping up efforts to vaccinate more than 900 million adults nationwide. However, India is still facing limited supply of vaccines. At the same time, the detection of highly contagious delta mutant viruses in parts of India has aroused increasing concerns.

On the 27th, Indian Prime Minister Modi urged the public to stop hesitating and get the new crown vaccine as soon as possible. Modi said in his monthly radio talk: “Get vaccinated.” He also urged the public to observe social distancing and wear masks. He said: “This is a good safety shield. (Please) think about it.”

Experts say that India must vaccinate 10 million doses of vaccine every day to achieve The target of adult vaccination. However, currently, less than 6% of India has received two doses of vaccine.

Modi interacted with some villagers in a virtual meeting. He asked community leaders to let the villagers know more about the benefits of vaccination and to curb rumors about the adverse effects.