The epidemic is still raging! Attention overseas Chinese who plan to return to China and overseas…

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China Overseas Chinese Network, June 18th. Question: The epidemic is still raging! Overseas Chinese who intend to return to China and overseas are paying attention…

Recently, Chinese embassies and consulates abroad have notified many cases of overseas Chinese infected with new coronary pneumonia. The successive incidents have made us once again vigilant: the new crown pneumonia epidemic has not yet At the end, it is important and necessary to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention requirements and strengthen personal protection when you are overseas.

Overseas compatriots died of the disease, the flight was cut…

Warning that the epidemic is still raging, the virus is by your side

June 16th, the website of the Chinese Embassy in Uganda According to the news release: Recently, two more overseas Chinese living in Uganda (Ganda) have died unfortunately because of the new crown pneumonia infection. Since mid-June, three overseas Chinese living in Uzbekistan have unfortunately passed away from the epidemic, and several overseas Chinese living in Uzbekistan have now passed away. He has been transferred to severe illness and is receiving treatment.

The epidemic is still raging! Attention overseas Chinese who plan to return to China and overseas…

Chinese Embassy in Uganda Screenshot of the website outbreak notification

Considering that the Uganda epidemic situation has continued to deteriorate recently, the number of Chinese citizens living in Uganda has also increased sharply. The Chinese Embassy in Uganda notified the local epidemic situation and epidemic prevention measures and notified Chinese citizens residing in Uganda again Issue a solemn reminder.

According to the latest data from the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, as of June 16, local time, a total of 5087329 confirmed cases have been reported in this area, and a total of 135706 deaths have been reported. Among them, South Africa is still the most severely affected country in the region.

South African President Ramaphosa announced on the evening of June 15 local time through South Africa’s national television station that the country has been upgraded from the second-level epidemic prevention and control status to the third-level epidemic prevention and control status. At the same time, the flight between Johannesburg, South Africa and Shenzhen, China was tested to confirm 32 positive cases of the new crown virus, and the flights between China and South Africa were officially cut off.

The epidemic is still raging! Attention overseas Chinese who plan to return to China and overseas…(1)

Remind brigade of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa South Chinese citizens strengthen epidemic prevention and control

The website of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa issued a reminder to Chinese citizens in South Africa on the 17th, pointing out that the number of new infections and the diagnosis rate of new crown pneumonia in South Africa have repeatedly reached new highs, and it has entered the third wave of epidemics. The above situation shows that the current situation of Chinese citizens in South Africa involved in the prevention and control of the epidemic is extremely severe, and it is necessary to arouse a high degree of vigilance and strengthen prevention.

It is worth noting that long-distance travel still carries the risk of contracting the new coronavirus. On June 13, the Chinese Embassy in Ireland reported that a certain overseas Chinese who was traveling to Ireland was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia while returning to China for isolation. The “double test” results of the overseas Chinese before departure and transfer were all negative, but he did not wear a mask at the transit airport to talk to and eat with many people.

Previously, the Chinese Embassy in Greece reported that four Chinese citizens were diagnosed with new crown pneumonia after returning home on a flight from Athens to Beijing. The embassy reminded Chinese citizens to take good personal health protection and carefully arrange travel plans.

Overseas Chinese should always remain vigilant

Abide by epidemic prevention regulations and overcome slackness

The new crown epidemic is still raging, and the virus is around. People who intend to return to China should pay special attention! On June 16, the Chinese Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire notified two people who had not been given a health code and planned to return to a third country.

The epidemic is still raging! Attention overseas Chinese who plan to return to China and overseas…(2)

The report stated that a certain fishery The company’s two crew members landed at the port of Abidjan and planned to transfer back from Côte d’Ivoire via Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. The Chinese Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire did not issue a health code to him because he did not provide an entry certificate as required. Without obtaining the health code of the embassy (country of origin), the two left the department without authorization and went to Afghanistan and stayed there. The Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan informed that they could not board the plane and return to China without obtaining the health code issued by the country of origin, and the two would have to return to the department.

Failure to comply with the epidemic prevention measures is an extremely irresponsible behavior. It not only brings infection risks to the same flight crew, but may also cause the flight to fuse and seriously interfere with normal personnel exchanges. The embassy solemnly reminds all personnel going to China to strictly abide by the national epidemic prevention regulations and do not try to “break through the barrier” with luck.

Xiao Qiao (ID: qiaowangzhongguo) combed and found that recently, Chinese embassies and consulates in the Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, France, Egypt, Sri Lanka and other countries have successively issued news to remind passengers going to China to pay attention to the “dual testing” “And other related requirements or related notifications such as applying for a health code.

The epidemic is still raging! Attention overseas Chinese who plan to return to China and overseas…(3)

June 15, The Chinese Embassy in Poland released answers to questions related to the “dual inspection” of passengers going to China.

Those who intend to return to China should carefully choose the route back to China by connecting flight, and understand in advance the entry regulations of the country where they intend to transfer, as well as the relevant requirements for nucleic acid and serum IgM antibody testing in the transfer place. Some airlines have special requirements for epidemic prevention, please consult the relevant airlines for confirmation in advance.

For overseas Chinese living in countries with severe epidemic situation, the embassy recommends:

Resolutely abandon paralysis, fluke mentality, and fatigue and relaxation, and continue to strictly abide by local epidemic prevention regulations. Strengthen personal protection, maintain good hygiene habits, do not organize or participate in gathering activities, avoid group meals, and maintain a safe distance in working and living places to minimize the risk of infection.

Be sure to do “non-essential, non-urgent, and non-travel”. At present, DELTA and BETA mutant viruses have been widely spread in many countries around the world, and studies have shown that their infectivity is much higher than that of existing viruses. At present, the risk of cross-infection in long-distance travel is extremely high, so please consider carefully and avoid it as much as possible.

The epidemic is still raging! Attention overseas Chinese who plan to return to China and overseas…(4)

The risk of infection is reduced to a certain extent, but the population’s immune barrier has not been established, and the protective effect of any vaccine cannot reach 100%. A small number of people may still not produce protection or develop disease after vaccination. Therefore, after vaccination, it is also necessary to do a good job in epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work.

If you have any suspected symptoms, you need to be tested or seek medical attention in time, and you must not be negligent. Strict isolation measures should be taken immediately for confirmed patients and close contacts, and medical treatment should be arranged. If you are unlucky enough to be infected, please contact the embassy or consulate in time for necessary assistance.

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