The film “1921” unveiled the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival

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China News Service, June 11 (Wang Ji) The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival kicked off on the evening of the 11th, with crowds of crews and stars shining. As the opening film of this film festival, “1921” was the first to meet with the audience.

Different from the previous chronicle structure of film and television works of similar themes, “1921” closely follows important historical time points, focusing on stories that occurred around 1921, and recreating the magnificent historical moments 100 years ago in a panoramic manner— -The passionate young people from all corners of the country, with an average age of only 28, overcame many difficulties and gathered in Shanghai to hold the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China, proclaiming the founding of the Communist Party of China. During the filming, in order to truly reproduce history, the main creative team traveled thousands of miles around the world to dig out detailed historical materials, invited party history experts to participate in the whole process, and even 1:1 restored the original building complex on the site of the party’s founding. Through the thick and poetic picture, it conveys a unique Artistic beauty.

The film “1921” unveiled the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival

The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Goblet Ceremony Red Carpet Ceremony. Photographed by Zhang Hengwei

Mentioning the original intention of creation, Huang Jianxin, the producer and director of the film, said, “The ancestors who appear in our play really use their lives to pursue the truth and exchange for more people’s future. It’s called Great. Why did the party they created changed China in just 28 years? That’s why we wanted to make this scene. We wanted to explore the power of this belief that transcends life.”

“The curtain of light and shadow” slowly rises in Shencheng.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The Film Festival’s screening section has specially planned the “A Hundred Years Journey? Red Light and Shadow” unit, which will focus on screenings of “White Haired Girl”, “Eternal Waves”, and “Heroic Sons and Daughters” Wait for a batch of domestically produced good films. Tian Hua, the 93-year-old film performance artist who played “Xi’er” in “White-haired Girl” in the 1950s, said with emotion, “Movies are time, the vicissitudes of life, the accumulation of a century of tragic years.”

< p>Last year, the Shanghai International Film Festival faced the challenges brought about by the global epidemic, looking for opportunities for innovation and breakthroughs online. This year, the film festival further sorted out the idea of ​​digital transformation, resumed the offline film market, retained access to the international film and television cloud market, and completed the transition from “online assisted offline” to “online and offline dual platforms”.

The attitude of actively responding to and seeking opportunities has resulted in the attention and positive feedback of the global film and television industry. According to reports, this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival received 4,443 registered films from 113 countries and regions, the highest ever. Among the more than 400 films shown, 73 were world premieres, 42 international premieres, and Asian premieres. 89 films were screened and 99 films were premiered in China.

During the film festival, the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Goblet Award Jury, led by Chinese director Huang Jianxin, will review the Golden Goblet Award participating films. The major awards will be announced one by one at the Golden Goblet Award Ceremony to be held on the evening of June 19. (End)